Forks Keeping the Twilight Mania Alive With Twilight Weddings

The Town of Forks is looking at keeping people interested in the town now that the Twilight movies are winding down. They have an angle planned involving the weddings and they have purchased the prom arch used in the movie.


A new event this year will be Twilight weddings.

Thirty people can have weddings performed — or vows renewed — on three days in August, leading up to Aug. 13, the date Bella Swan married her vampire swain, Edward Cullen, in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1,” which was released in November.

“The wedding will look just like the wedding from the movie,” Colandrea said.

Couples will be surrounded by wisteria, and ceremonies will use an arch that is a copy of the one used in a parody of the movie on The Hillywood Show at www.thehillywoodshow, an Internet site known for its spoofs of the “Twilight Saga.”

The ceremonies — up to 10 each day — will be performed by Colandrea’s husband, Nino, who is a non­denominational minister.

No site has been confirmed yet, though “we’re negotiating with a few people to get an outdoor site for the weddings,” Colandrea said.

Nevertheless, reservations are being taken now through June 13.

The fees are $1,595 on Saturday, Aug. 11, $1,795 on Sunday, Aug. 12, and $1,995 on Monday, Aug. 13.

The Twilight weddings would be performed after the June 7 effective date of a new state law legalizing gay marriage — though the date could be delayed if opponents are successful in taking the issue to the voters.

If gay marriage is legal by August, “we’re open to everybody,” Colandrea said.

For more information about the weddings, visit or phone 360-374-0358.

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