Gold Pass Giveaway to TwiTour Raleigh

We are giving away two gold passes to the Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Convention that hits Raleigh North Carolina March 10 and 11

Here is what the giveaway includes:

HERE’S WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU GO GOLD at Creation Entertainment’s Official Twilight Convention…

1) You get the VERY BEST reserved seating for daytime convention MAIN AUDITORIUM events both days. See all our celebrities up close, great for photographers too! The MAIN AUDITORIUM is where we have star appearances, Q&A, contests, videos, special events, & more.

2) FREE in-person autographs from TWILIGHT celebrities in attendance: BOOBOO STEWART, ALEX MERAZ, CHARLIE BEWLEY, CHRISTIAN CAMARGO and MIA MAESTRO. You get ONE autograph per celebrity, and have the option to purchase more if offered for individual sale. This benefit is worth a large part of your entire package.

3) FREE ADMISSION to The CULLEN WEDDING RECEPTION Saturday Night… Celebrities, music, costumes, dancing, a DJ, surprises, centerpieces, a cash bar and non-stop partying! Prizes for the best dressed and best dancer as well as to the person who brings the very best Twilight Themed Centerpiece. Always a super-cool highlight of the weekend: come dressed to kill!

4) YOU ARE FIRST to get autographs for all our signings that are done row by row in the MAIN AUDITORIUM. We go row by row, you are in the first rows: you get the idea!

5) GOLD PRE-REGISTRATION: you get to register FIRST during a special pre-registration block of time. While not a necessity, just a benefit, you can get your credentials early and you are set!

6) SPECIAL CODED WRISTBANDS: once you get your GOLD coded wristband this allows you immediate entrance for the entire three days so you don’t have to wait again.

If you would like a shot at winning the tickets, just tell us in the comments what your favorite moment in Breaking Dawn part 1 was and we’ll pick a random winner on Sunday, February 19th at 11:59pm eastern time.


  1. Brandi Wright says

    My favorite part was when Bella and her dad have their special moments, the one right before they walk down the aisle and before she leave for the honeymoon. Also when she is walking down the aisle and finally looks to see Edward you feel her wanting to get to him a little faster.

    • My favorite part was when she saw her baby for the first time and you could she in her eyes she was vindicated. No matter what happened then, it was all worth it.

  2. It is so hard to choose a favorite scene from my favorite Twilight movie but if I have to I would say the scene when Edward appologizes to Bella for leaving her so alone in her pregnancy and he then hears the baby. Their emotionall reunion is so sweet and the moment is so potent it always makes me cry.

    Please pick me for the tickets. I am a huge Twilight fan and even live close to Raleigh. This way I will be able to attend the convention!

    Thanks for the contest!

  3. Marlena Robinson says

    My favorite part is when Edward hears the baby for the first time. Such a sweet scene!

  4. My favorite part begins with the Birth of Renesemee (Reborn and Loved). You can see the love and passion between Edward and Bella, but also between Bella and Jacob. Just the love in that room from 2 different people only about that one person. You can just feel it. Even though Jacob walks away, you can see the pain and the heart break for him. Until he finds that in the eyes of Renesemee, and his world isn’t suddenly over anymore. He sees Renesmee grown, sees how everything imprinting meant to him. We felt that. Then seeing Bella begin to heal, to see her struggle internally (from the venom) to see it pass through he viens, to heal her spine. Then the memories. From the most recent events of honeymoon to marriage, to prom and figuring out what he really is. To being held in Renee’s arms with Charlie. I think is the best part of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1

  5. It’s so difficult to chooses favorite! I think I have to go with the wedding. When Bella starts walking down the aisle and she sees the smile on Edward’s face…*sigh* And it gets me every time when they start playing Flightless Bird.

  6. Andrea Gregg says

    My absolute favorite part of Breaking Dawn part 1 is during the wedding the look on Edward’s face as Bella starts walking down the aisle. That look is the exact look that I pictured him having in the book. Also, when Edward and Bella have their first married kiss, the camera starts circling them, everyone else disappears, and they start playing the song from the last scene of the first movie. I’m not a sentimental person, and on top of that I was hardcore team Jacob right up until Renesme was born, but that moment literally made me start crying. It was just the epitome of their love story, and I thought that it was portrayed SO well on film. I hope you guys pick me! My best friend and I have been Twilight fans since WAY before it became this huge sensation, and we’ve been dying to go to a convention but haven’t been able to afford it.

  7. My favorite part of Breaking Dawn is the honeymoon. When she is trying to get Edward to pay attention to her in the black outfit that Alice packed for her.

  8. kellt chavez says

    Mine was when bella and. Edward looked each other in the eyes while she walked down the isle!!!

  9. One of my favorite parts in Breaking Dawn Part 1 is when Bella is trying to “entice” Edward with the lingerie Alice has packed. He seems very human – burying his head and covering her up. It makes you remember while “he may not be human he is still a man”. You can tell how much he loves her by putting her safety above all else.

  10. Maybe I’m a strange one, but I LOVED when Edward was telling Bella about his “blood drinking days” and how he wanted to make sure that she knew it wasn’t going to be all “sparkle in the sunshine” and love forever. There were drawbacks. I just swooned because you could see the depth of his love for her. *Sigh*

    I would really love to go and if I am picked I would be able to make a dream come true for my friend Heather who lives near there. Thank you for considering me 🙂


  11. While he is try to save her an says , Come back to me baby , please ! Hotness

    • Ok let me try this again ! When Edward <3 is begging Bella to wake-up and says. , " No ! Your not dead ! Come back to me baby please ". Sigh

  12. My favorite part in BD 1 is when Bella is trying to seduce Edward while wearing the little black “teddy” and he breaks out laughing!!! I love when Edward smiles!!

  13. Margaret Hollinger says

    My favorite part in Breaking Dawn part one is when they get to Isle Esme and Bella needs a human moment. I thought is was so cute how nervous she was and how she had to go through all the notions of “getting ready”

  14. When Bella begins her walk down the aisle, you can see how visibly nervous she is. My favorite part – when she looks at Edward and their eyes meet. It’s as if that is home to her – and she is no longer nervous. Hard to pick just one favorite – but this is my top favorite!

    I would love to have these tickets. I have never been to any of these before, but have heard wonderful things about them!

  15. My favorite part of breaking dawn 1 was the ending moment when Bella opened her eyes and they were golden!

  16. My favorite moment of Breaking Dawn I was at the end when Bella opened her eyes and they were Golden!!

  17. My favorite part in BD part 1 has to be how romatic the arrival was to Isle Esme, it really showed how traditional and romantic Edward is. From the lighted path leading up to the house and then to make sure he carried his bride over the threshold. So very romantic

  18. Christina Kelley says

    My favorite moment of BD part.1 was when the Renesme was born!!!!!!!!

  19. Michelle Gronau says

    My favorite part is when the wolf pack is all together in wolf form and they are talking about Bella’s baby and Sam says they have to destroy it and Jacob says they have to protect Bella. Then Sam makes Jacob bow down to him and Jacob gets angry and says I am the grandson of Ephraim Black, a chief. Then he leaves off on his own. By far my favorite part.

  20. Christina Kelley says

    My favorite moment of BD Part.1 was when Renesme was born!!!!!!!

  21. I love the entire movie so it is so hard to pick one favorite but if I have to I would say my favorite part would have to be Bella walking down the isle, when her and Edward have eye contact for the first time. 😎

  22. The birth was graphic, but good

  23. It’s a tough one because I like the scene where Bella tells Charlie she loves him as she’s leaving the reception. But I love the whole scene from when the first get to Isle Esme, Bella’s jitters to where she meets him in the water and he tells her she’s beautiful the best.

  24. My favorite part of breaking dawn was the wedding. When it flashes back to their first dance from Twilight and the same music plays….I can’t help but get goosebumps. It brings everything full circle.

  25. Kim chilvers says

    Was when Jacob imprinted on renesmee and all of the renesmee scenes

  26. My favorite moment was when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. Finally he was able to be happy. No more sadness and pain! Can’t wait for BD2!!!

  27. I have to say my favorite moment was when Edward first sees Renesme. It was perfect, it made me cry because it’s the same face my husband made when he saw our daughter for the first time. Complete awe and he fell in love in an instant. It was a breath of fresh air during the horrible labor.

  28. Jessica Johnson says

    My favorite part in Breaking Dawn is when the wedding is about to begin. Bella is all nerves and as soon as they start walking down the isle and she sees Edward, she changes. She’s so calm yet excited. You can see it in her face and you can feel it. I love how the camera shots show parts of the dress until you get the full effect from the back of the gown. It was just a beautiful, sweet, and real scene. It’s easy to put yourself in that moment as Bella and know that you’d be the same way.

  29. Jessica weaver says

    My favorite moment is when Bella is laying on the table “burning” and you begin to see flashbacks from all of the other films; also seeing her transform into vamp Bella was pretty cool! Bill Codon is awesome.

  30. Courtney Knudsen says

    Bella’s lullaby starts playing, when Bella is the most lonely, and Edward & her are reconciled. I’m getting married, and I know how great those moments are.

  31. My favorite part of Breaking Dawn Part 1 was when you think they are getting marrie and they look down at the pile of dead bodies and you realize she is dreaming.

  32. I’ve watched the movie over a dozen times and I still cry during the transformation scene. I thought it was so well done.

  33. My favorite part of Breakung Dawn part 1 was when Jacob got his solo Dance with Bella. It ws the last time he got to see her as “normal”, before being pregnant, before death and before a vampire. She was just Bella. And she was happy.

  34. I think when Bella is doing her “human minutes” during the honeymoon is way cute. You can see how her nervousness changes to when she gets in the water with confidence.

  35. I have to say when they got married you can tell they really love each other and I love how you can see it in their eyes when they look at each other.

  36. My favorite part was when the flashbacks started at the end while she was burning. I especially loved the baby Bella one with a young Charlie and Renee.

  37. Amber Nester says

    I’d have to say my favorite part of the movie was after the credit roll. The scene with the Volturi. It’s a great way to set up Breaking Dawn Pt 2 which is going to be absolutly amazing!! Plus, getting to see Mr Charlie Bewley (Demetri) always wins in my book 🙂

  38. There are so many favorite scenes- how to choose just one?! I have not read the other responses yet so I can’t be swayed by their ideas. I think my fave part is when Bella is wearing the black nighty, trying to seduce Edward. Edward laughs and rolls over in bed. Such an authentic response from Rob- love it! I smile every time I see it. 🙂

  39. Thomas Ray Stevens says

    My favorite part of Breaking Dawn part 1 is when Jacob imprints on Renesme, all that hate and pain and blood lust he felt vanishing in that one moment, and then using that love, new, bright and shining, to stop a war… There aren’t words to say how beautiful that was to me.

  40. This is an awesome contest…I wish I can attend but could never afford 🙁
    I don’t want to take away any twi-fan’s opportunity from possibly getting this so I’m not posting to win but just to share in the spirit of our dearly love “Breaking Dawn part 1” favorite moment(s) of the movie.
    I have so many like everybody else and it’s hard to pick just one because the emotions that I feel in this movie by far is heartfelt to the core…I laugh, I cry, I’m in awe, I’m sad, I’m happy, I’m scare, I cringed and so on and on…Wow I wonder what I will feel emotionally in BD part2…can’t wait!
    So anyway my absolutely favorite moment is BD p1 is when Edward went to open door for Kaure and Bella standing in front of mirror realizing that she’s pregnant and part of Edward will be growing inside of her. The love and surprise in her face for her unborn child is so precious and the music that was used as the background “Requiem on Water” just added more emotions…ok I cried during this part because I was happy for her and at the same time I was scared for her.
    Good luck to you all!

  41. Angie Stewart says

    My favorite part was Bella and Jacob’s dance at the wedding reception. It was so sweet.

  42. Dayi Martinez says

    I love the part where Edward and Bella are arguing and Edward yells at her because he’s so hurt and afraid of losing her. I just love when he expresses his deep love for her, and when they express such rare emotions.

  43. Miranda Major says

    My favorite scene is the reception scene. Not only the speeches but Alice and Jaspers dance. It was such a nice thing to see them carefree and happy.

  44. My favorite part of Breaking Dawn part one was seeing bellas wedding dress from the top down. The detail in the back was breathtaking in the theater because no one knew what to expect!

    I also really liked Bella’s recollection of tender honeymoon moments when Turning Page is playing in the background.

  45. Katherine McCoy says

    Loved the movie but was amazed how they played music from the previous Twilight movies and they fit perfect in each scene. When the music from their slow dance at the prom began during the wedding it was just magical and you could just feel the love between them…so sweet!!

  46. My favorite part of the movie is the wedding ceremony. From start to finish. Bella and Charlie walking awkwardly and nervously up to the start of the aisle. Seeing Stephenie Meyer looking on like a proud momma. Bella seeing Edward at the end of the aisle and we visually see Bella’s change in demeanor – as if we’re reading the words off the page from this moment in the book – Kristen did wonderfully! The vows. The kiss. Feeling as though it was only the two of them in the world. So beautifully done!

  47. Julie Zimmerman says

    My favorite part was the wedding. It was so beautiful and KS nailed it!

  48. Julie Zimmerman says

    My favorite part was the wedding. It was so beautiful and KS and RP nailed it!

  49. My Favorite Part of Breaking Dawn Part One Was when Jake Arrives at the wedding. you could tell that he just completed the entire scene. and Movie! ;D

  50. My favorite part of the twilight saga: breaking dawn Part 1 was the wedding scene. You could see how nervous Bella was as she was about to walk down the aisle on Charlie’s arm. She knew she had to walk down the aisle to her beloved Edward so she could start her forever with him. I even loved the reception. I loved the speeches everyone gave, especially Charlie’s. Everyone looked beautiful, especially Bella. The dress was breathtakingly beautiful.