Casey LaBow Talks the Denali Clan, Fans, Lee Pace,and Breaking Dawn Part 2

Casey LaBow who plays Kate was interviewed by

What has it been like being a part of this franchise with this huge fan base?

Casey LaBow: “Incredible. I mean, I have never witnessed that sort of devotion before. When we went down to tent city the day before the actual premiere in November…we went down and we gave out breakfast and signed some autographs and there was just so many people. I’m like, ‘This is true serious love.’ You’re camping out on concrete for five days with no showers. I want to love something that much.”

Nothing in your life so far has hit you like Twilight has hit these fans?

Casey LaBow: “No. I’m waiting for something. It’s going to arrive. Maybe my kids will.”

Do you understand the passion of these fans?

Casey LaBow: “I do; I get it. I think that probably when I was younger there were things that I got really excited about. [Laughing] Maybe I’m just a little old and bitter – and jaded – now.”

Why sign on to a franchise like this where you know everything is so scrutinized by fans?

Casey LaBow: “Really? I don’t think that’s true. I think everybody’s so in love and so enamored and so excited about it and by it, that they’re just happy to see it happen. I haven’t really encountered too much scrutiny. I think that the devotion and passion overrides any box of scrutinization – if that’s even a word.”

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