Breaking Dawn Part 1 Goofs

Now that the DVD is out and people have a chance to analyze, it’s only natural that some goofs become apparent. AllyeNohealanion Twitter sent us this one . she writes, “Hey @TwilightLexicon! MAJOR typo in the BD Wedding video! E/B marry on August THIRTEENTH not the THIRTIETH!”

Anybody catch any others?


  1. I think it was just Alice’s way to make herself LESS APPEALING to ARO! *snort*

  2. I caught that too. But I think it might have been done that way on purpose. That was the incorrect grammar the Volturi noticed on the wedding invite! Makes sense now.

  3. I agree. I think the change was made on purpose. Sadly, the movie can’t be a visual carbon copy of what’s written in the book.

  4. Nessie fan says:

    If you don’t have the DVD yet and don’t want to read any spoilers then the best way to do that would be to not open links with Breaking Dawn Part 1 anywhere in the title lol.

  5. There should not be an “and” in the wording for two thousand eleven, either.

    The spelling Aro points out is Carlisle’s name–the poor secretary left out the “s” in the message.

    • Actually the correct English is with an ‘and’; however, there shouldn’t be an ‘of’ after thirtieth though.

      • I was taught in both math and English class that with numbers an “and” indicated the decimal point. Two thousand and eleven would be 2000.11. For dates I think using the phrase ‘thirteenth of August’ is correct…that is what legal documents usually have it as. Now these may be difference between American English and British English.

      • Nope–look it up. There is no “and” in a year. 2011 is “Two thousand eleven,” not 2000 and 11.

        • Amanda Beth says:

          I guess you guys haven’t been to a lot of weddings because that is the “formal” way to write a date for a even. Sometimes you see “day” in there too…. On the Thirteenth Day of August, Two Thousand and Eleven.

          • Amanda Beth says:

            oops, typo “an event”

          • Okay, I don’t know why this is bothering me, but I looked into it, and for anyone who is a grammar nerd like me, here is what I found out. The “and” does not belong in the spelling out of the year; however, the British way of saying and writing the date is to include the “and.” Many American brides think the British way sounds fancier and have included it on their invitations, so it seems it is becoming common practice. It stands out to me, though–maybe it is an homage to Rob!

            Regardless, I love the movie and would have loved to receive an invitation to the wedding!


  6. Nessie fan says:

    If you haven’t gotten the DVD yet and you don’t want to read spoilers then I would suggest you don’t open links with ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’ anywhere in the title. Especially when they specifically say ‘Now that the DVD is released and people have had time to analize it there of course are going to be some goofs pointed out’. I mean the title wasn’t misleading so you knew what you were reading, so if it’s spoiled for you now, it’s your own fault lmao.

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  8. Whom ever approved this production… FAIL. There’s too many typos.

  9. The Egg scene is in the making of Breaking Dawn DVD. The making DVD was very interesting the Bella doll was creepy to say the least!

  10. I’d have to double check, but I remember when Bella was walking up the isle, she has a bouquet. As soon as she steps up to Edward, she has it in a shot from the back… then it goes to shot from the front and she doesn’t have it anymore. Just an observation.

    • I noticed that, too. I remember seeing it in the theater and wondering to myself, who’s holding the flowers?

    • GloriaEvans says:

      I notice that too. I have watched the DVD several times and i notice she had the bouquet when she made it to the alter and then a few seconds later her and Edward are holding hands and no bouquet in site. So who took the bouquet. I thought Alice was suppose to be her matron of honor and that would have been her job to take the bouquet but Alice is sitting in the front with the rest of the family. I think it was just one of those movie mistakes.

    • I noticed this too and wondered what happened to the flowers. They never appear again . . .

  11. According to the dictionary both spellings seem to be appropriate and mean the same.

  12. So, I don’t know if this is a mistake, but Carmen doesn’t seem to be in the main menu. She seems to be the only one from the Denali Coven not present. Either that, or I just didn’t see her.

    Also, this isn’t a mistake, but I don’t think many people have noticed something. At least, the people I know. Emmett and Rosalie kiss in this movie. You see it through the window of the car when Edward and Bella are about to leave for their honeymoon. It made me really happy since Emmett and Rosalie were supposed to be very physical.

    And about this typo, I’m just going to believe it was a mistake of Bianca’s. Even though I know it wasn’t. Hahaha.

  13. Hellohoudini says:

    During the wedding scene…they show Esme start to cross her legs and her dress kinda falls off her leg and she is stops in mid cross and then looks off to the side to see if they were going to say “cut”..but they kept filming…it was very awkward and I’m surprised they left it in….

  14. check out bella’s hair as shes walking down the isle, one shot has her with the braids on the side of her head and then they are gone.

  15. When Bella is getting ready to join Edward in the water, she removes her ring and it’s the engagement ring, not her wedding band.
    In the book, it has been 17 days from the wedding to when she gets sick, but when she asks Edward, he says 14. That’s M. Rosenberg’s fault though.
    I think Esme started to cross her legs, but realized how much skin would be showing if she did, not to mention it was freezing cold and she needed the dress to cover as much as possible. Just my thoughts on it. 🙂

    • She seems to wear both at times, one on the right hand & one on the left. They probably both don’t fit on the same finger!

  16. I wondered why in the movie close to the beginning when Bella was packing her stuff up in her roon when Edward came in, well I was so looking forward to the love scene that was in the book also the talk about Edward not being able to give Bella a baby,which she didn’t want at that time, but then she dreamt that night about a baby boy on top of the pile of bodies of everyone she knew, but in the movie they made it her and Edward on top of dead bodies.Well I just would of liked to see it more closer to the book, of well……

    • GloriaEvans says:

      Blame that on the Witch Melissa Rosenberg. She is always changing things for the WORSE. You would think after writing the script for three previous movies that she would know by now that the fans dont want anything changed and just want what is in the book. Bella and Edward were in her bed kissing and being romantic in the novel but Noooooooo, god forbid if MR would give the fans what they want. Instead we are given a very ackward scene in which Edward is telling Bella about his bloody past. It felt very rush and was totally unnecessary. If anything Bella and Edward should have been discussing what it was like when they told Charlie they were getting married. Melissa Rosenberg just about destroyed the saga with her poisonous pen.

      • So totally agree with u she changed so much we didn’t want to see Edward’s past any it was in twilight book any way it would have been nice to see how Edward and Bella told Charlie about their engagement .

      • It’s hard, but I’ve come to realize the book and the movie are two different things. While I’d love to have a nine hour movie, there’s just no way to keep everything the same. I actually thought BD did the best job of all of them keeping the important stuff in while still streamlining the story for both fans of the book and those who’ve never read them. Looking forward to part 2!

        • Just think how WONDERFUL all the movies would have been if they would have went closer to the books from the beginning. I mean so much was left out of the first movie, they had to make up for it in the following movies, I mean if it was a budget issue why couldn’t they see how well the book sales were and put forth some more MONEY to make great movies. I know the numbers now look good for the movies but I truly think for the fans that have read the books that they should have put more in, I was so disappointed when Melissa Rosenburg was doing the screenwrite for the rest of the movies. I am so for them remaking the movies, but probably won’t happen.

    • If you haven’t had a chance yet, watch the movie again with Bill Condon’s commentary. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. He has a great respect for the book(s) as well as the actors, especially Rob, Kristen, and Taylor. He discusses the dream sequence and how he “worked” with Melissa on the script for these movies, even mentioning how Kristen fought for certain lines from the book to be included – which I interpreted to mean that there were improvements made to the script during filming.

      He also notes that they included the scenes about Edward’s rogue days to highlight how / why Rob had been playing Edward as a tortured soul throughout all of the movies.

  17. Edward didnt shimmer in sun while he was out in the sun at the island .the dummy that was used instead of Kristen was so creepy in the birth scene . But all in all it was good

    • In the theaters there was no sparkle but on the DVD there is a faint shimmer. It’s not strong but it is noticeable. Also I think the wolf/Cullen fight at the end has been lightened. It was very hard to see any details in the theater but on DVD it’s much clearer.

  18. When Edward is trying to revive Bella after she gives birth to Renesmee, there are scenes where there is blood on his cheek then others with no blood on his cheek.

  19. Did anyone else notice that you catch a glimpse of a crew member in the Honeymoon Scene? When Edward is carrying Bella through the revolving door, there is a crew man pushing it from the other side! I think I saw him in the theaters too!

  20. Looks like there is a lot of goof in this movie and we r who love these movies especially this one we keep finding more and more goof and mistakes I bet when they were making this movie that we will be watching every little detail like that for example Edward not shimmering in the sun,the misspelling on the
    Cards , the crew member at glass door , the flower bouquet and what seem much more

  21. thephantomcat says:

    All movies have goofs, but its the ones with passionate fans that get the most found cause we devour every frame! Lol! 😀

  22. Anybody else notice bella is on the wrong side of her dad when she is walking down the aisle?

  23. Twilibrarian says:

    Bride’s and groom’s side are reversed. Engagement ring should be on right hand coming down the aisle, Once wedding band is placed on her finger, engagement ring is placed back on left hand to “protect” the marriage. Of course, when Edward gives Bella a 20 pound engagement ring, that’s pretty hard to do!

  24. one of the things that i did noticed is during the honeymoon when they are going to bed and Bella is wearing the light blue lingerie, after trying to seduce edward she lays down on one side of the bed and then when she wakes up after her ‘ chess dream’ she is on the other side…

  25. Alice zit on her face cgi team could not take it out?
    where are Bellas scars ?
    Edward never calls her baby.(while trying to revive her.)
    Wolves were too small didn’t feel huge like Bella describes them.
    while Bella brushes teeth she’s wearing engagement ring not wedding band.

  26. GloriaEvans says:

    Did anyone notice that when Bella jumps on Edward back on the cliff at the waterfalls, that she had on a pair of purple tennis shoes.

  27. Anyone else notice in the beginning of the movie when Bella is trying on the wedding heels with Alice on the deck she’s wearing a black hand brace on her left hand?

    Kristen had injured her thumb while filming the fight scenes (shot first in Louisiana) and had to wear a brace.

    At first I thought this was from her injury to punching Jacob in Eclipse, but she hit him with her right hand and never wore a brace, just an ace bandage.

    I read an interview somewhere online that Kristen was still wearing the brace for the wedding scenes and it was digitally removed. Guess they forgot about the scene on the deck.

  28. Because he said “first the spelling and then the grammer”…I kinda thought that the “grammer” Aro was referring to was just the content of the note in general kind of a shoot the messenger kind of thing. But that was just my take….

  29. Anyone notice when Bella calls Rosalie from the car that she never unlocks the phone’s screen? Just thought that was funny….

  30. Did anybody else notice Edward and Bella’s hands during the scene where Edward first “hears” Renesmee? It seems to go back and forth between two separate takes – one where Edward has one hand on Bella’s stomach and another where he has two hands on her stomach and Bella’s hands are covering Edward’s. Watch it again and see what I mean . . .

  31. In the set up menu of the dvd to select audio commentary they spelled bill condon as bill “conden”…

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