Video: Julia Jones in Boston for Breaking Dawn DVD release

Julia is the Boston are morning shows to talk about being Leah and sticking with her Jamaica Plains roots .

She also talked to

The Boston Latin grad, who has been in the “Twilight” world ever since she was cast as the only female werewolf in the franchise, told us during an interview at the Liberty Hotel that the vampire movies are a still a huge part of her life, even though she finished filming both parts of “Breaking Dawn” last April. After this DVD release, she and the rest of the cast (including Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson) will begin to hype “Breaking Dawn — Part 2,” which comes out this fall. And after all these years, the fans are no less interested in her sad character, the brooding Leah Clearwater.

“Leah fans are kind of emotional,” Jones said, wistfully. “I’ve definitely been hugged by crying girls.”