Chaske Spencer and Tinsel Korey Reflect Back on Their Twilight Movies

Chaske and Tinsel were in the Philly area to promote the Breaking Dawn DVD. Here are some interview highlights.


Weirdest fan request: To howl. And no, they don’t, often suggesting a younger cast member will, though.

The franchise’s appeal:“We have fans all the way from 6 to 66 and what I think it is, is it brings you back to that first time of falling in love. Those emotions are extremely heightened, and I think that holds a really dear memory for a lot of people and I think that’s why it’s resonated with such a wide audience,” the actress said.

His co-star, however, quipped, “I think it also has a lot to do with Taylor’s abs and Rob’s hair.”

The final film: Neither has seen it. “I think they’re still in post-production at the moment. I don’t think they even have a soundtrack,” Korey said.

Staying in shape: As Sam, Spencer has to appear shirtless in many scenes, alongside Taylor Lautner, no less.

“It meant a lot of hard work, it actually kind of sucked. It meant hitting the gym hard, watching what I ate, a pretty good strict diet,” and mustering the discipline to do it and maintain it.

“It’s very hard to do. Some people are born with it, some people use other substances to enhance, but when you have to do it naturally, it sucks.” And when shooting was over, he treated himself to Johnny Rocket milk shakes — “all of them, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, Oreo.”

When they knew “Twilight” was a sensation: It came for Korey in a bookstore when she turned around and saw the face of Bronson Pelletierwho plays Jared, a member of the wolf pack.”I looked and it was all this wolf pack merchandise, and it was so surreal because I know them and I know we’re in a movie but seeing that merchandise for it, this is just a completely different level than I thought.”

Spencer, on the other hand, recalls, “During ‘New Moon,’ they were shuttling us to the gym, and I think we were on our way back from the gym and there were these girls camped out in our hotel lobby, they wanted to meet us. And they stayed there for a week straight. The hotel staff had to kick them out.”

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