Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer to Run Exclusively in Front of Hunger Games

This is a bit of a new one. Usually movie studio have gone with putting their trailers not only in front of films of similar demographic interests, but since around 2000 or so they have also put them online. Gone were the days when you paid from a crappy movie just to see the trailer of something you did want to see. If we are reading this article correctly, it looks like Lionsgate (which recently acquired Summit) is going to exclusively debut the trailer for Breaking Dawn part 2 in front of The Hunger Games.

From our experience this shouldn’t be too much of an issue since Twilight fans (at least from what we can tell in our user comments on the blog and forum) actually want to see The Hunger Games. They are either major fans already or have heard enough about it from current fans and seeing the trailer that they are curious enough to go. It’s not like what summit tried back with New Moon which was to put the trailer in front of Bandslam (remember that) which just about no one wanted to see no matter what the incentive.

Here’s what the LA Times had to report:

The trailer for the fifth and final “Twilight” movie, “Breaking Dawn Part 2,” will debut exclusively on “The Hunger Games” in March — the first significant example of synergy between Lions Gate Entertainment and its new subsidiary Summit Entertainment.

When the studio acquired Summit in January, Lions Gate executives touted the opportunities that would come from bringing together two of Hollywood’s hottest young adult franchises. Because fans tend to get excited about seeing the first trailer for a highly anticipated sequel, Lions Gate is betting it can bring the huge base of “Twilight” fans to the opening weekend of “The Hunger Games,” which debuts March 23.

“‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ trailer will debut exclusively on every ‘Hunger Games’ print on its opening night for what will be Lions Gate’s largest release ever,” Santa Monica-based Lions Gate’s chief executive Jon Feltheimer said on a conference call with analysts Friday following the release of its financial results.

See more on the LA Times.

So will you be seeing The Hunger Games, and are you going to see it just for the Breaking Dawn 2 trailer, or would you have seen it anyway?


  1. what exactly is the hunger games about??? i was not gonna see it cuz i dont know anything about it. can someone tell me about it?

    • Cheryl Lynn says:

      The Hunger Games takes place in the not too distant future where a series of natural disasters have caused so much destruction that all that’s left of what was the United States is between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians. Instead of states, the area is divided into 13 districts which make up a new country called Panem. Each district in responsible for supplying something for “The Capital” whether it’s lumber, coal, textiles, crops, etc. Only at some point, District 13 rose up against the Capital and they were annihilated. Since then, as a punishment and reminder of the Capital’s power, every year they host what’s called The Hunger Games, where each district must offer up 1 man and woman between the ages of 12 and 18 to compete in a televised event where they fight each other to the death and the last man/woman standing received food for their district for the upcoming year until the next Games. It’s a very dark story and gets pretty gruesome but I could not stop reading them. Some of my details might be a little sketchy, but that’s only because I’ve read the entire series so quickly. Check out the trailer πŸ˜€

  2. Cheryl Lynn says:

    I was excited to see The Hunger Games anyway! Awesome!!!

  3. I’m not planning to see the Hunger Games in theater, though I would probably rent it later. Does this mean the trailer will not eventually be available online? If so, they are excluding a wide segment of fans!

    • I agree. I’m not planning to see the Hunger Games either. I have enough obsessions right now without getting sucked into something else. Surely, the Target preview tonight will get posted online somewhere over the weekend. Otherwise, I guess we’ll just be waiting for a while.

  4. Not planning to see THG in theatres – will wait for the BD2 trailer.

  5. I’ve been dying to see The Hunger Games so I would have certainly gone to see it anyway. The fact that they are premiering the Breaking Dawn 2 Trailer is just a huge, fantastic bonus!

  6. I have no interest in seeing (or reading) “The Hunger Games” and I hope to avoid all things BD2 until the actual movie, so this works out great for me!

  7. rosedahlia says:

    My two favorite things combined. Can’t wait

  8. Oooh! I was already planning on seeing The Hunger Games, this just makes it a better deal!!!!!!!!!

  9. I get a Hunger Games trailer before BD, Part 1, and now a BD, Part 2 trailer in front of The Hunger Games? How cool is that? πŸ™‚

  10. awesome! I love the Hunger Games too and was planning to see it anyway, this is like a fantastic bonus! yippee

  11. it’s very OBVIOUS that Lionsgate using Twilight’s fans for gain money for The Hunger Games…I’d would rather see BD2 trailer online than go to theater for watch THG just for BD2 trailer!

  12. I can’t wait. Couldn’t be more perfect. I loved the Hunger Games trilogy and can’t wait for the movie in March. So exciting! What about the sneak preview that Target is having for midnight? Won’t that be online ASAP. I’m guessing the Hunger Games trailer will be a pretty short one.

  13. That still will not get me to that movie. Beside it will be on line fast

  14. I was definitely going to go see THG, no question. Total awesome bonus to see the BD2 trailer!

  15. Was going to see the Hunger Games because I loved reading the books. Now seeing a BD2 trailer too!! Can’t wait!!

  16. I love the Hunger Games and was planning on seeing it, better now with Twilight infront of it! I just don’t think it is fair that Twilight actors are banned from THG. Kellan would have made an excellent Finnick

  17. Cant wait to see the movie!!!

  18. Good thing I’m going to see the Hunger Games movie πŸ™‚

  19. I am so excited about this! I was already excited for The Hunger Games movie and this news made me even more. Two of my favorite things coming together! πŸ™‚

  20. Oh. My. God.
    So soon? I’m going to be bawling my eyes out in the theater.

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