What Have The Twilight Saga DVD’s Been Missing


This week for Laura’s Movies.com column, she is going to be talking about the DVDs in the Twilight Saga: which have the best extras, which commentaries were the best, and what is missing that we really want (first thing that comes to mind is a decent gag reel). The Borders New Moon edition has a special place in her heart because of the podcast material. In any case, please chime in with your opinion, and you may find yourself quoted in the Movies.com article!


  1. I always purchase the two-disc special edition DVD. I thoroughly enjoyed Rob and Kristen’s commentaries for Twilight and Eclipse and, though I enjoyed Chris Weitz on New Moon, I missed hearing their unique, inside perspective. I’m very disappointed to see they will not be commenting on Breaking Dawn.

    • (And, of course, their hilarious banter! Besides their take on the characters, it’s so fun to hear them interact in a more relaxed way, to hear their personalities come through as they talk about these beloved stories and characters.)

      • Yeh, even since the first dvd release, the commentary was brilliant, like the story about how rob’s stand in did the amazing glare, and the one where rob pulls his thigh muscle lifting kristen lol. Yeh they clearly don’t know how much it would mean. Anna Kendrick would be great to hear, as she has a great sense of humour, and Ashley Greene has a great perspective of the process and behind the scenes stuff. I would hope that for part 2 they’d have several cast commentaries, as a send off thing.

        • Just wanted to say, agree with Tom and Dawn. Nothing else really compares with their commentaries, especially on Twilight, which was just brilliant.

      • I agree. The Eclipse commentary with just Rob and Kristen is the best. They are more relaxed and open with their banter. It would also have been fun to have Taylor’s input – they mentioned that he was supposed to be there the day they recorded the commentary. Hey, it’s never too late – we all remember stuff from our old jobs years later. I would buy another copy of any / all of the Twilight saga movies if they were rereleased with actor commentaries. I would love to see more gag reel stuff, but I don’t know if that alone would be enough to make me buy another copy.

    • Chela Madison says:

      I agree, but I really think they’re saving a trio commentary (Rob, Kristen, Taylor) for the finale.

      • Not to be harsh, but if they wanted Taylor to give commentary, it would have been for fitting for New Moon or Eclipse. For Breaking Dawn it would come across as “third wheel”…

    • There should have been a bloopers section and a deleted scenes section. I hope this is not a marketing ploy just to get us to buy another later, greater dvd to be released in the future. I hate to think I am being played. Especially by a woman who won’t finish the final book because she was played!

  2. Twilight Eclipse! For sure. Hearing Kristen and Rob’s playful banter was so funny. I have made others watch the dvd with their commentaires and now that’s how they watch Twilight Eclipse now. Also “Taylor Time” segments in the making of Eclipse. Amaze! I can’t wait to see what Breaking Dawn will have in store for us Twihards.

  3. Kathleen McCormick says:

    I agree with the lexicon about the gag reel. This movie is a really big thing for the fans and we love to see how the movie was made. That includes the screw ups. They need better gag reels on the dvds.

  4. Joanna Babos says:

    Everything Dawn said!!! I know it wasn’t done for breaking dawn part 1 🙁
    But PLEASE do it for part 2! Rob and Kristen commentaries were hysterical!! very entertaining. Really glad to hear others feel the same way. Keeping my fingers crossed for part 2!!! So fans speak up!!! make it known what you want!

  5. I wish each dvd/bluray for each movie would have been more consistant in its extra offerings. Twilight had extended scenes and deleted scenes that were amazing. The Commentary was awkward at times.

    New Moon… you had to buy a copy from every retailer to get all the special features. wasnt too happy about that.

    Eclipse was ok. the commentary wass the best. special features were good.

    Breaking dawn I am hoping will be awesome.

    When All is said and done we know that Summit will release them all together on a special packaging. I hope for that they release that with stuff they left out! Deleated scenes,extended scenes,gag reels,ect,ect!
    Make it really awesome!

  6. I would like it if they would put in a gag reel but I also feel that would spoil the fantasy for people who want to believe this movie and books are real stories. I also love the commentaries like everyone else but I think commentaries are always better when the actors are doing them. No offense to the directors but I’d like to hear how the actors were feeling in the moments and how they feel their characters have grown.

    • I wud Love to see the Actors all gooffin off , Laughin, actin silly, Prankn each other, I wud Def watch that! & To have EACH actors comments wud def be a PLUS!!

  7. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    I hate that only the first movie was offered with a digital copy. They all should have came with a digital copy because I always like to have a mini-marathon the night of the midnight premieres for the lastest movie right there in the theater while I wait.

  8. Bloopers or gag reel!! I bet they would be fun

  9. Well, Breaking Dawn is missing deleted/extended scenes which is the biggest reason I buy the dvd/blu ray in the first place so I’m not sure I’m going to make the effort this weekend when it comes out if they’re really missing.

    Also, I liked that Eclipse was a dvd/blu ray combo. Would have been nice if the others (including BD) were like that as well.

    • Completely agree! Deleted and extended scenes are a significant factor in purchasing the DVDs for home enjoyment. Love getting to see the extras that just didn’t make it into the film. Can’t believe they aren’t including any for Breaking Dawn. There must be some footage, so why not!?

  10. thephantomcat says:

    Extended Cuts please….. I’m sure we would all happily double dip. Are you listening, Lionsgate???

    • Lionsgate has no control over the Twilight Saga or BD; it’s all Summit.

      • thephantomcat says:

        “Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger, co-chairmen of “Twilight” studio Summit Entertainment, have been named co-chairmen of the motion picture group for Lions Gate, which acquired Summit Jan. 13 for $412.5 million.

        In their new jobs, the duo will be in charge of all film production, acquisition, distribution and marketing operations at the combined studio, as well as new home-entertainment releases of theatrical titles. They’ll report directly to Lions Gate Chief Executive Jon Feltheimer.”

        You were saying?

      • Yes and no.

        In the future, yes,. Lionsgate will.

        For this release, no. The takeover only JUST happened. There were images of the rear cover of the DVD floating around LONG before the deal was finalized, so the decision to leave off deleted/extended scenes was all Summit.

        I just hope Lionsgate won’t skimp out on the deleted/extended scenes on Part 2’s DVD. (Grrrrrr!!!)

        • thephantomcat says:

          Amy, allow me to define some simple commonly used terms in home entertainment. 1) Extended cut: versions of a film containing additional material not included in FB theatrical exhibition. 2) double dip: the practice of releasing a film on home video a second or third time at a later time to force fans to buy the movie again.

          You see, I’m not talking about deleted/extended scenes. I’m talking about longer versions of the film. I never even mentioned deleted extended scenes which are completely different from an extended cut. Understand? I’m not talking about this release of Breaking Dawn so my plea to Lionsgate is not regarding a disc that has already been mastered and shipped across the nation, but rather its addressing the question put forth by this article. Which is what has been missing from the Twilight DVD’s generally speaking. I’m saying if in the future Lionsgate rereleases extended versions we will happily buy these movies again.

          In conclusion, read a comment carefully before adding your two cents. Especially when its mine.

          • Meow, phantomcat.
            Perhaps you need to redirect your pleas to someone actually connected with Lionsgate, not here amongst comments to an online column. I highly doubt Lionsgate or Summit are listening here. Bravo on your highly astute “home entertainment” knowledge, but let’s take it down a notch, there are children present.

            In the immortal words of Carlisle from the Twilight movie, “nice kitty”.

    • The fact that “thephantomcat” is apparently male makes this showdown even more epic.

  11. Having extended and deleted scenes is necessary – main reason to buy DVD, very disappointed don’t have any on the BD1 set.
    Something I’ve read that other movies on DVD have is a way to view the movie with the extended and deleted scenes inserted in proper place. Having that would be really nice rather than just stand alone or have the option of insert or not.

    The making of documentaries are great and second reason to buy DVD.

    The third reason is the commentary. The ones from actors have been good. I also liked the commentary on NM as it gave a different perspective on making the film. Two separate commentaries would be great. Blooper reels are not of interest to me, but film of Kristen in wedding dress and running after Taylor and the planned dance scene they did with the Volutri seeubg those sorts of things would be fun.

    The idea of exclusive material from a particular vendor is not a good one in my opinion. All the disks should be the same, be it one or two or three disks. We should not have to buy from more than one vendor to get all the extra material on DVD. It is reasonable that the packaging would be different –Target has flower, WalMart wedding dress.

    All I can think of at this time without looking at the sets I have.

    • well…saw error after pushed submit button: dance scene they did with the Volturi, seeing those sorts of things would be fun.

    • Agree with thoughts on the commentaries. Eclipse commentaries were best in that TWO were offered, SM and WG AND Kristen and Rob, two excellent, different insights into the film!

  12. I agree with everything mentioned about there being a gag reel, actor commentaries and all the deleted and extended scenes from the movie. Also I think it would be cool to have a feature of watching the movie with the deleted and extended scenes.

  13. I was very UPSET with the Last DVD Release- Eclipse, because with Twilight- there were 3 differ versions(Xrtas) , New Moon- 3 versions(Xtras) But with Eclipse they didnt give you that choice to pick which one that you wanted or to buy all 3(I on the other hand have all 3 versions of each of the 1st & 2nd movies) Like with New Moon, they gave you a sneek peek of Eclipse on one of the DVD’s(not sure which store carried that one) but I have SEARCHED for other Eclipse version(xtra’s) & have had No luck, So When I saw that TARGET was showing the Sneek Peek to Breaking Dawn -2 !! I was a lil Xcited( But NOT NOW, Since my local store wont be participating-UGGGGG!!!) & I am hopeing that since there are Differ DVD’s – Target has there’s & Wal-Mart there’s….. I’m hoping that they will have LOTS of Xtra’s(But won’t hold my Breath)….. I haven’t been hearing good things about this New DVD, like No Deleted scene’s, & No Sneek Peek of Breaking Dawn -2 !!! I thought that with every NEW Movie that things got better(Especially when it came to the DVD’s) well So Far I have Been very DISSAPOINTED!!! & I LOVE!!!!!! The Twilight Saga Series, All the Movies-3versions of Twilight, 3versions of New Moon, Eclipse-2disk(with the xception of Breaking Dawn) & I have Both sets of Books(the originals, & the Movie Covers) the Movie Companions to each of the Movies, The Soundtracks to each movie, Both graphic novels, the Bree Tanner Novella, The Tin box Journals, The Twilight Saga Guide Book, Clothing, Jewlery, Key chains, Special Edition’s, Magazine’s, The Rob & Taylor Books…… Im sure that there’s something I’m leaving out , but you get my Jist!! There is ONLY ONE MORE MOVIE LEFT!! Then NO MORE!! so why not let us have every Extra on the Dvd’s that cud possibly fit!!

  14. I don’t know about everyone else but i’m very concerned that no deleted scenes listed for BD P1, we’ve talked about the shot stuff we’ve seen that wasn’t in the movie and yet there are no deleted scenes. part of me thinks they’re holding out for some special edition version after the series is over but i don’t know.

    • Lynne Stringer says:

      There is no doubt, in my mind, that is exactly what they are doing. They’ll wait until we’ve bought all the movies and then make us buy them again in a special boxed set just to get all the extras.

      • roolouise says:

        And we will!

      • No, we all will not. Not all of us can afford to buy an additional box set just for a few extras. But, I guess it’s a shrewd business move that will most certainly result in extra dollars for them down the line.

        • thephantomcat says:

          Sell your old copies for the new ones. Allot of websites either offer discounts for used DVDs and blurays, or forums for trading or selling them. If not, high profile releases usually have notice in advance. Wishlist it for Christmas or birthday. Set aside a piggy bank for a Twilight boxed set fund. It’s hard to save money in todays economy. I do it by never spending change. It all goes in a jar for a rainy day. Just some suggestions. I’d never want a fellow Twihard to go without. 😉

          • All good suggestions. =) As much as I would like to have it all, it will depend primarily on how much extra footage and features are included for the price. I’m a 31-year-old Twi-Mom so, in most cases, if I don’t need something, I don’t do it. Kids get priority! The DVDs and soundtracks are some of my few indulgences. Good thing I have a sweet hubby who likes to get me things AND watches all the movies with me! For BD1 he surprised me with a babysitter and took me opening weekend. =) So, I guess we’ll see…wishlist indeed! (Still wish they would have just included the deleted scenes and commentary on this one. Reward all the GREAT fans of the saga!)

  15. I would love to see more bloopers! I also think they are going to do a huge box set thing after they are all done with unreleased footage so we have to buy them.

  16. roolouise says:

    What I REALLY wanted to see on the BD1 dvd was extended/deleted scenes. In particular, the banter between Jacob and Rosalie and the breakfast scenes on the honeymoon. There are rumours that this footage exists so why not include it on the DVDs. I pretty sure I speak for most fans when I say we don’t care what quality it is in.

    Commentary and gag reel are also great features to have.

    Hopefully BD2 will have the extras that will be greatly missed from BD1.

  17. Chela Madison says:

    I love the commentary and the “making of” documentary piece. Those features show another side of the people involved with the project! Everyone’s personality gets to shine a bit, and I just love seeing the “behind the scenes/how things work” aspect of movies (especially this one since I, like all of you, and so emotionally invested). It stresses me out that there are so many versions XD. I never know which one to buy! My friend and I try to buy different ones so we can see the differences.

  18. I’ve always wanted some blooper reels. I love to see them goofing around and messing up.

  19. Eclipse and Twilight are the best ones because they have commentary from Rob and Kristen. I really hope they get Rob, Kristen and Taylor together for Part 2’s commentary – if they don’t, I’ll be disappointed. Even better, get them all together for a weekend to do commentary for the whole gift set when it’s done!! 😀

  20. I’ve never cared for gag reels, but the commentaries make my day. I wish there were more of them, and would *love* to hear Ms. Meyer do a commentary on BD pt 2

  21. Like everyone else, what I look forward in the DVD’s are the special features, mainly: Deleted & Extended scenes. As far as commentery’s, I’ve never seen a movie with commentery’s till I heard it on the Twilight DVD.

    In my opinion the commentary’s with the actors is so entertaining, that I wasn’t bothered that I watch the whole movie twice in one day (with and without commentery’s), so I look forward to have that in any edition of the Twilight DVD’s.

    So far I’ve bought all the Twilight movies in DVD format, hoping that after all 5 are released a special edition set will be available in Blue Ray, that will also have even more features… here’s hoping for more content like missing delieted/extended scenes plus gags.

  22. thephantomcat says:

    “So what does this mean for us fans? Given what they are talking about in regards to online communities and outreach, this is probably good for us. It seems likes Summit’s people who we have established a working relationship will remain. Historically Summit has been good in this area of fansite outreach, whereas Lionsgate has been in various instances been labeled as, ineffective, oblivious to, and even hostile to the fan community. Considering that there are a fair number of Hunger Games high profile fansites that are run by people connected to Twilight sites (three that come immediately to mind are Mockingjay, HOB, and Hypable) this is good for them as well.”

    @Kelly, You were saying about Lionsgate not listening? Also, my initial comment was clearly meant to be whimsical but as usual someone had to act smart. Also, I never pretended my knowledge of home video was anything other than common. In fact, I referred to it as such. Perhaps you should save your admonitions for those who are responding to my posts with negativity as it is perfectly clear I only expressed my opinion and then defended it when I was attacked. Rather ineptly, I might add. It’s sad that you are defending trolls and attacking someone who has both the strength of character and intellect to support his thoughts and opinions.

    Would my words carry more weight if I responded, “OMG! More Rob and Taylor! LOL!!! <3 ;-)"

    • Dear phantomcat narcissist, you have WAY too much time on your hands. This thread was supposed to be set up for comments pertaining to a DVD release. Please move away from your computer and spent some time outdoors interacting with real people. Words like “attack” in your vocabulary are ironic at best, and insulting to those who actually face true attacks against their well being (like my husband who served his country in the Navy). Lighten up.
      BTW, I’m a college educated woman who is 35, OMG is not in my normal vocabulary (but thanks for trying)!

      • thephantomcat says:

        @Kelly, I’ve made five comments in about a 36 hour time frame. That’s not exactly allot if you do the math. Exaggerate much? And unless your “college education” was spent becoming a certified psycho analyst, you are not qualified to diagnose someone as a narcissist. Besides a narcissist would spend their time discussing things like their college education and spouses without it pertaining to the conversation or even being asked. You’re the one who’s completely off topic and not even discussing the DVD.

        In regards to your comment that I need to go outside and get away from my computer, I would like to invite you to 2012. Technological advances like smart phones, tablet devices, laptops, and internet capable gaming devices allow people to stay connected anywhere, anytime. It’s sad you can’t defend your point of view without resorting to personal attacks. And just because you know someone who served doesn’t give you control over who gets to use the word attack. I’m sure he’s very proud you’re using his time in the service to defend yourself on a Twilight community forum. Most people know someone in the armed forces. We just don’t undermine their contributions by throwing it around without the proper respect it deserves.

        Also if you’re above using cultural idioms like OMG and LOL, perhaps you should consider lightening up. Talk about acting high and mighty.

        • Why is everyone being so hostile towards your comments. I thought we were all entitled to our own opinions and if someone does not agreed with them then TOUGH. I love your comments. I think your comments are always honest and insightful.

  23. Does anyone know if

  24. I agree Eclipse commentary was best! & Btw Could anyone let me know what the features of the two disc special edition dvd are and does anyone know at all if there will be a 3 disc deluxe edition like ‘Twilight’ and ‘New Moon’…. Thanx Guys

  25. I agree Eclipse commentary was best! & Btw Could anyone let me know what the features of the two disc special edition dvd are and does anyone know at all if there will be a 3 disc deluxe edition like ‘Twilight’ and ‘New Moon’…. Thanx Guys

  26. I agree Eclipse commentary was best! & Btw Could anyone let me know what the features of the two disc special edition dvd are and does anyone know at all if there will be a 3 disc deluxe edition like ‘Twilight’ and ‘New Moon’ Thanx Guys

  27. It would have been nice to have some extras on the DVD. Commentary from the Big Three would have been nice too. I still will buy it and watch it over and over anyway.

  28. The annoying thing about not having deleted/extended scenes is that there were clips from the movie that were placed in the trailers. we know they were filmed and polished. Why tease us like that? Why even include the clip of Edward fighting w/ Jacob in the trailer if it’s not going to be in the movie? To me, it was so obvious that it was missing. It was my first thought after leaving the theater.

    • thephantomcat says:

      I need to rewatch the trailer and movie, but maybe it ended up in part 2? I felt the same way about the Two Towers preview showing footage of Arwen running to her father asking what he saw and it wasn’t in the movie. Then it ended up in the Return of the King.

      • Loved the LOTR books and movies as well! Excellent point. Here’s hoping cut footage is used in BD2 in some fashion!

        • thephantomcat says:

          I cut my teeth on LOTR fan sites when the movies were first announced. Those are some passionate fans with an alarming attention to detail. I saw that first teaser trailer when they first went into production and read the books as soon as I could get my hands on them. Read them three times before the first movie came out including the Hobbit and the Silmarillion. God, I’d love to see that adapted into a prequel trilogy using supplemental material from the Histories of Middle Earth.

      • Well, if you look at that particular shot, Edward is wearing the exact same clothes that he was on the night that Bella delivered the baby. It looked like it happened either right before that scene or right after. In the scene where Bella is going through her transformation, he is wearing different clothes. So I don’t think it’s going to be in part 2. Sometimes they show things in trailers that they don’t put in the movie, which is why deleted/extended scenes on the dvd are so great. I was really looking forward to those this time 🙁

        • thephantomcat says:

          Weren’t they supposed to fight when Jacob reveals he imprinted on Renesme?

          • Yea, that’s what I was hoping for. And that’s what it seemed like. But my point is it’s during that same night, because Edward is wearing the same clothes the entire time (in the trailer clip and during the scenes in the movie where Bella gives birth/Jacob reveals he imprinted/they fight the wolves).

        • They could flashback to it when explaining to Bella what she’s “missed.”

          • Good idea. It would be nice if they showed that clip. I really missed it, and I was upset that Edward had NO reaction (in the movie) to Jacob’s imprinting.

  29. Did anyone else notice they had the WRONG wedding date in the special feature “wedding album”??? They put august thirtieth. Stupid

  30. I have a feeling after all the dvds are said and done they will release a deluxe packaged dvd that will contain a lot more. They know we’ll buy it and personally I have no problem supporting this franchise that’s done so much for its fan. It’s about making money and that is not a horrible thing. If in two more years or five they sale a $60 all inclusive DVD set I will buy it and not think twice.


  1. […] DVD marked the return of Pattinson and Stewart to the commentary. As one fan, Andrea, commented on The Twilight Lexicon, “The Eclipse commentary with just Rob and Kristen is the best. They are more relaxed and open […]

  2. […] DVD marked the return of Pattinson and Stewart to the commentary. As one fan, Andrea, commented on The Twilight Lexicon, “The Eclipse commentary with just Rob and Kristen is the best. They are more relaxed and […]

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