The Hillwood Show: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Parody

Hold on to your seats, folks. The Hillywood Show has out done themselves this time with one heck of a great parody!  Be sure to film your reaction video and send it in to the Hilly’s to win a possible prize.  And leave us a comment telling us what you thought was the funniest part of the parody!


  1. Ahhhh!!! That was so awesome!! I knew the Hillywood Show wouldn’t let us down! Great job!! HILARIOUS!!! It makes me like Jacob a little more! LOL!

  2. I loved the songs they chose! “I’m gonna marry Edward,” instead of “i’m gonna marry the night”, made me laugh so hard! The wardrobe, makeup, and set designs were spot on. But…I miss Jacob playing Edward. I just don’t get the same feeling I had in the other ones. Plus, the parody was awfully short. Like 8 minutes. But overall I give it an A+. Good job girls!

    • But if jacob married bella y did they get married in edwards house and go to the house which carlisle gave…and why does bella have the clothes alice packed ._. But still great show!!!!!!

  3. Wow!! Definitely more funding with each parody, lol. Just like the films…sets, costumes, make-up, etc, all fantastic!! The cast looked great, and the new Edward was definitely a better resemblance to RP. I didn’t find much funny though, until Edward slapped Bella’s ass! LOL, come on, we all wanted to see that in the film!! =P

    Bella singing while giving birth and all the happy love, during the pregnancy and Bella croaking was funny, good expressions, and definite contrast to the story. I wish they had played up the wedding/honeymoon a bit more…was cute, and all just not as funny as before.

  4. Sandra Torres says

    The birth scene was hilarious. Also, when Charlie stops her dancing and “hands her off” to Edward. And………OH FORGET IT!!! The whole thing was funny……..EXCEPT the part where Jacob is singing to the baby………wrong song to be singing to a baby!!! Other than that, it was awesomeness!!!

    • I agree that part made my stomach get tight in was just wrong,,,not him singing to a baby but the lyrics………just wrong!!

  5. Ok everyone, seriously, when was the last time any of you heard “Having My Baby” by Paul Anka? (Good Lord, how bad is it that I actually know who sings that?)……….perfect song though—right down to the actual lyrics. 🙂 Great job!

  6. THE best one YET!! Can’t wait to see what they do for Part 2! Excellent!

  7. Hats off to the the Hillywood girls! Very well done! Especially the sequence with the crazy pregnancy song while Bella is looking like death, and then singing it while going through that gruesome delivery! That part was the gem of the whole thing IMO.

  8. thephantomcat says

    Jacob stole every scene he was in, but the funniest has to be when he turns up while they’re swimming. Knee slapping hilarious!

    • agreed… i couldnt stop laughing when he appeared in the water.. only wierd bit was him singing to the baby, not the singing but just the song choice for that bit. o well was hilarious,

  9. It is not my favorite of the parodies…..I personally miss the old Edward….but the funding was definitely there. I love the effort they put into these parodies, but I do wish it would have been more like the others. These ladies still do a great job though.

    • TOTALLY agree!!! I thought this Edward was awkward…definitely miss Jacob Jost! But job well done with everything!!

  10. Katy Christy says

    OMG THIS WAS SOOOO GOOD! they are so talented! and of course they used a lady gaga song! EEEEEKKKKK

  11. My favorite part was the Having My Baby.

  12. This was the best one yet. I started laughing as soon as I saw “drunk” Jacob show up and try to ruin their receptiong and honeymoon. I like the new guy they got to play Edward,but I’ll always like Jacob the best. I loved the part where Edward was happy about having a baby and the whole family chiming in as well. Great parody and I can’t wait to see what they do for part 2. Well done,ladies of the Hillywood show!

  13. This was so freaking funny. I love the song choices, the dance moves, Jacob’s entrance to the swimming scene had me on the floor. I think the song choices were spot on. I have never heard that song used for the pregnancy, but was so appropriate and spot on hilarious. These girls are so freakin’ talented! Love these parodies.

  14. Claire Potter says

    woot woot another great vid from hillywood!!!

  15. While I enjoyed the video, it was definitely my least favorite. If it was a scheduling problem that prevented Jacob Jost from playing Edward again, I wish they could have waited. This guy was good, but it was like watching a recast in a soap opera.

    The best part was “Having My Baby”, excellent choice. And Jake popping up during the swim scene, hilarious!

    I appreciate the great job team Hillywood does, the funding shows. Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn Part 2 parody.

    • Now that I’ve watched the parody at least a dozen times (!), I have to take back my first paragraph. Austin Clay is excellent as Edward. Each viewing was funnier and funnier. I only wish the parody had been longer, so the enjoyment would last a few more minutes. This ranks as a tie with the Eclipse parody as my two favorite HIllywood productions.

      Thanks Hillywood for another awesome job!

  16. I thought the new Edward was spot on! He really favored Rob in the make-up…I think the whole thing was hilarious. Hard work paid off Hillywood! Congrats on a perfect parody…!

  17. HELL YES.

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  19. Best parody, hands down. SO hilarious! I’ve gotta say drunk Jacob was pretty great, and Edward singing to Bella about the baby with his family was pretty awesome too.

  20. OMG that was sooo funny!! I loved it. I was smiling thru the whole thing and when Jaco popped out of the ocean, that was hilarious!! Good job girls!!!

  21. Kindred Spirit says

    I REALLY like the old Edward better. I hope Jacob Jost is back for BD2!

  22. I loved it! Amazing 😀
    Except I miss the original Edward 🙁 It’s not the same without him.

  23. Gonna have to disagree with the majority. I think the new “Edward” is awesome! He’s a Rob look-alike, and wow, so dang good looking too! Loved when he broke out in the giant grin and started singing, “You’re havn’ my baby.” LOL.
    I do agree though, “Jacob” stole every scene he was in. My fav was the beach, where he’s dancing around them, and Bella and Edward look incredibly uncomfortable. Priceless! Loved when Edward shoved him under the water. The snorkle was a cool prop too. lol.
    Excellent job ladies and gentlemen.

  24. Chela Madison says

    “Jacob’s” scenes were great =D (drunk at the wedding, ripping his shirt off, etc). I like “marry Edward.” Edward’s expressions and little “come here” gesture at around 3:58-4:05 hahaha. And I agree with everyone who’s saying the “having my baby” super cheesy, happy song mixed with the gruesome pregnancy was good.

  25. I don’t get what everyone thinks is so great about these things. And they asked for donations. Please.

  26. esta genial

  27. I really enjoyed it!!! Jacob stole every scene he was in!!! Hilarious – thank you Hillywood!!!

  28. I loved it! 🙂 It was funny with the Jacob scenes. I like the new Edward better. His looks are similar to RP and his facial expressions are spot on. Congrats to the new Edward cuz he rocked it.

  29. I missed so much Jacob Jost, he was the best Edward so far. The scenes and the props were excellent, but i think all in all it wasn’t as awesome as the previous one. 🙁 Well for me. 😛

  30. Brava Hillywood!
    That was so damn funny- I can’t seem to catch my breath. I keep laughing at all the same parts.Carlisle’s “hair”-anyone missing a small animal?!! My boy “Jake” Kyle did not disappoint- perfect casting I’ve loved his part of the show since New moon’s parody and his timing- those faces he makes are spot on! feel like i’m watching taylor do all the things “jake” never had the nerve to do( imagine if he had ). I,too, miss the original Hilly “Edward’ but the new “Ed” does not disappoint-he’s quite beautiful. In certain parts he seems to actually resemble rob as edward–I can’t wait for part II . P.S.I’d love to know what Rob, Kristen and Taylor think of these parodies

  31. Absolutely hilarious! The only part that bothered me was Jacob singing to Nessie… IT ISN’T ROMANTIC AT FIRST PEOPLE!!! Anyway, good job, very funny.

    • I think they know it’s not romantic at first, but they were just trying to make it funny, and I thought it worked, because I laughed when Jacob started singing to Renesmee.

  32. CullenCoven says

    OMG I died at all of Jacob’s facial expressions. 5:31 and 5:55 are the best.

    • That was the best twilight song I have ever seen!even though I had to search and search and search to watch it I still love it please make another twilight video,like a breaking dawn 2 video and when it is 2016 part 3 is coming out I think and keep on making those awesome videos! GOOD LUCK! – Tiffany

  33. AUSTIN CLAY! 🙂 he’s much better i think. he just looks like r-patz

  34. I loved this one! And I like this Edward best, probably b/c the BD parody was the first one i actually watched. And for those who said it was weird singing that song to the baby, I thought so at first too. But, then I thought about it. Jacob is actually singing to Reneesme the teenager, or who he sees when he looks into her eyes.