A Twilight TV Show? The Fans’ Opinion

There has been much talk since the Summit/Lionsgate merger about turning the Twilight Saga into a TV franchise due to some comments made by Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer.  For her Movies.com article, Laura ran a poll here at the Lex asking if fans wanted to see a Twilight TV show.  The response was quite interesting, and Laura sums up her findings in the article found here.

The most basic of questions is, “Would the fans want a TV show?” Only 27% of the fansbase responded to that question with a flat-out “no”. The remainder were split between instant approval and maybe. The most important thing to the fans in these last two categories was the involvement of Stephenie Meyer. It’s no shock to anyone that Twilight fans are highly protective of their franchise. They don’t like deviation from what is in the books.  Author Stephenie Meyer is for many fans the final word when it comes to change. If Stephenie Myer approves it, then they’ll accept adjustments. One fan named Jackie summed it up by stating, “I think a TV show or series would be a great idea. It would have to have Stephenie involved to have the same continuity as the books. Her story and the way she tell it is what sells the books and the movies, it would not work if it went in any other direction.”

Read more in the article about exploring back stories and focusing on minor characters.  And let us know if this has changed your opinion or made you think of the possibility of a TV show in a new light.


  1. ilovetaylorlautner says:

    no no no no no!! If they were to make anything else i would want it to be more movies, but that would only be if Stephenie Meyer was co-writting it with Melissa Rosenburg. If there was a TV show, we wouldn’t have the same characters we know and love. We wouldn’t have Robert, Kristen, or Taylor, so I would give them a big NO. Imagine someone else playing their parts. It feels wrong. Plus What would they do? Make it into a comedy? A drama like The Vampire Diaries? I don’t think a TV show would make any sense at all.

  2. NO! they have a vamp diaries (they screwed up that book ) already it would be close dont ruin something just to make more money

  3. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    I loved how thorough your article was and addressed all the different points we fans have been bringing up. Good job and thanks!

  4. Nope nope definetly not!!! The idea of a tv show is absolutely insane!!! If they even were seriously thinking about it I think the franchise would lose a ton of fans!! The books and movies are fantastic and when BD part 2 cones out we will all be satisfied ( until midnight sun that is) so why ruin a good thing by trying to make some more money?????


  6. For me it comes down to these words: ‘Stephenie Meyer considers it canon.’ And I can’t imagine that she would unless she had some involvement in the writing. If not, well…

    Summit/Lionsgate must be excited by Underworld: Awakening’s box office as a sign that a long-running vampire franchise can have life left in it. An important point, though: Awakening is a big budget movie, not a TV series.

    If a TV series fails in terms of fan response and ratings, it won’t just be a failed series; it will have damaged the Twilight brand for any future films.

    Summit/Lionsgate would do well to remember what happened to Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme was known for serving fresh, hot donuts, earning them a loyal fanbase and brand name that meant a quality, special treat. Then they underwent massive expansion, and in the process cold boxed Krispy Kreme donuts began appearing on drugstore shelves. The mystique was gone; the company’s stock price tells the story.

    • Let me clarify what I mean by that, which is that I would only be interested if Stephanie Meyer herself considered it canon. So far we haven’t heard from her about it since the TV series hasn’t even been greenlighted yet.

  7. Samantha Cooper says:

    what would the show even be about?! as much as i love the books and movies, i don’t think a tv series is a good idea 😛

  8. Absolutely no. Anyone other than Stephenie writing would ruin it and I don’t think she wants to do that to the story. She said Bella’s story was pretty much finished. The only thing I can see for the future of Twilight is Stephenie writing a few more books. First would like her to finish Midnight Sun and then I would love to see the rest from Edward’s perspective if she were able to do it. It would also be interesting to see Renesmee’s story explored or Leah’s. Just like Rilla of Ingleside told from the perspective of Anne’s last daughter. Would also like to see the Host from Jared’s point of view. As Bella said once: “A girl can always dream”.

  9. I absolutely love the books and the movies, but “all good things must come to an end.”

  10. I totally understand wanting to make a tv show, Twilight is big right now. But actually making a show would be terrible. If Stephanie Meyer intended to continue the story Breaking Dawn wouldn’t be the last book in the series. Plus the characters would have to be recasted because there is no way to keep the actors the same. So no! Drop the idea! Stop seeing the profit and consider how fans feel!

  11. I think it would make more sense to do a animated movie instead of live action. If they did a tv show they would have to dumb down the special affects. I think Younk Kim’s (the woman who drew the graphic novel) did an amazing job and her work could be used for the animated show. They could get the cast members to voice thier charectors voices.

  12. My answer is still NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why ruin a good thing!

  13. I’m one of the ‘absolutely nots’. Never. Ever. Ever. Please don’t ruin our books and movies! The fandom has been so lucky to have our series be as continually successful and progressively better as it has. Why can’t enough be enough. Every good story must end.

  14. I read somewhere a long time ago that Carlisle’s back story would work. I still think thats a great idea and would love to see all he went through to get to this point. Any hands?

  15. Michele Dwinell says:

    No. Please, please, no. Some things are meant to be left alone, and this is one of them. I would love more books, like character backstories or Midnight Sun, but just to enrich the stories we already know and love. And written by Stephenie as only she can write…because she doesn’t write to make money, she writes because she loves these characters, and they mean something to her. And she knows they mean something to us, her fans.

    So please. No televison series! It would never be the same…

  16. Hi good people. I hate to be the spoilsport here but I do believ
    e that there are characters to explore. All of my friends who have read the books who are not die hard twihard fans are very into the characters othet than.bella
    & edward.

  17. Yess. If it’s with thee original cast 🙂

  18. Chela Madison says:

    No way! I am utterly shocked that only 27% said no. For people saying “only if the original cast is in it…” guys, there is no chance of that. And what would the plot of this show be? There’s nothing more to the series. And I agree with the people saying that a tv show would “ruin the magic.” The movies are so special, and they’re this worldwide beloved series that we’re all hoping is going out with a bang! Why would they try to create a show, and have the Twilight world painfully fizzle out. A show doesn’t make sense.

  19. Gloria Evans says:

    What kind of mess up poll was that. I have read all the comments from previous articles and this one and 7 out of 10 comments were saying no and most of the comments on here is saying no so i dont know where the 27% is coming from. I say NO! Leave it alone and stop being so damn money hungry Lionsgate! Why do people always have to stick their nasty little fingers into something good and ruin it.

  20. yes, definitely ~ but would prefer the tv show to use version of “midnight sun” instead of “twilight”, that is, the more Edward’s point of view : ))))))))

    i would very very much looooove to see that coming ~~~~

  21. forgot to mention, i am so looking forward to the tv show because i want to have another chance to find someone to play the role of Edward. i know many of you won’t agree with me, but no offense, from the beginning up till now, i don’t see casting RobPat is a good choice….

  22. I think if they were to do a TV show the need to stay away from the live action. They should do something like an animated show. Like a anime style. Not to diss the US, but Japan would nail the animation on the head and get the story as close as possible to the books as it is proven in the adaptation of most mangas. I’m not talking cheese anime like Yu-Gi-Oh but more along the lines of like Ghost in the Shell in the way it is styled. (how it looks)
    Yu-Gi-Oh is too kitty looking and bright where as Ghost in the Shell can have both serious and comedy and feel more “real” looking of the characters And yes, I think Stephenie would have to be involved. Anyways that is what I think. ^_^

  23. teamedward says:

    i say yesssssssssssssss they should after watching the breaking dawn part two ending they should create a tv series and not only a nother book but a nother movie.

  24. teamedward says:

    if they create a tv series please use the origanal cast <3 ( ;

  25. Yeah I agree w. All The NOs…Ppl are just thinking about making more money…not realizing that that could ruin their money…The show would definitely go down The drain..and then when they think about making another movie because of a failed TV show then no one is going to watch it…and once it’s failed they will take away every fans fantasy and feelings about The movies…they should just wait a year or two so it wont get played out and just surprise everyone w. A returning movie about Jacob and renismee but still w. All The characters and leave it as that..


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