Jerusha Hess Talks Working With Stephenie Meyer on Austenland

Last summer, Stephenie Meyer’s production company filmed the Shannon Hale novel Austenland. The director was Jerusha Hess(pictured far right with film stars Jennifer Coolidge and Keri Russell) of Napoleon Dynamite fame. Hess Talks with Collider about what the experience was like.

What was it about that story that attracted you?

JERUSHA: The story is very simple and sweet, but I thought there was room for a lot of crazy quirkiness in it. That’s what I think I brought to it.

How did you end up teaming up with Stephenie Meyer, as a producer?

JERUSHA: It was great. She knew the author as well, and she just wanted to be a part of it. She was heavily involved. She’s great. She was really lovely and it was really fun. When I was directing the movie, she was so supportive and just enjoyed the comedy of it. She enjoyed being on a set that was laid back and didn’t have paparazzi circling it. It was a good change of pace. She was like, “Oh, this is how movies are made? I didn’t know.”

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