Video: Peter Facinelli Talks About Producing, Directing, and Acting

Shockya had the chance to interview Peter Facinelli about taking the total plunge on the other side of the camera. People always ask what Twilight has given to the actors involved. For Facinelli it’s clearly the ability to start a production company and doing his own projects.

This press release was just issued today to talk about the film’s debut.

Rhode Island film production company Verdi Productions (VP) announced today that its film “Loosies” will hit the big screen Jan 11th at the IFC Center located at 323 Sixth Avenue at West Third Street, New York City, with other locations to follow. “Loosies” is being released through IFC Films and will soon expand to over 60 million homes on Video on Demand through major US cable distributors, as well as iTunes and the SundanceNow website.

Filmed nearly entirely in Rhode Island, “Loosies” tells the story of Bobby (Peter Facinelli, “Twilight”), a NYC pickpocket, who roams the city disguised as a stockbroker. He’s handsome and charming, fitting in perfectly with the Wall Street types on the subway and downtown, but with no father and a mother who does not work, Bobby is forced to live a life of crime in order to make ends meet. He becomes the center of a citywide search and soon runs into an even bigger challenge..Lucy (Jaimie Alexander, “Thor”), a recent one-night stand. It is now three months after their passionate one night affair, and Bobby is confronted with a tough reality. Lucy informs him she is pregnant, and that the child is his. Suddenly two different worlds collide, forcing Bobby to reevaluate a lifetime of missteps.

“Loosies” was directed by Rhode Island native Michael Corrente and co-stars Rhode Island actors Tommy DeNucci, (“Inkubus”, “Infected”), Tom Paolino, (“Inkubus”, “Infected”) and Sera Verdi(“Inkubus”, “Infected”). “One of the main goals in all my films is to utilize the talent and infrastructure we have in Rhode Island, and I’m thrilled we could shoot 90% of Loosies right here,” stated Verdi. “Having Loosies hit the big screen is a huge accomplishment and something I am very proud of. Then to have the VOD release expanded to over 60 million homes is the icing on the cake.”

“Loosies” also stars William Forsythe (“Boardwalk Empire” HBO, “Inkubus”, “Devil’s Reject”), Michael Madsen, (“Kill Bill”, “Infected”) and Vincent Gallo, (“Brown Bunny”).

For a list of cable providers showing “Loosies,” please follow the link below:

For an iTunes rental

For a SundanceNow rental

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