Peter Facinelli Bites Sharon Osbourne

Couldn’t resist the headline, but it did happen. Peter Facinelli was on The Talk to promote Twilight and other projects


  1. He is really so perfect for Carlisle and he is so down to earth. I’ve always really liked him as an actor.

  2. I don’t think it would have worked if they went w/someone older. I’m glad that other guy they cast didn’t work and Peter got it instead. He’s great as Carlisle.

  3. Who was the other guy they cast….I had never heard that before and would love to see who it was. Because Peter is so great in the part, and he is wonderful with public relations for the films. I can’t imagine anyone else int hat role.

  4. Michele Dwinell says:

    Peter is so awesome…what would we have done without him? I’m so happy he got the part. He is the same, caring person in real life as Carlisle is in reel life!

  5. CullenCoven says:

    You gotta love Peter. He’s the perfect person to play Carlisle because he has so many of the same characteristics in real life.

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