MTV’s Movie Brawl: Vote Breaking Dawn Part 2

MtvlogoMTV has a new poll going called Movie Brawl. Here’s how it works according to MTV:

Vote for the films you’re most excited to see in 2012 from our list of 32 movies. You’ll be able to fight for your movie of choice in this play-in round until voting closes on Sunday (January 8). Starting next week, we’ll be down to 16 movies. That’s when our bracket launches and the 16 flicks will start going head-to-head, March Madness-style, in single-elimination contests — until only one movie reigns supreme.

So head over to MTV where there are a ton of films listed! Vote here.


  1. I voted for Breaking Dawn, but I have to admit that I’m really excited about The Hunger Games too. More than these though I’m excited about The Secret World of Arietta that is coming out next month, not that a Studio Ghibli movie would ever make a list like this.

  2. I voted but I noticed that when you voted for breaking dawn it went down 0.1% and not up and that the hunger games went up by one when you voted. My sister tried it on her laptop and it did it as well. Is this right?

    • Most likely it’s due to people simultaneously casting votes at the same time. While you might be voting for BD2, there might be 2 people voting for THG at the same time. Therefore, although you’ve added to the BD2 percentage, THG could still have a higher one.

      I voted THG. While I was impressed with BD1, I still think THG is going to knock the socks off Part 2.

  3. Hunger games ya ya its new and looks interesting…but! BREAKING DAWN PART2 is the shiz! NO MOVIE CAN TOP THE TWILIGHT SAGA! (:

  4. Francesca says:

    I think Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 and all the movies with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in are going to be the top movies
    And come on its The Twilight Saga what can beat that
    I’m and offical top Twilight Fan and I’m also on Team Edward

  5. How could you be on this site and not vote for Breaking Dawn? (Sorry – haven’t read the Hunger Games.)

    Get out there and vote people! If you will refresh the page, it will let you vote again.

  6. THG and BD2 will be sure to get into the brackets. Some of the other movies could do with some support. I’m also interested in The Hobbit and Dark Shadows. I’ll likely spread my votes between those for this first round.

  7. Becky Wolf says:

    BD2 has 41.92% and Hunger Games has 39.95% – no other movies even come close!

  8. Well I’m looking forward to see Breaking Dawn part 2 and Hunger Games.


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