Alex Patsavas Talks How to Get the Right Soundtrack Song

Alex Patsavas Talks about breaking into the music business and what she has learned from the Twilight Saga.

Have you experienced much Twilight mania first hand?

Yes, I have been to quite a few of the pre-release events over the years, especially if soundtrack artists are involved. It is a privilege to work on a project with a positive and enthusiastic fan base.

What were some of the trials and tribulations of putting the latest Twilight soundtrack together?

Only the masses of excellent (and unreleased) submissions we get at the Chop Shop offices for each film. Scores of truly memorable tracks and only 15-20 places in the movie. It was really wonderful working with Bill Condon – I am eagerly awaiting Breaking Dawn 2.

What have you learned from the success of Twilight over the years?

We tend to select a mix of established and respected alternative artists and performers that are less known but always the song that is selected is the best to tell the story. I do believe that is why these OST’s connect so strongly with the audience. They are hearing the songs for the first time, certainly and often are experiencing the bands for the first time as they watch the film. Heady stuff.

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  1. I think Alex did an amazing job the BD1!! I love the music & so does my baby!!

  2. Has anyone made a listing of where each of the soundtrack songs appear in the movie? There are some that I’ve not yet been able to hear clearly enough.

  3. Since the songs in the film are not in the order they appear in the film,they are listed as follows:

    1. Turning Page(instrumental) during Bella’s walk down the aisle.
    2.Flightless Bird,American Mouth-Bella and Edward’s wedding vows.
    3.Like a Drug-everyone dancing at the wedding reception
    4.Love will Take You-the Denali coven congradulates Bella;Irina is upset over Laurent’s death.
    5.Northern Lights-Jacob shows up to dance with Bella
    5. Neighbors-Jacob learns Bella is going on her honeymoon and tries to start a fight.
    6.It Will Rain-just a sample of the piece is heard,when the crowd throws rice over Bella and Edward.
    7.Llovera-Bella and Edward in the ocean.
    8.Turning Page-during the love scene on Isle Esme.
    9.From Now On-montage of Edward trying to keep Bella occupied from making love.
    10.Reqiem On Water-Bella discovers she’s pregnant.
    11.Cold-the Cullens try to find ways to help Bella during her pregnancy.
    12. Endtapes-closing credits
    13. I Didn’t Mean it(during the closing credits)- the Volturi decide to pay the Cullens a visit
    14.It will Rain-closing credits.

    I hope this helps,since that’s all I can remember for now.

  4. A Thousand Years is the last song in the closing credits.

  5. I’ve really enjoyed the Twilight saga soundtracks — except for the 2nd one (New Moon). Ugh. There are a couple songs I like, but overall, that one’s a dud for me. Love 1, 3, and 4, though. Can’t wait for 5! Hope it’s great.

    • The music in New Moon fit the tone of the storyline,which was very dark and depressing at times. It reflected everything that Bella and Edward went through in the second novel,so that’s why most of the tracks were not so easy to listen to. The soundtracks for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn part 1,are more upbeat for the most part,because it reflects that Bella and Edward’s relationship is stronger now. I can’t wait to hear the songs and score for Breaking Dawn part 2 and I’m sure it will be just as good as part 1.

      • Oh, I agree with you completely about the dark tone of the soundtrack and how that’s appropriate to the movie. I just didn’t enjoy it. I guess if I were to rank the soundtracks, I’d rank them 3, 1 (except for the two Paramore songs, which I deleted from my playlist), 4, and 2. For the movies, I’d rank them 4, 1, 3, and 2.

        New Moon has been a dud for me across the board. It’s my least favorite book, my least favorite movie, my least favorite soundtrack.

        Really looking forward to BDp2.

  6. However, the Score from New Moon is gorgeous. Think Romeo & Juliet, Dream Catcher, Full Moon, Marry Me, Bella. Even Edward Leaves is beautiful and sappy and perfect when you want sappy! My ringtone on my iphone is Edward quoting from Romeo & Juliet when they are in English class. Love it!


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