Novel Novice Does Twilight Desktop Calendars

Each year the crew over at Novel Novice does these really amazing desktop calendars featuring the Twilight fandom. This year they have branched out a bit and have a multi-fandom theme going. Twilight is in two of the months, but there is also Harry Potter, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Hunger Games, and more.

Check out the entire collection at Novel Novice.  Also check out Novel Novice for some really great coverage on the latest in YA books.


  1. Wow… I was really looking forward to the normal Twilight calendar. I only know a few of these fandoms, and some of them that I know I don’t like. I guess I’m opting out this year which is really disappointing.

  2. Taynara Leao Segurado says:


  3. Ummm, disappointed. I was looking forward to a Twilight-exclusive calendar 🙁

  4. There is one problem with some of the months. Most people put their short cut icons on the left side of the desk top. When they have the calendar on that side it really becomes useless. I may pick out the HP and TWS months, the others are of no interest to me.

  5. Lexicon Ladies — Thanks, as always, for posting about the calendar and for your on-going support of us!

    To everyone else … sorry you’re disappointed it’s not a strictly Twilight calendar. But since we are not a Twilight fan site, we felt it more appropriate this year to branch out and show support for various fandoms based on literature/YA books — since THAT is our primary focus. We love Twilight, but we also LOVE many other series & we hope you’ll give some of them a try. There are so many wonderful books in the world, and we like to show our love for ALL of them!

  6. i’m so bummed! I wont be using it this year. Maybe it will be June all year.

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