Taylor Lautner Talks About Fans Following Him

Taylor Lautner is now doing PR for the Abduction DVD release on January 7. Here’s what he had to say about fans:

Jason Isaacs said the hardcore fans were camped out on the set every day to get a glimpse of you in the car…

“There was a lot of fans on set. I think probably the highlight, we were actually there for a week. We were filming in a random city called Sutterville and there was a population of six hundred people and one night we had over eight hundred girls on set. So, there was definitely a few people driving in from different cities. It was pretty impressive. There were some great fans there in Sutterville.”

How do you handle that? You can’t talk to all of them.

“I found a way to. It was tiring because we were actually filming nights there. So, you show up at 8PM and work until 5AM. At 5AM I would go out and there would literally be eight hundred people down the street. I would go out and pretty much take pictures with all of them. It took about an hour and we tried to do it fast. Doing it fast for eight hundred people was still an hour. But it was important to me.”

Any crazy fan encounters?

“No, nothing crazy. I think that I had like three hundred people in my front lawn at one point, but that was about it.”

That’s not crazy at all.

(Laughs) “They were behaved fans though.”

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  1. I loved abduction,my mom ordered it on PPV the other night for christmas and it was awesome.I live about 2 and half hours away from sutersville.

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