Taylor Lautner People Magazine Cover is Fake

Taylor Lautner is not coming out in the January 7th issue of People Magazine. Apparently a manip (manipulated photo) that had its origins on Tumblr somehow got picked up by a variety of news services as legit. It is in fact A FAKE. The photo itself is real enough having been part of the New Moon PR campaign, but the text is entirely bogus. Gossip Cop has full details.


  1. Mary Knuth says:

    OMG!!! You know, if it was true that’d be fine. (Although if it was true I HIGHLY doubt it’d be in people.) I wish they would just leave him alone about this. He responded that they’re rumors, said that he’s straight and has nothing against anyone who is. End of story. Just drop it already.

  2. Joshua Roberts says:

    Ah… The gay rumors… In truth who really cares. I don’t. Gossip is just that gossip. Doesn’t change my life either way. :p

  3. Taylor should sue

    • Dani Martin says:

      Yes he should

    • Joshua L. Roberts says:

      Honestly, if Taylor started sueing every single time a rumor was spread about him, he would spend more time in court than he would making films. Taylor is doing the right thing, by just rolling with it, and letting this sort of junk take its course.

      I remember when Leonardo Dicaprio hit it big with Romeo and Juliet and Titanic. His face was everywhere, and there wasn’t a day that the “gay” rumor wasn’t in random mags and or on E News. At first Leo believed that she should hold a press conference to set things “straight” (no pun intended), but his agent wisely stated that it would just draw more attention to the negative press, versus just letting it ride its course and letting it fade.

    • This is the second thing like this I have seen. Another one was on a gay activism facebook page and they were pretty happy about it. It was CLEARLY photoshopped. The message was on a t-shirt and the letters didn’t even fold with the shirt. I actually just had to look up his name and his shirt color in the photo to find the original photograph. It is slander, but I don’t think he will do anything because there is a catch 22. Although we know it wouldn’t be a statement against gays to sue, and many gays would know that too, the media would focus on the gays that would have a problem with it and label him “homophobic.” I will stick by Taylor either way.

  4. Wow . . . just . . . wow . . . the more people love celebrities, the harder the backlash from people who don’t. It reminds me of when I was in school – every time there was a new teenaged heartthrob (I won’t name any of them because I’ll be telling my age, lol), the rumors would start flying that they were gay. It isn’t any more mature now than it was back then.

    It is messed up, though. I can’t imagine too many homosexuals out there are happy to know that this is how they chose to mock someone. You’d like to think that we’re out of the Dark Ages. Apparently we’ve still got a long way to go. 🙁

  5. People need to leave Taylor alone. I am so pissed. Taylor did NOTHING, and some idiot made this manipulated thing. I don’t think this would happen, but what if this broke him? Tay’s been missing in action for a month, and he skipped out on the Grammy appearance he was supposed to be making. Imagine someone up your ass all the time with things like this. And then Twitter! What is wrong with being gay?! Stay strong, Taylor. We love you so much. Haters gonna hate.

  6. The question is not whether he is or not. Personally, if Taylor did come out one day, I would not be completely shocked. The issue is that this was fake and news outlets decided not to do their research before running with a story. It makes them look like the idiots they truly are and hopefully people will stop being so quick to believe these outlets and rumors. Taylor’s sexual orientation is not the issue. This is about outlets wrongfully “reporting” things and using unclear “sources” to back them up. This whole situation proves how unreliable the media really is.

  7. Roland Quin says:

    You know, once the gay rumors start, that only means you’re sex symbol status!

  8. I must have been living on another planet for the past three years, because I have NEVER heard any rumors that Taylor was gay.

    If he is, so what??? It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other.

    But…the sad fact of Hollywood is that many leading men stay closeted to protect their careers. Only the bravest ones (or the really successful ones who’ve made their mark and have nothing to worry about) come out.

    Shame on the gossip rags for putting this out without properly vetting it.

    Best wishes to Taylor…

  9. Pffft, I’d have been more inclined to fall for it if they used Pattinson. Lautner? He’s angling for a career in action movies. Even if he is gay, he’s locked down in the closet with oiled up muscle men in speedos wielding mini guns and rocket launchers guarding the door.

    Plus, it has long been my theory that Robert likes the sausage.

    • @Gimantis…

      Actually, I tend to think it’s KRISTEN who likes his sausage. You can’t ignore the body language when those two are together. She’s not THAT good of an actress to be pretending to like him just for the cameras.

    • What does Taylor wanting to do action films have to do with him not being gay? That is such a stereotype. So what, gay men cannot be action stars or be into movies like that? Come on, that is ridiculous, but still not as ridiculous as you trying to say that Rob, the one with the steady girlfriend, is actually gay. This is not the first rumor about Taylor and it will not be the last. Most of the girls he dates seems more like PR stunts than actual relationships aka Swift and Collins and your reasons for him not being gay do not even make sense. As far as Rob and Kristen go, like Kristen said, it is obvious. Their chemistry is palpable and it is so obvious they are into each other. Taylor says he is not gay, so we should take his word for it, but let’s not start making rules for what makes someone gay like if they want to do action movies. Plus being gay is not an insult or a horrible thing so the people saying that Taylor should be pissed need to really think about their tolerance for sexual orientation. He should be upset that the media took it that far, not with the concept of being gay.


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