Special Bonus For Seeing Breaking Dawn Again From Summit Entertainment

We just received the following notification from Summit entertainment:


Today an exciting new opportunity starts for all BREAKING DAWN fans!

Any fans that see BREAKING DAWN – PART 1 again in theaters starting today through January 2, and tweet @Twilight “I’ve seen #BreakingDawn___ times! #SeeBDAgain” (Important Note: where it indicates ___, insert the number of times you’ve seen The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1), will be automatically entered to win a replica of Bella’s engagement ring from the film! Only one tweet/day per entrant will be accepted. See rules here: http://bit.ly/BDRules

Additionally, any fan that purchases their ticket online starting today using Fandango or MovieTickets.com will receive a FREE, exclusive holiday gift – a digital Bella & Edward Wedding Album!


  1. i love the movie twilight breaking dawn part 1 and i can’t wait for part 2 next years and i’m so happy right now! 🙂

  2. Not fair! It’s only eligible for US and Canada residences 🙁 what ’bout us the Twihard outside those countries, we want that prize too >,<

  3. Can someone tell me why no one bothered to even put a coat of clear nail polish on Bella? It’s her wedding! Lol

    • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

      Not every bride wear nail polish for her wedding. I didn’t, and I could see Bella being the same way.

      Though I do think KS is wearing something.

    • Deborah Chapman says:

      Even Kate wore next to nothing when marrying the future King of England. I don’t think Bella was ever a girlie girl, and who wants to mess with a manicure on a honeymoon like that!

  4. Fiona Cullen says:

    Yeah maybe you should edit it from saying ‘any fans’ to ‘US and Canada fans over 18’ because the competition is only open to those people.

  5. Amanda Sheckler-Cullen says:

    They should have had this contest sooner….The town that I live in and the Next town over have both stopped showing Breaking Dawn

  6. Sarah Mae Cullen (@TwiKristeNation) says:

    hey.. is the contest applicable to fans here in Asia? thanks.. i would love to have the ring!

  7. why pay to see it when Donna Worth recorded with a camcorder in the theater and is burning copies for anyone who wants one on Facebook. She watches it five times a day and it is a fabulous copy.

    • Um, maybe because A) it’s more fun to see it on the giant screen in the theater and B) because that’s called ILLEGAL?

      • She should be reported. Sorry, but Donna Worth (don’t know her) and people LIKE her are one of the reasons our Congress is wanting to push through this piracy law for the Internet. It’s SHAMELESS, and if you watch it, you’re just as guilty. You’re stealing something that doesn’t belong to you and there is no other way around that simple fact.

  8. The Brazilian fans can also win the ring?

  9. I actually think that’s kinda bogus, sorry.
    I’ve seen BD 4 times, really enjoyed it. But to go to all that trouble just to get entered in the drawing, don’t think so. I also have NO interest in joining Twittersville, FB is enough for me. And what about those out of the country and under 18? Might as well just go to Hot Topic or other novelty stores at the mall or online to find a good replica of the ring.
    Okay, off my rant box 😀

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