Ashley Greene Loved Breaking Dawn Stunt Work

Who can forget Alice battling the CGI wolves! Looks like Ashley Greene enjoyed the experience according to an interview in Company Magazine.

On the difficulty of making it in Hollywood:
“It has always been hard, but it is now very competitive. It’s hard to break out, and it is still hard for me – I am fighting for my next job. Nothing is set in stone. So you have to really love acting to go through that grind every day. But once you get a role, it’s worth it.”

On her dream role:
“A couple of projects have caught my eye. I want to do another action film because I had a ton of fun when we did stunt work [on Breaking Dawn]. We did fight training and personal training – we worked our butts off and pretty much did every stunt we possibly could ourselves.”

See more of her interview at Modoration


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