Breaking Dawn Countdown: Chh-Chhh-Chh-Changes to the Script

So can you believe that Laura is now counting down to movie number two over on her regular every-other-Thursday column over at This week she covers new material not found in the books that was added to the script.

Apologies to David Bowie for this week’s title, but there were — as with any book-to-screen adaptation — several differences between the book and what was portrayed on screen in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Now, certainly no one expects every scene exactly as written in a novel to make it to the screen; inevitably things need to be condensed or left out all together. On the other hand, sometimes there is material that was never in the books to begin with that makes it onto the screen. The question is, given cuts, how effective is this new material when fans feel very protective of the original source?

The first major insertion of new material that leaps to mind in Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is the presence of Irina of the Denali Coven at Bella and Edward’s wedding. As every Twilight fan knows, Irina sets some major wheels into motion in the second half of the novel Breaking Dawn. Since the Denali Coven and their interaction with Laurent wasn’t focused on in New Moon, it left something of a gaping plot hole that had to be addressed. It was interesting to see screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and director Bill Condon handle this dilemma. They deftly had Irina react to Seth’s presence at the wedding, have a flashback to Laurent, establish Irina’s romantic ties to him, and then have Irina storm off. That’s a lot of material to cover in roughly ninety seconds of film time, but they managed it. By doing so, they set the plot for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 securely on course.

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  1. Irina was not at the wedding, she intentionally did not attend because of laurant being killed. Therefore no this should not have been in the movie. I’m as diehard as they come, even though I enjoyed the movie, I didn’t love the movie. They added where there was no adding needed the fight scene, esme attacked, emmett in a tree for example?? they rushed important plots, Jacob imprinting for example.. Alice was NOT present when Bella gave birth, yet in the movie she was… The movie was rushed, very disappointing considering it is the last novel.. can’t wait to see the disaster of part 2 .

    • Mitch Jarmin says:

      Debbie I agree to a point. This should have been addressed in Eclipse which was very rushed and cut up as a movie. Since they did not do this in movie #3 it had to happen somewhere. I have been a big critic of the book to movie translations so I do understand your feelings. I also agree that the addition of the fight scene after esme’s birth was no needed but was expected. Also the movie is directed a bit more book thoughtful could have been at least 2 hours which would have allowed for more of “the book” but guess no one is smart enough to do this. As a movie over all it was in my opinion better then expected. As you I did not love it but was pleased that it at least felt more like the book then the last one. I just hope that they don’t screw with the ending, a huge fight just for excitement value. The entire point of the ending in the book in my opinion is that violence is not nessary to intimidate you enemy.

    • I love the movie. But i understand what you are saying. So who is at fault here? God knows i have issues with MR script since Twilight and i thought she should have been axed after that movie

      • Agree wholeheartedly, I thought when they had money to pay someone to come in and do it right, they would have. I hated the fight between the wolves and the Cullens when we all know it never happened and they could not have gotten closer than 2 miles to the Cullen residence. I guess that’s movie adaptation for you tho’, they take a lot of liberties.

    • I don’t see a problem with the brief glimpse of Irina in the film – it needed to be explained, since it was not mentioned at all in New Moon or Eclipse. As for Alice – she *was* at the house when Bella gave birth – she’s the one who took Rose out of the room…just as she did in the movie. It was Jasper who was not at the house in the book – though the movie suggests he was there, even though you didn’t see him in that scene. The fighting scenes – I could have done without, but since we only saw things from Jacob & Bella’s perspective in the book, it’s possible these events did take place in some fashion.

      I will say that I’m a bit concerned about this new French coven that’s in Part Two. There’s already enough new vamps around (so many that they apparently removed one of the Amazon coven members) yet, they add two new ones? With an apparently pivotal plot point? IDK…in a movie that’s less than 2 hrs long – the vamps that are in the book will already be fighting for screen time & then we add more??? THAT concerns me.

      • I think they’ll be used in a flashback.

        Irina loved Laurent (even when he didn’t deserve this) and before he ran with James and ‘Vicky’ he was part of a french coven, one of them was his creator. So I’m thinking these guys will appear in some sort of flashback explaining something about Laurent, maybe something he told Irina that she remembers, who knows…

      • Stephenie Meyer was involved in the creation of the French Coven. So, maybe it won’t be as bad as you think. If you listen closely to the actors interviews who are playing these vamps, you get the idea that they’re NOT on the side of the Cullens. They’re sympathetic to the Volturi.

      • velvet409 says:

        Both Alice and Jasper were in the house during the birth in the book. Like you said, Alice takes Rosalie away, and in the book Edward tells Alice to “take her to Jasper and keep her there”. Jasper was around but (understandably) staying away from the carnage.

    • As a screenwriter, I can say that Irina and her animosity toward the wolfpack needs a foreshadowing in BD#1. As did Edward’s past from Midnight Sun. That just makes theatrical sense and is not a core change from book to screen.

      I have a real problem with core changes, like creating a Team Jacob v. Team Edward when there was no team and no chance for Jacob. Also, the wolf pack attacking the Cullens against Jacob’s wishes. Some things you should not mess with, and for this reason, I am not a fan of BD #1 (movie), even with its better direction and acting.

    • Alice was present when Bella gave birth. “Alice darted into the room and clipped a little blue earpiece under Rosalie’s hair. Then Alice backed away, her gold eyes wide and burning, while Rosalie hissed frantically into the phone.” When Jake knocked Rosalie away from Bella during the delivery because she “lost her focus,” “Alice was there, yanking her by the throat to get her into the hall.” Maybe you’re not quite as much a die hard fan as you think.

  2. I thought that it was a good idea to have her there. However my husband still didn’t understand what was going on, so perhaps the dialog should have made things even more clear. If you are going to change the book, make it worthwhile.

  3. As a huge fan of novels, I have seen MANY that have been adapted into movies and I have to say that the Twilight films have been done justice. Yes, they are not verbatim as they appear in the books but it’s really not possible. Some things do not translate from page to screen, and some things have to be condensed. With the thought that yes these movies are being made for the fans and to be true to the books.. they also have to be a piece of cinema that can stand on it’s own and make sense to someone who hasn’t read the books. I know of plenty of people that regardless of how much they love a movie.. when I tell them oh hey, that was actually a book.. they have NO desire to read it. I like everything that was added because it adds tension and drama, sometimes comedy.
    I think everything that was included added value, rather than detriment. I mean I think of the book My Sister’s Keeper.. I loved the novel. The movie changed the ending completely, as in the wrong character DIES. I feel that we aren’t dealing with anything on that level.

  4. Sandra Parsons says:

    I thought along the same lines as ‘yall did. I thought the wedding scene and honeymoon was rushed, hated the wolves talking to each other, and I questioned too why MR was still the writer of the screenplays.While I know BC couldn’t include everything in the book, there were so many memorable events about the wedding and honeymoon scene that BD1 could have easily been 2 hours. All of my co-workers and friends who have seen the movie agreed with me. I just hope with BD2 being the finale, it doesn’t disappoint me. One other thing, the wedding dress was too modern. In the book, it was supposed to be old fashioned, and Bella’s dress was anything but….

    • Thank you for your comment about Bella’s wedding dress! I was beginning to think that I was the only one who thought that! Just because it’s Carolina Herrera’s design and approved by SM, I just couldn’t drink the Koolaid. At the end of Eclipse, Bella describes it as “Anne of Green Gables”. As you said: anything but. On the plus side, it looked really pretty on Kristen even if I don’t care for the design personally. (Oh, the comb is beautiful!)
      I have been wondering about the crucial Irina plot point ever since NM. Laurent’s visit to Denali was not even discussed. In fact, up until now the Denali coven hasn’t even been mentioned. Now, all of a sudden, it’s “oh btw here’s our other vegetarian family and here’s Irina who hates the wolves because Laurent suckered her into believing that he loved her, but we forgot they existed and never called them when there was an army headed our way, but don’t they look pretty in their gold dresses? ” Ugh!

      • Oh! I believe the author of the article is wrong—-Aro is referring to ALICE!! He want’s Alice! Hence the main reason Alice runs away with Jasper when she sees the vision of the Volturi invasion. He’ll take Edward too, along with Bella, but his main focus is Alice. (Eclipse the movie touched on this when Edward tells Jasper, Carlisle, and Emmett that when he read Aro’s mind in Italy he knew Aro wanted them to join the Volturi—-but that they never would as long as their family was alive. Which is why the newborn’s were allowed to attack. Jane gave them that extra time to do so.) Remember in the BD book when Bella is on the field and sees Aro looking for Alice among all the Cullen witnesses? She’s relieved that Alice has run to safety and commits to killing Demetri to ensure she remains safe. Aro wants Alice! *steps down from soapbox*

        • I agree with you. That’s exactly what was portrayed in the book. However, to set the stage for the next movie, they might have changed it to look like Aro meant Bella. Its very possible given the other changes they have made to allow the film to fit and cover areas that were either not explained in previous movies or had to be cut down from this one due to time limits. Either way, I dont care. People here in general need to stop bickering about petty things and appreciate the movie for what it was. All in all, it did convey the essence of the book and key scenes, right? Personally, I loved the movie and think it was the closest adaptation to the book so far. I didnt mind the additional scenes or the changed facts. (Seriously, it is so much better to have things explained in some way rather than just leaving them out – as was done a number of times in the first 3 movies.) With all said and done, I wouldnt mind if Part 2 of the film had some additions or changes.

        • How come nobody mentioned the scene in the beginning where Edward sees Bella on the night before the wedding, then goes into a flashback on how he was always a monster?

          I HATED that scene, felt it has no relationship at all to the movie, and was taking up valuable screen time that could be used for better things (Jacob/Rosalie banter for example). We all know Edward sees himself as a monster – he tells Bella that over and over again through all the movies.

          Other than that unnecessary scene, I have no problem with all the other material that was added/not added. I really would have liked to seen the Jacob/Rosalie banter, but once I think about it, maybe adding it would have changed the entire tone and mood of the movie. Kind of making it cheesy in a way.

          The only thing I think they should have definitely added was more backstory as to why Bella turned to Rosalie for protection in having the baby. It’s obvious from the movies that Rosalie didn’t like Bella and Bella knows it. Even in Eclipse, the viewer doesn’t know Rosalie’s desire to have a baby which is why Bella asked Rosalie for help in BD. My husband was a little confused on that plot point (and he saw all the movies, but didn’t read the books).

          Overall, I really did love the movie, much, much more than Eclipse (I thought that was a horrible adaptation of the book). It’s a tie between Twilight and BD as to what one is my favorite.

          • If you watch the flashback for Rosalie in Eclipse it does let you know that she regrets the fact she will never have a child. In the book also.

  5. As a big fan of the books, I don’t mind the changes done in Breaking Dawn. I actually really love the movie, best out of all of them IMO. After my disappointment with the first film, I’ve come to terms with the fact the movies will be different from the books and I stopped re-reading each book before their respective movie came out. I’d realize I couldn’t even try to enjoy the movies, for what they were, adaptations, if I had everything that happened in the book in my mind.

    That being said, I don’t mind the changes Bill and Melissa made. Irina being at the wedding helped paved the way for the last movie, she wasn’t mentioned in the other two, we fans would under who she was and why she becomes an adversary if Bill left her out but things still have to connect for movie watchers so it made sense. And the fight with the wolves I thought was a treat. We never ever see the Cullens and the wolf pack get in a real tussle with one another so it was a nice treat,

  6. I had no problems with the added material in BD. The showdown at the end could very plausibly have happened since it would have been offscreen in the book. Irina at the wedding and storming off was an efficient way of setting up the future conflict. I have a feeling they have changed the reason for Irina going to the Volturi upon seeing Renesmee. There was no mention of immortal children in part 1, so I think Irina is outcast by the Denalis, takes off to Europe, runs into the new French vampires and plots to destroy the wolves. They form a plan and go to the Volturi with it.
    We also know there was an Edward in Denali, Alaska scene filmed. How might that fit in?

    I do wish they had kept the Jacob-Rosalie banter in, but it may have been see as being too offensive to blondes or could have easily come off onscreen as cheesy. However, the wedding speeches were spot on and really made this fantastical wedding seem very real as such moments happen at every wedding.

    The hilarious Volturi scene in the credits is intentionally vague. “They have something I want” could refer to Bella or Renesmee (if they have changed the reason for Irina going to the Volturi and what was delivered was a double birth announcement.) but not in my opinion Alice. That Aro wants Alice and Edward was mentioned in Eclipse so why go back to that after the events of part 1?

  7. Looking at the fact that there may still be people out there who have never read the books, adding the scene with Irina into the wedding wasn’t such a bad idea. It does set wheels in motion for part two and what we all know is coming and that was wise on the part of the director and screen writer. I will agree that the filler parts of the movie were way to rushed and really wish they would have made the movie longer so it wouldn’t have been that way. The part with the wolves attacking, we don’t know that it didn’t happen, because at that time in the books we were reading the part while Bella was burning. There were some snips of conversation she caught once she was starting to really under go the change with Carlisle and Edward in regard to what was going on with Jacob, though Bella didn’t catch much because only Edward was doing the talking, listening to what Carlisle was saying mentally, I think that was the way.

    Those of us who have read the books knows that at some point a truce was made with Sam’s pack and the Cullen’s so at least in my thoughts this worked fairly well. Also with the fight at first I was against the whole idea that One of the wolves would have pinned down Alice, but given the fact that they hadn’t fed in a long while then that all sort of clicked into place.

    Movies never going to be as good as the books but I enjoyed this one, not so much the Wolves in Telepathy moment, I think they could have done better on that part by far, again the word rush comes to mind but it’s a good start, just hope they will make the second one longer and not rush so much of the minor scenes.

  8. I agree with Aro wanting Alice. He’s interested in Bella and what she might have become as a vampire, but wanted the future visions of Alice and that is part of the reason she left.

    I felt that BD 1 was not rushed exactly, but moved along faster than it needed to. To me some scenes could have been a little longer to give more depth. It is missing the Rosalie and Jacob banter. Edward fixing her breakfast on honeymoon is missing. The Bella Rosalie relationship wasn’t given enough time either. The before car and telling Charlie not being in the movie was fine.

    Bill Condon has said that current running time for BD2 is under 2hrs cut from initial 2:15 I think he said, I hope it doesn’t have the same lack of depth as BD1.

    Understand the need of Irina at the wedding and thought that played well, except for their looks – kind of weird not so beautiful. The wolves talking worked ok for me. It was a little strange with them suddenly popping up fully clothed, but we don’t need to use screen time for them to get dressed. A lot of the wolf talk in the book was covered with them human, which worked ok. Jacob’s ‘dream’ sequence of Charlie looking at Bella in coffin was not necessary.

    Sam’s pack surrounding the house and the chase/fight scene was a bit too far departure from the book. The fight after Nessie was born even further departure – especially Edward being there. He did not leave her side during the transformation. A departure from the books, but did add some tension for only movie goers.

    Did these departures from the book spoil the movie? not for me. They are two different mediums and not everyone seeing the movie reads the books. To me it was the closest to the book so far. They did very well with the birth scene and the imprinting and transformation in my opinion. I hope to see it again today for my third viewing.

    For BD 2 I am concerned about the addition of the French coven and decrease of Amazon coven. Especially concerned about sticking to the end of the book for BD 2. There is the fight training and Kate & Tanya do make move to fight but they are stopped. There is no physical confrontation between the Cullen side and the Volturi side. It is a courtroom drama (or chess game) between two mind readers. No one besides Irina should die.

  9. CullenCoven says:

    This movie was not made for people who haven’t read the books. I took my one friend who hasn’t read the books to see the movie and half-way through she turned to me and said, “What the hell is wrong with this movie!?” This movie was made for the fans, who love the movie. Who gives a crap what critics say? I enjoyed it, and no one can sway me.

    So all you critics need to shut up and enjoy the movie. If you didn’t, don’t ruin it for the fans. Keep it to yourself.

  10. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    As a screenwriter and a novelist, I can honestly say that books and movies are different beasts, and have to be handled in different ways. I have NEVER seen nor heard of a book to movie adaptation where the movie was made exactly like the book. Even Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia of which are regarded as some of the greatest novels this century had major changes, when adapted to film. Books are books… Movies are movies.
    Every single change that is made when adapting from book to screen is a conscious decision. Sometimes it works well, as it did for Jurassic Park, and sometimes it flaunders like the changes that were made for Blood & Chocolate.
    What fans need to understand is that the film makers aren’t trying to create the book on screen, but create a good movie…if possible. Time constrants are always a huge issue, as most films can’t be over 2.5 hours max. Sometimes movies like LotR can get away with 3hrs, but only because Peter Jackson had to fight tooth and claw to get it that way.

    I will be honest, I don’t want to see an exact adaptation of a book to movie. If I want the book, I’ll read the book. When I want to see the movie… I want to see the movie.

    In regards to the changes and such with the Twilight Saga, other than a few minor complaints (Summit’s meager budgets with the first films), I think Summit has accomplished a pretty decent job, especially as most other studios would have altered the story beyond recognition. Summit has tried to stay true to the books and structure of those books as much as possible. Nitpicking about minor…MINOR details is absurd, as they nailed the plot of Breaking Dawn, and got all the important information in a timely manor.

  11. Chela Madison says:

    I disagree with the movie feeling rushed. I keep seeing that comment on a lot of fansites, but I just don’t get it I guess. I respect other people’s opinions, I just don’t see it. I didn’t find the Jacob/Rosalie banter in Breaking Dawn to be all that funny (I guess blonde jokes just aren’t my thing), and I really feel like it’s ok that we didn’t see Edward make Bella breakfast (these seem to be common missing scenes that fans were bummed about). Many critics of the movie (now I don’t mean professional critics, we already ignore them hahaha) thought the honeymoon was too long (they thought Bella remembering her night with Edward, and Bella’s looking in the mirror and coming to terms with her pregnancy were unnecessary. I for one loved those bits). People also thought the montage was too long (the montage was one of my favorite moments, it was so bittersweet). I don’t know, I just feel like, even as a huge book fan, I understand the the movie is supposed to move forward and flow. Some of the little scenes we love are going to have to be lost to better serve the overall movie. I also think it was necessary to have Irina at the wedding. Had she not been there, it wouldn’t make sense why she would betray the Cullens and tell the Volturi about Renesmee.

  12. Christina says:

    I always really enjoy Laura’s articles. I don’t mind the changes, though I do wish the movie had been longer. I feel that the producers feel that they need to make each movie as short as possible to hold our presumably brief attention spans…when in reality I think the fans would prefer to see a longer, more thorough movie even if it does drag a bit than a frenetic movie. I do agree that the movie seemed extremely fast paced, and not for the better. But I don’t have a problem with the changes. To me, they seemed fairly minor.

  13. Christina says:

    P.S. Just wanted to add that I also felt as though Bella’s transformation was EXTREMELY rushed, and the CGI bit where they are showing her veins and the effects of the venom was contrived and unfortunately very cheesy. 🙁

    • Chela Madison says:

      Thanks for your comment. I was just commenting above about the fact that I didn’t feel the movie was rushed. I’m wondering what you would have preferred in terms of a slower transformation of Bella? They showed the Cullens cleaning Bella, we saw her in her dress, we watched her skin turn flawless and her muscles “inflate”, we watched her lips turn a lovely pink, they showed everyone sitting and waiting for her, they showed a twilight montage, we heard her heartbeat slow down and stop…I guess it’s just hard for me to see what else they could have done with that scene time wise. In terms of your comment about showing the venom I know plenty of people weren’t fans of it, and I was pretty neutral, I wasn’t really sure (and I’m still not) what I think about it. Thanks in advanced for reading and responding (you or anyone!) =)

      • I personally think that the transformation scene was done the best way possible, we can see exactly what bella describes in the book, the burning pain, and how the venom was working inside her body, this scene was absolutely necessary for the people who haven’t read the books, I was anxious to see how they were going to portray it, and I think they did well!

  14. Twilight9009 says:

    I will start off by saying that I adore the books, and Breaking Dawn is my favorite of the series. I read them all before watching the movies. That being said, I never once went into the theater expecting one of the movies to be EXACTLY like the novels. It isn’t possible. If anybody thinks they are ever going to follow any novel word for word, scene for scene, they are wasting their money paying to see the film. It was the same for all of the Harry Potter movies. If you don’t want to see any changes, don’t watch the movies, and stick to reading the books.

  15. Twilight9009 says:

    The simple truth is no movie will ever follow a novel word for word, scene for scene. If that were the case, there would be no reason to write a screenplay at all. There are always going to be scenes in books that will not work for a movie. If anybody goes into a theater thinking they are going to see the exact same story that they read, they are wasting their time and money.

  16. Actually Alice is present when Bella gives birth to Renesmee, she is the one to get Carlisle on the phone, to later help get Rosalie out of the room. She doesn’t participate during the birth, but she’s still present in the house.

  17. Great film except for the part at the beginning when it started and also ALL of the scenes after that until it reached the ending and the credits rolled. I had trouble with THAT portion of the film. Basically about 117 minutes of it. Other then that… It was NEAT. Watch The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Online

    • strawberryfields says:

      Wow. Your ‘sense of humour’ is really quite lame. What are you even doing at a website with the word “twilight” in it if you’re so apparently anti-Twilight? Get a life.

      • Haters gotta hate. They can’t seem to help themselves.

        Makes you wonder why they’re so threatened by a book franchise that they would FORCE themselves to go to a fan site and actually post a comment…

        Isn’t there some medicine for that??


  18. Yes I noticed this point. Also there was no standoff with the wolves at the end. They also had to add Edward telling Bella about his rebellion in the beginning, because it wasn’t addressed in previous movies. Overall though I really loved the movie.

  19. See, this is why I choose not to read the book before the movie is released to have minor detail expectations and be disappointed. Things like Bella’a car, Edward and Bella’a moment in her room, Rosalie and Jacob’s bickering would be deleted or extended scenes if it was up to me. And if they’re filmed at all, we should be grateful because that would be a fan request than a necessity for the film. Notice it is not called Breaking Dawn: The Movie or Eclipse: The Movie, it is instead called The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn or The Twilight Saga: Eclipse all with the credit line: BASED ON THE NOVEL BY STEPHANIE MEYER, which to me means “heavily based and excerpted with major plot points” but not the entire book otherwise it’s not really an adaptation. There isn’t someone here could that could tell me that a major plot point in any film wasn’t adapted..because there isn’t. Instead we got plot points and additions that were in the books but werent seen. Example: the fight in Eclipse. It happened, but it wasn’t seen by Bella, but does it mean it didnt happen? No. Another example: wolves attacking the Cullens as they were hunting. Bella definitely didn’t see it so it could happened off page.

    One other example: part 2. Supposedly, there will be action sequences in the next film, but in the book (or the second half anyway) there wasn’t a action sequence to be found and instead was a tense standoff. What would you rather take? A tense standoff of them staring at each other like the first film or a battle sequence like the one in Eclipse?? Let’s be real.

    I’m not gonna nitpick at every little detail of what was there and what wasn’t because in a year, this will be over. No more twilight films in which I will be grateful to have the ones we have now. Grateful for the moments that were there and I got to enjoy them. At one point no one wanted to adapt these books, so I’m glad someone did and I will accept any changes or additions they make as long as the key points are addressed which so far, they achieved and more. Especially when SM had more say on Breaking Dawn…

  20. Kristin H. says:

    I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I wish Mr. Condon could re-do Twilight and Eclipse (I have no qualms with New Moon, very well done). I was actually relieved it was explained briefly on Irina’s prescense and her internal battle. The wedding gown, the comic relief, the fight scenes — nope, wouldn’t want anything to change about this movie. By far, it is my favorite one yet.

  21. Well, I for one loved the movie. The added parts were terrific and in some cases needed. I especially enjoyed the toasts at the reception. Yes there was some weirdness, like the wolf telepathy, but I don’t think it distracted from the overall film. I think Aro was talking about Alice, Edward and Bella. In NM, he specifically mentioned that Bella would make for an intriguing immortal, in other words he had a very good sense of what talent/gift she would have and how that would benefit him as a collector and also in making his coven more invincible. I read the books before I ever saw the first movie and it’s a good thing because that movie is my least favorite. The added “spider monkey” scene is so lame that I laughed out loud after I got over being incredulous that it was in there. Fortunately MR was more true to the books for the next three (and hopefully four) movies. Let’s all just enjoy the movies and be grateful that they were made. There aren’t alot of movies to see that don’t include gratuitous sex, violence or language and I look forward to Hollywood getting that message. Take care every one.

  22. Don’t be vicious just my pov, I don’t attack anyone here with regards to their comments regardless if I agree or not….cuz I don’t stalk Rob across the globe don’t make me less a fan…. I just didn’t appreciate it how certain scenes were added and in my pov rushed. No need to be nasty, learn some manners..

  23. Don’t be vicious just my pov, I don’t attack anyone here with regards to their comments regardless if I agree or not….cuz I don’t follow Rob across the globe don’t make me less a fan…. I just didn’t appreciate it how certain scenes were added and in my pov rushed. No need to be nasty, learn some manners..

  24. twilight_fan says:

    it comes down to the PLOT of the story and what they need and what they dont. Personally I thought it was a great movie! And can’t wait til the DVD comes out!

  25. I personally think the movies would be boring if they went page for page, detail to detail. Those movies would be 3 hoes minimum. I don’t think I could sit thru that. So if thy could wrap it up in a 1 1/2 hour-2hours, fine by me.

  26. I personally think the movies would be boring if they went page for page, detail to detail. Those movies would be 3 hours minimum. I don’t think I could sit thru that. So if thy could wrap it up in a 1 1/2 hour-2hours, fine by me.

  27. My hobby is to read books and watch the movies, in turn comparing what I saw in my mind to what someone else’s idea was. I think its so much fun! It’s a game to me. It’s all entertainment and that’s what we all should be receiving from the books and the movies. I’m never disappointed in a movie because that was someone else’s view of the book, and I find that so interesting. Maybe some of you should try it with other books and see how others interpret what you’ve read…such as The Help, Water for Elephants, Sarah’s Key, The Time Traveler’s Wife, ect. Enjoy the entertainment value. It will make you a much happier audience member.

  28. My hobby is to read books and watch the movies, in turn comparing what I saw in my mind to what someone else’s idea was. I think its so much fun! It’s a game to me. It’s all entertainment and that’s what we should all be receiving from the books and the movies. I’m never disappointed in a movie because that was someone else’s view of the book, and I find that so interesting. Maybe some of you should try it with other books and see how others interpret what you’ve read…such as The Help, Water for Elephants, Sarah’s Key, The Time Traveler’s Wife, ect. Enjoy the entertainment value. It will make you a much happier audience member.

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