Team Jack Podcast: Haters Gonna Hate

Jack Morrissey and his fellow podcasters talk about the critical reception of Breaking Dawn. It’s one of the more interesting reviewers of reviewer stance on hating because it’s easy. Really quality stuff that is well worth the listen, but PLEASE read the warning below!

Warning, strong language throughout and the beginning advertizement (roughly three minutes) is for Kevin Smith’s (the sponsor of the podcast) podcast and appearances it’s filled with very Rated-R double entendres. Skip the first three minutes!

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  1. They’ve got it right: the nastiest haters tend to be straight white male sci-fi/fantasy fans.

    As someone who fits that demographic and is also a Twilight fan, I should explain that many straight males are terrified of being deemed effeminate. So if teen girls and soccer moms are especially likely to be a fan of a franchise that also happens to be on their male geek “turf” (vampires/werewolves) it threatens their fragile masculine identity. For a lot of male sci-fi/fantasy geeks merely dissociating themselves from that franchise and its fandom isn’t enough; they feel compelled to rant about the Twilight Saga, drive down its ratings on sites like IMDB, troll fan sites, destroy copies of books etc. lest they be sucked into its testosterone-draining vortex.

    This crazen, frenzied fear of being deemed effeminate by fellow straight males can turn ordinary men into raving homophobes/misogynists/femiphobes. I’ve seen many times on various websites any male who admits to liking the movies or even not sufficiently hating them being told that they have to turn in their gonads or man card, or that they must be closet cases. The more restrained femiphobic Twi-haters might parrot the sociopolitical critique of Twilight or ignorant complaints about alleged violations of ‘vampire rules’ but often their rhetoric is so shallow and rote I suspect that their real motivation lies elsewhere.

    The funny thing is that certain macho action movies like 300 are way more homoerotic – not that there’s anything wrong with that – than anything in Twilight. Another incongruity is that Breaking Dawn Part One is made out of stronger stuff – more psychologically harrowing, including real body horror – than some of the vampire movies championed by Twi-haters. Twilight fans of all genders and orientations know that Twilight rules and that the haters once again fail.

    • Well said. I know a male fan (who is single) who is currently trying to hunt down a female friend to go with because he doesn’t want to get made fun of. I actually went to see the film today and there was a guy sitting alone in front of us who had a baseball cap pulled down over his face and he waited until the theater had mostly cleared to leave. Even as a female, I’m starting to notice a bit of hate mongering directed at people in my age group (30+) because not only is there a perception that the fanbase is largely female, but that’s it’s also largely teen or pre-teen. Those of us who aren’t are seen as horny cougars. I’m offended by that idea just as much as male fans are by what is said about them. I am happily married, and I’m not drooling over Pattison or Lautner or anyone else. I just enjoyed the books and films. I love books and films in general, all types. Furthermore, I won’t even let my daughter read the books until she’s at least 16, or see the last movie.

      • i noticed a male fan in the theater and he was there by himself, he left before the movie was over. i think he was a fan

      • Those of us who aren’t are seen as horny cougars. I’m offended by that idea just as much as male fans are by what is said about them. I am happily married, and I’m not drooling over Pattison or Lautner or anyone else. I just enjoyed the books and films.

        This, so much! I’m 29, and I enjoy the story. I couldn’t care less about the actors (though the guy who plays Eleazar is really good-looking!); it’s the books that I love and I see the movies because it’s fun seeing the story play out onscreen. It has nothing to do with a crush on an actor way too young for me, or anything like that.

  2. I lilstened to the podcast and Jack and his friends made some valid points. I think the reason why “haters” are so quick to hate on Twilight,is because they only see what the media shows them. Meaning that each time a report on Twilight come up,only a certain group of fans is seen,which is mostly women between the ages of 12 and 40. That makes the hater dismiss the series as it being emo and only women like it. I’m glad there are so many guys who’ve read the series and gotten the story at the same time. If you only focus on the media reports,you’re not going to get the material underneath. It’s great to see the fans waiting for the movies to open,but that shouldn’t make someone not read the books,because they think it only fits a certain demographic.

  3. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    Well… I just want to announce, that I am a white male – sci/fantasy fan, and I went to see Breaking Dawn all by myself, and I didn’t even flinch or cower. 😛 I’ve never seen anything wrong with liking movies beyond explosions and beheadings. In fact I went to Barnes and Nobles yesterday to recover my long lost Twilight book (As a lousy attempt to get on a hot girl’s goodside, I loaned her my copy of Twilight as she had never read the book series before… she quit work and took Edward with her… Ugh… I know how you feel Jacob.) The cashier literally asked me, if I wanted a gift receit with the Twilight book. When I told her the book was for me… she looked at me like I’d lost my mind! I readily admit, that I suffer from a huge disease called, “I don’t care what people think! I like what I like!” 😛

    I guess a lot of males are afraid of admitting or watching anything that doesn’t involve large amounts of testosterone bombarding the screen. When I used to work at Blockbuster, ever single time another guy came up to me with a film like “The Notebook” or “Runnaway Bride” they would ALWAYS state, “This is for my wife”. I wanted to respond… “You know, I don’t really care. Watching Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock doesn’t turn you gay.”.. 😛

    Granted I like my share of uber action films, but honestly…

    • lol im totally gonna use that like ” I suffer fro a dieseas called i dont care what pple think , i like what i like ” and good point more guys should be like you and admit when they like something that many may oppose . maybe then society can change

  4. My thoughts exactly! Thanks for posting this comments. Wish haters read them, but I guess hating is easier.

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