Interview With Janelle Froehlich: Yvette of the French Coven

The ladies over at The Pattinson POst have a great interview with Janelle Froehlich who plays Yvette in the French Coven. Also see our interview below where we caught Melissa Rosenberg off guard and got her to talk about this new coven.

In our exclusive interview below, she talks about a variety of things, including what it was like to work with Robert Pattinson. She also shares a bit about the French Coven that she is part of with actor Amadou Ly. Neither of their characters were in the original Stephenie Meyer book, but were created for Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Pattinson Post: What led you to audition for Breaking Dawn? How did you find out you got the role?

Janelle Froehlich: This is an interesting story. I had just graduated with my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, and accepted a job offer to work as a therapist at a high school in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now, throughout graduate school in Los Angeles, I was also auditioning and working as an actor. But, I decided to move and pursue my career as a therapist – until I got the phone call. Two weeks before I was supposed to start my job, my acting manager called and asked me, “Do you still want to take that job in San Francisco? You’ve been booked on Breaking Dawn.” Needless to say, I hopped on a plane for filming in Baton Rouge, LA. In fact, my supervisor at the high school (where I would have worked) was a big fan of The Twilight Saga, and encouraged me to go for it!

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  1. WTH??? “French coven”?? Why create them when there were plenty of perfectly good existing characters in the book??? Damn you Melissa Rosenberg!

  2. Really, we needed to create MORE covens? REALLY?

  3. well actually something was reveal, It seems like Steph and Melissa colaborated to macke this new Coven, BOTH, get it?!

  4. Calvin Keenan says:

    Maybe there part of the Witnesses that the Volturi Bring to the field, and they have some more interaction.

  5. in the end scene there are, i think, 43 “witnesses” the volturi have brought with them. it is inferred that they have been gathered from all around the world as the volturi have traveled to forks. the book says they start murmuring amonst themselves. makenna and charles actually talked with aro and leave. so, while they aren’t identified as the “french coven” and probably aren’t – there are 43 vampires that the volturi gathered and that drift off when the outcome becomes apparent to them. any of those could be the french coven. i mean, they all had to come from somewhere. right? 🙂 given all that, why worry about them? they aren’t adding too many more characters. they are just adding depth to the hugh gathering already there!

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