Carolina Herrera Talks Behind the Scenes on the Wedding Dress With Glamour UK

Carolina Herrera talked to Glamour UK about being involved with the Bella’s Wedding Gown.

For months we were help in suspense waiting to find out what the Twilight wedding dress would look like – and we’ve finally seen the dress, and can now even buy the Alfred Angelo replica. But what was it like to land the coveted role of designing The Dress? And what was it like working with Kristen Stewart?

“In the initial fitting when Kristen put the dress on and looked in the mirror, she was very moved,” Carolina Herrera told Vogue in an interview. “In that moment she was not an actress or a character in a film, she was a bride, and a happy one at that.  It is always very important to make the bride happy, of course, and in this case I was delighted to do so.  It was a very special moment for both Kristen and the character of Bella to share.”

Most women will probably opt to get the more affordable version from Alfred Angelo, but you can get the upscale version (over $10,000) from Herrera.

Via KStewartNews

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