Why Hating on Twilight Is Getting Old

The Twilight News Site has a great editorial up on why hating on Twilight is just getting to be old, especially in light of it’s box office success. It has to have some appeal beyond the critics’ standard “well it’s great for 12-year-old girls” or it wouldn’t be dong this well. Let’s face it the Princess Diaries is aimed at 12-year-old girls and it didn’t do this well!

Thus, it’s quite difficult to see that all the hating has little, if any, objectively source based in reality. It seems more a matter of personal one-upmanship with all these critics trying to get on board the hate-wagon. Or, as Time magazine said, “Critics understand that no amount of bad press will be able to suck the blood out of a blockbuster franchise like Twilight. But that didn’t stop them from trying.”

I don’t know, but criticism based on pleasing your cynical friends, rather than a careful argument based on factual and experienced analysis, seems to be, um, self-indulgent, inappropriately unprofessional, and a disservice to the readers they claim to serve.

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  1. how in the hell are sex and marriage for 12 years old…YEAH THATS a real good example!!!

  2. people have different perspectives on how they deal with things and how they see things, but that would never stop them from expressing it, like me, I am a twi – hard, everytime I would see a whole bunch of comments from all those nasty haters who don’t know how to deal with “personal opinions,” it would always seem to be a slap on the face whenever you would see those. To me, it’s just a matter of respect and personal opinions. There is no such thing as haters really, just envious people, it’s not about hating it, it’s about being passionate about something. Sure you can “not like it” but hating it is a different thing, for all i know, hating something means you know it really well that you want to die rather than see it. It’s just sad especially for rob, kristen and taylor that they are affected by this, if they hate the fans for being so passionate to this whole series, then let them “don’t like us” but never on those twilight trio because really, they’re all just doing their jobs and they honestly deserve a lot more because they are all so incredible unique individuals. I hope that one day, people would realize all this. and besides, PEOPLE WHO WERE ABLE TO RECEIVE THE CHINESE GRAUMAN’S HONOR are all incredible people who deserve to leave a mark on hollywood. So just deal with it!

  3. people hate twilight because it is not that great of a series…it is clihe and shallow at best and the obesseive fangirls dont help…this is what makes twilight different from harry potter ,percy jackson and the hunger games.

    • then why are you here????? this is a FANSITE!!!

    • Brittany Jackson says


      • People, you don’t have to be a hater of the series to know that it’s mediocre at best. Yeah, they’re fun to read but they’re not masterpieces of literature or as great as so many people make them out to be. While I will go see the movies and am slightly fond of the books, even I know and understand why others don’t hold them in high respect. To see the books for what they are doesn’t make you a hater; it makes you a realist.

        • no one said it was pulitzer material. but you are being a straight out hater. maybe you should go to a site for HP or percy jackson. FYI percy jackson was a flop, big time!!

        • Yeah but when people come onto sites like this do they really expect every twilight fan on here to not say something like that? I mean this is a site to praise and follow the books and films, not criticise it. If that’s what they want to do then find another site which discusses the different issues which they don’t like or find cliche or whatever.
          I know why people don’t love them but I don’t understand it. I don’t have to, haters out there don’t want to know why we love it, let alone understand, I’ve met too many of them. Even though they’re not the best piece of literature to the rest of the world, they are good a goos story, with such well defined characters and history that nobody could criticise that aspect of it without recieving a comment defending it and it would be a strong argument, and just as that article title says, hating on twilight is getting old.
          I know where you are coming from though, I don’t mean this as a direct comment to you, believe me, I mean no harm 🙂

          • tbh i stopped reading Harry Potter after the fourth novel. i lost interest in the series and have seen the films only once. while i get the appeal and do think they are good movies. they are not my favorite. Twilight on the other hand while crisized for being bad literature and bad films, i love the books and the movies.

        • agreed, hating them makes you a hater.

          not a realist, which is what delusional people affectionately call themselves to sound cooler.

    • They come over here to get us to react like this…its what haters do – stir the pot up. Who cares who doesn’t like it.
      I will put all my positive energy into saying how much I love Breaking Dawn and these books and movies and how happy I am to be a part of something that is both so loved and hated at the same time. Brings a tear to my eye 🙂

    • OH MY!!! Why would you say that on this site where the love for “twilight” is shared by all?????
      I have been…17….a…..while, probably older than your grandma. l find the “twilight” saga so beautiful. It reminds me of an intriguing “Beauty & the Beast” theme with two innocent young people. How sad for you that you missed being touched by this. But you need to go on a site where you can join others who feel the way you do. “Twilightlexicon” is a “happy place” for thousands.

  4. Personally, I think people hate on Twilight because of the message it sends. There’s no doubt that Twilight has old fashioned values – abstinence, anti-abortion, strong family values, loyalty, old-fashioned romance where the man holds the door for the woman (and asks her father for permission before their first date), etc.

    In today’s modern society, I think some people feel threatened by that message that somehow because of a movie conveying those values, it may change things or result in society reverting back to those times.

    While Twilight isn’t going to win any oscars, it’s not “bad” writing by any means. Cliche, sure to a point, but that’s not a bad thing? There have been many other franchises that were just as cliche, that even had bad plots and worse acting (thankfully Twilight does NOT have that). So why aren’t those franchises hated upon?

    In my opinion, it’s all about the subject matter of Twilight that brings out the haters.

  5. People who hate on Twilight seem to know a lot about it,I think secretly the LOVE it!

  6. How to debunk a ‘vampire police’ type hater. (The vampire police: The haters who say “REAL vampires burn in sunlight, have fangs, don’t date high schoolers, can’t have children etc.”)

    – Ask them if Bram Stoker’s character Count Dracula burned in sunlight.

    Nope. He was less powerful – and hence more vulnerable – during the day, but he could walk around in the sun. Nor did Carmilla (lesbian vampire novella that predated Dracula) and Lord Ruthven (English literature’s first vampire) have a problem walking around in sunlight. In fact, vampires did not burn or become vaporized in sunlight until the film Nosferatu (1922).

    – Ask them if the vampires in Near Dark had fangs. Or The Hunger, Daughters of Darkness, Immortality, or a number of other films. Or Mr. Crepsley of the Saga of Darren Shan.

    No, they do not. Neither did some vampires of 19th century literature (Dracula and Carmilla do, however), nor did many folkloric vampires.

    – Ask them if ‘real’ vampires don’t date high schoolers, is Angel not a ‘real’ vampire?

    Buffy was a sixteen year old high school student when they first kissed.

    – If they insist that ‘real’ vampires can’t reproduce sexually, ask them if traditionally male vampires could have children with human women.

    Yes, in Balkan folklore there is even a name for such a hybrid: the dhampir.

    – If they claim that ‘real’ vampires can only get sustenance from human blood, not animal blood, ask them if Louis from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles is a ‘real’ vampire.

    In fact, folkloric vampires sometimes fed on livestock.

    – If they claim that ‘real’ vampires are beast-like predators (as in the movie 30 Days of Night, Blade II etc.) instead of beautiful (but in some case pale and cold to the touch) and interested in sex with humans, ask them if they have heard of Clarimonde (1836), Wake Not The Dead (1830), or The Bride of Corinth (1798).

    They almost certainly have not.

    • Excellent historical analysis! Addtitionally, anyone who has read Stephenie Meyers’ thoughts on these matters knows that she has spent extensive time creating a logical and extensive mythology to support every characteristic of the vampires in her story…from the infamous “sparkling” being due to their crystaline/marblesque make-up after the body undergoes the transformation to the idea that the venomous fluids in their body contains information about structural make-up, similar (and apparently compatible with) our DNA structure. It’s a different take on the mythology of an established fantasy,but as long as the premises within that world make sense, that is what matters!

    • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

      Thank you, Halek, for such a thorough history. I’m going to copy it for future reference. 🙂

    • Wow, can I use this? haha, it’s so true though, everything Stephenie wrote about was based on old folklore and stories. Can’t fault that amazing defense for the series. Amazing! So using this, if you don’t mind? xxx:)

      • Like other modern vampires of fiction, Twilight vampires certainly differ from vampires of folklore and older literature and are very much an original and unique creation. (The crystaline aspect, for example.) The funny thing is that the rules that the Vampire Police bash Twilight for not abiding by tend to be fairly recent inventions (incineration by sunlight) or at least not at all universal to vampire folklore, literature and cinema. It’s not unusual for a vampire movie or book to dismiss some common notion about vampires as a “myth.” But only Twilight really gets slammed for doing that. (Come to think of it, some people complained about Oldman’s Dracula walking during the day – like the character did in the book – because they were so used to movie vampires burning in the sun!)

        For example, the folkloric oupire of 18th c Eastern Europe was usually a recently deceased peasant, ruddy and bloated from blood, who menaced family members while still wearing his or her burial shroud. Not much like Lord Ruthven, Christopher Lee’s Dracula, Buffy vamps, Anne Rice vamps, Dusk Till Dawn or some other vampire type posited by Twi-haters to be a “real” vampire. And not much like Nosferatu’s Orlock, who many haters assume is an ultra-traditional vampire due to it being the oldest surviving vampire film. (Bram Stoker was influenced by the pseudoscience of physiognomy, rather older vampire literature, in giving Dracula atavistic – beastlike – facial features, which influenced Orlock.) My point is that Twilight vampires are no less or more “authentic” than those of any other vampire franchise. So the complaints of the Vampire Police are completely bogus.

        Not that the oupire are the only source of lore. There are other mythic creatures that have been associated with vampires – lamia, strigoi, revenants etc. And I thought it was quite clever of Meyer to relate the succubus/incubus to Twilight vamps. The concept of vampires evolved over the centuries, and keeps evolving.

  7. People just don’t get it, because they aren’t our age. They’re old hags who’ve never even read the books. Personally, I think Breaking Dawn was amazing. It was word-for-word and EXACTLY like the book. I’ll admit, the acting hasnt been too great the past few movies, but it was really good this time. It didn’t deserve those reviews.

  8. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    I liked how the author quoted several articles, including the article from Time by Erika Christakis. (As a sidenote, I posted that article on my Facebook page and was immediately lectured/scolded by a “family” member. Geesh!)

    The one quote that I particularly enjoyed from TNS is:

    “Bella endures a lot, to be sure, as do literally all of the women and men throughout the series. Everyone is in pain, one way or another. They suffer. Which is really fun to read about. We can relate.

    Yet Bella cures them all; the end. She finds a way, from clumsily stumbling through life, to on-the-path-to-perfection “immortality.” She helps the Cullens get over their hang-ups. She helps Charlie move on past his divorce. She helps the Wolfpack get beyond their bigotry and fear-based lifestyle. And she convinces the Volturi to acknowledge that they aren’t the arbiters of all truth as well as the dispensers of ultimate justice for everyone on the planet so, you know, chillax Volturi.”

    Yeah, chillax haters! 🙂

  9. The people who hate on Twilight are taking it far too seriously. I read and enjoyed Twilight my freshman year in high school because I could completely relate to Bella, feeling awkward and like she doesn’t belong. Sexy Edward Cullen also helped, but I digress. I was talking to my cousin who hasn’t read the books but enjoys the movies and she said that she like Twilight because it was a soap opera. There you have it. Its a teen supernatural soap opera that allows teenage girls an escape where boys care about your feelings and don’t pressure you to have sex.

  10. Haters are really frustrating if you don’t like something then don’t watch it, do or watch something you like. It gets on my nerves when people criticize this franchise because are all this people telling me that its better to watch jersey shore or teen mom where they give teenagers a bad example than twilight where it shows their fans about values and morals?

  11. Hating on the series had gotten old, yes, but the thing *I* find more annoying than the haters hating are these so-called fans who turn around and hate on others who like the series but don’t constantly fawn over it at this site. I feel like certain “fans” are a lot more verbally hostile compared to haters because I’ve never personally come across someone who has hated the series and been chewed out for liking it compared to being chewed out by “fans” for expressing my, sometimes negative, opinion, like not liking Jacob/the wolf pack or Kristen Stewart’s acting.

    • Tell me about it, Rebecca. If you post one negative thing here on the Lex (even if you’re a rabid fan) you get blasted by someone within 5 minutes as being a hater. It’s ridiculous. You can love the series and still see the faults in it. But I get attacked nearly every time I mention the least little thing that is negative. And I LOVE Twilight! I’ve written nearly 500,000 words of fan fictions with these characters. Chewing out other fans for expressing their opinion is NOT cool.

  12. brittany,
    you need to get a life of your own and stop stalking website so you can complain about something. WE like the series and the books, and frankly no one here cares what you think!!

  13. i dont get why HP fans are so threatened by twilight. for some reason it terrifies them that another series can capture the world’s attention.

  14. @Brittany Nicole Byrd

    Who do you think you are? You can’t talk to someone like that and think it is okay. We get it okay, you don’t like the films, but just because you don’t doesn’t mean you have to upset all the fans on this site that do by saying mean and snide comments about it and people on here.
    You call other people pathetic? You’re the one leaving mean comments on here not just about the film saga of the books but of another fan on here. That’s low.
    And since when can you see the future? Do you know for certain that twilight won’t continue to grow? You don’t exactly, nobody does, but I see people going into bookstores and buying their first copy of the books. So obvioulsy with that evidence it isn’t going to grow. **sarcasm** Harry Potter has had ten years, twilight has had six and the amount of fans that have joined the saga since the first book has grown and grown. I can’t say if it will continue, but hopefully it will, so, so called ‘fans’, can see how successful not just the books but the films are. I know a lot of people who watch the films and don’t read the books and they love the films to pieces. Obviously they’re doing something right.
    I must say for someone who says they have a life you spend a lot of your time sending hateful comments to other fans on here about the films. We get it, you don’t like the films, but we do.
    Oh, and your attack on the actors that ‘suck in any other role’, well, I’d love to see you do a performance as good as Kristen Stewart in these films, or any other female actress in the series. The twilight movie franchise started out with probably less money than what the Harry Potter one did yet look at how equally successful they are, you can say Harry Potter is more successful but you have to see that they had an extra four years on twilight, and for this franchise to be compared to the harry potter hype when just the first film came out shows that it’s done well and probably will continue to do well.
    Word of advice? If you didn’t like part one, don’t waste you money and see part two, the rest of us don’t want to hear more of your pathetic rants over the movie. Thanks.

  15. alwaysedward says

    I wrote this to another lexicon post and am copying/pasting it here because it saddens me that even fans now are qualifying liking Twilight with “it’s not good literature, etc.

    Frankly, I’m getting a little tired of even the fans now saying that the “even though the books are poorly written, etc, etc.” They are NOT poorly written! What does that even mean? They are books! And books are like beauty in the eye of the beholder. You like something or you don’t. I have read a lot of books, some labeled classics, some labeled trash ……. kids have to read Catcher in the Rye for school – personally, I hated the book, ….kids have to read Grapes of Wrath in school and hate it ….. I loved it when I read it in high school. I loved Jane Eyre but hated 1984, loved Hamlet but wasn’t impressed with Romeo and Juliet……that’s because there’s something in a book that we like that touches us personally that another book might not. I heard that Stephen King insulted Meyer’s writing. Funny…. when I was in eighth grade, I loved King’s books, esp Salem’s Lot and Firestarter. Now I’m 43. After I read that about King, I picked up one of his books in the grocery store and read the first chapter……. his writing was uninteresting to me now… truthfully, I’m a little tired of his foul language. So, all this to say….. we do not have to make even a qualifying statement of “even though they’re not classics” or the movies are not “oscar worthy”…… fact is, there is just something magical about the Twilight Series that reaches …… obviously……many many many women of all ages. That is NOT poorly written literature…. that is exactly what literature should do, good literature should do…… reach a person.

    • AMEN! Well said. 100% agree.

      • Exactly. The books are beautiful & timeless. The movies like all movies that are developed from a loved series of books try to do them justice & succeed on every turn. I am so thankful that they split Breaking Dawn into 2 movies….I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long to see it. Oh well I am readingy worn out copy again for the umpteen time!

      • Exactly. The books are beautiful & timeless. The movies like all movies that are developed from a loved series of books try to do them justice & succeed on every turn. I am so thankful that they split Breaking Dawn into 2 movies….I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long to see it. Oh well I am readingy worn out copy again for the umpteenth time

      • Exactly. The books are beautiful & timeless. The movies like all movies that are developed from a loved series of books try to do them justice & succeed on every turn. I am so thankful that they split Breaking Dawn into 2 movies. I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long to see it. Oh well I am readingy worn out copy again for the umpteenth time

      • Exactly. The books are beautiful & timeless. The movies like all movies that are developed from a loved series of books try to do them justice & succeed on every turn. I am so thankful that they split Breaking Dawn into 2 movies. I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long to see it. Oh well I am reading my worn out copy again for the umpteenth time.

    • Well said, always edward.

    • Excellent point, and I completely agree. I’m in a book club precisely for the fact that I not only enjoy discussing literature but also because it forces me to read books that I might not otherwise select for myself but, more often than not, I find to be enjoyable for multiple redeeming factors. I did not initially have an interest in reading the Twilight books. It’s not a genre I had ever read before, but after I saw the first movie the story and the characters intrigued me. I knew from experience that the books are typically far better and more descriptive than the movies, so I picked them up and devoured them! I’m 31 and love the story! I’ve also grown to really enjoy all the movies…and I wish critics would understand that the appeal does not lie in how well the film was made (although they have all improved on one another and are always entertaining!) but upon getting to visually experience a well-loved story. That, for it’s own sake, is what makes the films so successful. The fact that the acting was well done, the sets beautifully arranged, the music a perfect complement, the script a close adaptation and the directing excellent is all a delightful bonus…and it’s too bad that reviewers and haters alike cannot appreciate it for the unique phenomenon it is!

      • Well said Dawn.
        I love the way, people are reading again. The boost to our ecomomy and all the people who came together because of a book………..it doesn’t get better than that!!!

    • Katie McCort says

      Thank you so much for this comment! Beautifully said! Twilight has impacted my life so much and I’ve been attracted to it enough to connect the dots and see the brilliance in this story beyond that of a girl in love with a vampire, which the world commonly mistakes for the entire point of the saga. And the people who do say that it is bad literature and has no meaning, etc, are those who couldn’t relate or find any redeeming quality in the book, hence they were too apathetic to connect plot points and character traits and realize the beauty behind the surface story like the intimate study of human nature, the heavy concentration on faith (not religiously, in this story’s case, just more of humanity), the impact of earth-bound emotions, etc. And it’s a shame that their apathy then results in their ignorance, which then results in the fans’ annoyance because we are then chastised for caring enough to connect the dots. It disgusts me and we have all been dealing with it for years. But I totally agree with you. Literature is how you define it; it’s art. I hate it when people set standards on art. They are the people who believe everything they are taught in school; the people who sit in English class and follow every word on the board. Then, when they read a book, if there isn’t a description inserted here “where it should be”, if there isn’t a simile inserted here ‘where it should be’, then it’s automatically bad literature. But who is to judge? It’s a human creation, hence, humanity should be allowed to manipulate it which ever way they see fit. And obviously, a lot of people have loved the way that Stephenie Meyer has manipulated her art, regardless of the form it comes in (I can apply this same concept to Kristen Stewart, who I think gets a bad rep, too.) It makes me so mad. If it’s not your cup of tea, I understand, but when you spend large chunks of time criticizing those who dared to passionately connect to a piece of art that you didn’t get, then I start getting upset. Sorry for the rant and thank you so much for your comment. It made my week.

  16. I *LOVE* all of the negative posts on this thread. I’m going to be laughing for hours. People coming to a Twilight fansite to criticize Twilight. What do you think you’re achieving? Are you seriously that bored? Or do you seriously believe that by insulting something these people love, they are going to be SO impressed with your intelligence that they’ll realize the error of their ways and worship the ground you walk on for the rest of your life?

    It’s like a Baptist walking into a Catholic church and trying to convince all of the nuns that they’re wrong, lol. No one here will ever agree with you. What, exactly, are you trying to achieve?

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I get that you don’t like Twilight. Fine, that’s within your rights. I don’t like LOTR, but I do respect that some people do like it, and that’s certainly within their rights, as well. I don’t feel the need to go to LOTR websites and insult people for enjoying what they love. I don’t get LOTR, but it’s certainly never fired me up to the point where I hate it. I couldn’t care less about it, either way, but obviously people who are all fired up about Twilight enough to come to Twilight fansites and post about why they hate it are fired up for a reason. What’s that reason? BECAUSE THEY FEEL THREATENED BY IT.

    That’s right, they’re afraid of it. So, to you fans let me tell you this: THE FACT THAT TWILIGHT IS POPULAR DOES NOT, IN ANY WAY, AFFECT THE VALUE OF HARRY POTTER, LORD OF THE RINGS, STAR WARS, STAR TREK, OR WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU LOVE. Those series are just as valuable as they ever were, and nothing about Twilight has taken anything that you love away from those stories. Twilight does not seek to take away all that you hold dear. Twilight will not warp society. The world as you know it is not over. Life will go on. In fact, it’s important that people care for things that you do not – if everyone in the world were exactly alike, if we all acted the same, loved the same things, and wanted the same things, the world would be a pretty darned boring place, don’t you think?

    • Joshua L. Roberts says

      LotR people being threatened by Twilight is about as likely to happen as James Cameron’s Avatar being threatened by an MTV movie. It ain’t going to happen.

      Lord of the Rings is regarded one of last century’s greatest literary works, and the films are held both critically, thematically, and financially as some of the most viable and productive film franchises to ever hit the big screen. So I strongly doubt that any LotR or Harry Potter fan would be threatened by Twilight.

      Please understand, FANatics, no matter the series, have always gotten negative feedback from the greater majority of the world. Long before Twilighters whined about being hated on, people were making fun of Trekies and Star Wars crazies… The HUGE difference between these fans and some Twilight fans, is that they went a long with the gang saying, revelled in their nerdness and made it cool.

      Many Twilight fans transform into rabid critters at the slightest anti-Twilight remark, no matter the context. This feeds the anti-Twilight fuel. When fans act like fools, you’re not going to get good vibes. When fans tear down every single critic who didn’t give the movies 4 stars, or when fans trash other successful writers who gave their honest opinions about the books… guess what people are going react negatively.

      In all honestly, the over all majority of Twilight fans are wonderful fun-to-be-around people, and it is up to us, to stand out and condemn the mental cases, and just have fun with it.

      Twilight isn’t life… it’s entertainment.

      • Hi Joshua!! You write with a silver pen…..or keyboard. Well said. I wish everyone could read what you wrote. I love twilight and I own it. I am 67 and I have been 17…..a……while ( a long while) Thanks for this Joshua…………hope some fan listen.

      • Joshua,

        I was a bit steamed when I wrote that post (more on that in a minute), so I’m hoping that my point came across better than I’m afraid it did. (I apologize if it didn’t.) I’m completely with you all the way . . . just on the other side of the coin. (Don’t worry, it’s the same coin.)

        I am not just a Twilight fan, I am also a Harry Potter fan who has learned not to associate with a lot of Harry Potter fans because I get flamed for liking Twilight. I can get to know fellow HP fans online, have some great conversations with them, and the minute someone says something about Twilight (last Friday I just mentioned that I was going to the movies-I didn’t even say which one), suddenly the flame throwers come out. Within minutes I was getting, “I can’t believe that you like that” and “I thought you were intelligent.” Needless to say, I’m not associating with them anymore. So, I come here, to a Twilight site, thinking that I’ll at least be safe here, and suddenly I’m in the midst of a bunch of people complaining about Twilight here . . . in a thread about how hating Twilight is getting old. Where in the heck am I supposed to go where liking Twilight isn’t illegal? Is there a safe place left on the planet? My Twilight books and my Harry Potter books get along just fine. They sit side by side on the same shelf of my bookcase, and never once have I heard them insulting each other or trying to knock each other onto the floor.

        Now, I have to admit that most of the HP fans I’ve spoken to are younger than I am, and that probably has something to do with it (my fault for talking to people who are – quite often, and I hate to admit it – half my age), but I am trying to understand why so many HP fans (unprovoked) have just randomly lashed out at me. I’m sure they’re tired of people lashing out at them, but I’m not one of those people, and I do not associate with those people. The only explanation that I can come up with is that they (the HP fans) are threatened. AND I AGREE – IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. Granted, the people that are making it so difficult for me to participate in any fandom other than Twilight are probably very young fans, and, being younger, don’t realize that having other people paying attention to Twilight doesn’t make Harry Potter “uncool,” or whatever it is that bothers them. But it’s the only possible explanation that I can come up with for why I feel like I’m being stalked around the Internet by them. And I can’t imagine that any mature adult would be trolling around Twilight boards posting things about how stupid Twilight is, so it must be that the youngsters are threatened. (You know the old scenario of how teenagers often obsess about their own popularity in school and hate anyone else who may be taking their place? – same thing.) If anyone can come up with another explanation (and I’m serious here, no sarcasm), I’m genuinely curious.

        I’m a Star Wars lover, too. (Yes, I was around when some of the original trilogy was released.) My older brother is a big fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek, but he never had to deal with this kind of animosity back in the day. Of course, that was YEARS before the Internet . . .

        “In all honestly, the over all majority of Twilight fans are wonderful fun-to-be-around people, and it is up to us, to stand out and condemn the mental cases, and just have fun with it.”

        You have no clue how much that made my day. You are honestly the first person I’ve ever heard express anything even close to that sentiment. THANK YOU!!

        And, exactly, it’s all just fiction. Enjoy it, have fun with it, but realize that it’s just something that’s useful to take our minds off the pressures of real life. It’s just a vacation, so to speak, and a place to let your imagination play. So people, quit peeing in someone else’s sandbox, lol.

  17. Samantha Vance says

    k I admit that when Twilight first came out it also appeared to the younger generations as 12 yrs .. then new moon came and it still shot for that but once it hit eclipse and breaking dawn, it no longer appears to all audiences.. I find that the rating it was given was underrated and would not have been the rating i’d give… however as many have already listed here… the Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn has alot of mature content in it and should have been rated pg 14 instead of pg…… the critics that are trying to go with the hate on twilight should keep it to themselves as it is a big blockbuster seller…. I may not agree with everything that summit entertainment has done with the franchise but i still enjoy it none-the-less..

  18. Honestly what I really think is funny is the amount of time spent talking about Bella not being a good role model or the movies and books sending a bad message….its fiction. We have real people on tv that young people watch on reality tv that are horrible role models. Paris Hilton, Kim K. all the Jersey Shore kids…seriously? Go find a cause that is worth fighting because picking apart a fantasy series is really pathetic.

  19. Joshua L. Roberts says

    I’ve never seen negative criticism and those that give it as haters. They have a strong opinion, and while some of it might be a bit over the top, it isn’t any different than the over the top antics of some of the folks that treat Twilight like it is the greatest thing to happen since the invention of the grilled cheese sandwhich.

    People have opinions, and like them or hate them, they are opinions. And in truth, that is all a reviewer is giving, take it or leave it. Most reviewers have been giving the Twilight Saga bad reviews, not because they simply hate Twilight (while I’m sure there are a few more dubious ones that did just that), but because of areas where the story fell flat, or simply didn’t work on screen. They base their responses upon years of strict story analysis, however in the end, what they say doesn’t mean anything, as it has never hindered the box office success of any movie franchice… The Transformers series is proof of that.

    Real movie reviewers are looking for the following criteria: Understandability, character deminsions, story structure, relatability, narrative flow, acting, effects (only applies to movies with special effects), and over all performance.

    Now what I don’t understand is, why so many Twilighters get all up in arms when somebody doesn’t like the movies, as many Twilighters, including myself have left the theater a bit underwhelmed. While this didn’t stop me from enjoying the films over all… I wouldn’t give any of them an Oscar… 😛

    And to answer your question Melanie… Just because a movie makes a ton of money doesn’t mean it’s quality… Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was one of the highest grossing movies of 2009, and was quite possibly one of the worse movies in history.

  20. Ye of little faith…………..We all knew it would knock their socks off at the box office.
    There is nothing more loyal than a “twilight” fan. Then throw in the devoted, talented actors, directors and author, it just doesn’t get any better. The “haters” are out there squirming. They really missed out being a part of the wonderful closure of the generation gap. As for oscar’s and critics……..they are not interested in what warms the hearts of fans…..worldwide. I’m 67 and went to my fiirst premier in my lifetime, “Breaking Dawn 1” It was on my “Bucket List”. I lived through all the Elvis & Beetles and James Dean…….I have never seen such passion as I see with the “twilight” fans. I also met Robert, Kristen and Peter………they are so grounded and wonderful, also appreciative of all this has brought to them . Like I said, I have seen it all. Thanks to these wonderful people who made this beautiful love story come to life for all of us. When in this modern day world, they gave us much hope and an escape to a “happy place” Happy Thanksgiving………..I am off to spend time with family and then off to see “Breaking Dawn 1” again and again..

  21. Hey Brittany…THIS IS A FANSITE…(now follow this closely ) You are not a fan. Do you understand hon? FAN-SITE…Are you lost ? Ignorant? The Lexicon is a place where FANS of Twilight are welcome. You are not. Now run along and find something that YOU LIKE..(good luck with that…)…poor thing

    • Joshua L. Roberts says

      Franki… Brittany was just correcting a bit of incorrect and incoherent reasoning. In no way was she insulting Breaking Dawn.

  22. I am a fan of the books but was very disappointed in BD, Part 1. I kept hearing over and over that this was going to be the most faithful adaptation of the book to film, But the two best parts of the film, the wedding toasts and the fight between the wolf pack and the Cullens did NOT take place in the book.; nor was the scene with the Volturi during the closing credits, etc. Okay, since they weren’t going to follow the book exactly, why not flip between parts of 1 & 2 to keep the action going? If Bill Condon is as great a director as they say, I’m sure he could have figured out a way to accomplish this without it being cheesy.
    I expect BD, Part 2 to be better because the second half of the book was more exciting; in fact, it was a nail biter!
    As for the comments, ‘If it’s bad why did it gross over 130 million?’…are you serious? Do you think you can go to the box office and ask for a refund when a movie stinks? I wonder what BD, Part 1 would have made, if that were the case.

    • faithful adaptation does NOT mean every single word from the book word for word!! i thought the wedding toasts were fabulous. emmett’s toast is a great way to set up his digs at bella over her sexlife and the armwrestling match!! bill condon did a spectacular job!!

    • @Becky,

      I’m the direct opposite of you. I did not care for Breaking Dawn (the book) at all. It was my least favorite, evidenced in the fact that I could only stomach reading it once. I think that SM lost touch with her own story and characters in this book. The plot line was contrived and somewhat implausible, even for a fantasy story.

      I actually praise Condon/Rosenberg for improving on the book this go around. I liked the movie version much better.

      Gone: Emo Edward who sulked in the floor at Bella’s feet for waaaay too many pages of the book.
      Gone: Psychopathic baby-stealer Rosalie who didn’t give one fig about Bella…only the baby she was carrying
      Gone: The Cullens eyeing each other with suspicion and fear and afraid to take any action to help Bella.
      Gone: The tiresome bitterness and immaturity of Book Jacob. I actually liked Movie Jacob much better
      Gone: That “pedophilish” feeling some got when Jacob imprinted on a newborn infant. (Condon presented that so well that it ended up being a beautiful scene in the movie.)

      So, for those of us grossly unhappy with the book, this movie was a vast improvement.

      • i agree. i liked the book but i thought the movie was amazing. to see edward’s fear rather than him sulking was a nice addition

      • OTB – I agree with you. For the longest time, I was convinced that BD was actually *unfilmable* (the main reason being the whole “imprinting on a baby” thing, but also the sex&bruises and pregnancy&violence and “Renesmee” – seriously?). I absolutely give props to Condon and Rosenberg for improving on the source material, and I look forward to BD2 (especially Lee Pace as Garrett – yum!)

      • OTB – I agree with you. For the longest time, I was convinced that BD was actually *unfilmable* (the main reason being the whole “imprinting on a baby” thing, but also the sex and bruises, monster pregnancy,and “Renesmee” – seriously?). I absolutely give props to Condon and Rosenberg for improving on the source material, and I look forward to BD2.

      • OTB – I agree with you. For the longest time, I was convinced that BD was actually *unfilmable* (the main reason being the whole “imprinting on a baby” thing, but also the sex and bruises, monster pregnancy and “Renesmee” – seriously?). I absolutely give props to Condon and Rosenberg for improving on the source material, and I look forward to BD2.

      • OTB – I agree with you. For the longest time, I was convinced that BD was actually unfilmable (the main reason being the whole “imprinting on a baby” thing, but also the sex and bruises, monster pregnancy and “Renesmee” – seriously?). I absolutely give props to Condon and Rosenberg for improving on the source material, and I look forward to BD2.

      • I agree with you. For the longest time, I was convinced that BD was actually unfilmable (the main reason being the whole “imprinting on a baby” thing, but also the sex and bruises, monster pregnancy and “Renesmee” – seriously?). I absolutely give props to Condon and Rosenberg for improving on the source material, and I look forward to BD2.

      • I agree with you. For the longest time, I was convinced that BD was actually unfilmable (the main reason being the whole “imprinting on a baby” thing, but also the honeymoon and bruises, monster pregnancy and “Renesmee” – seriously?). I absolutely give props to Condon and Rosenberg for improving on the source material, and I look forward to BD2.

      • I agree with you. For the longest time, I was convinced that BD was actually unfilmable (the main reason being the whole “imprinting on a baby” thing, but also the honeymoon and bruises, monster pregnancy and “Renesmee” – seriously?). I absolutely give props to Condon and Rosenberg for improving on the source material, and I look forward to part 2!

      • Wow, I’m so sorry for all those posts! Kept getting a message on my iPhone that my post had been declined! Mods/site editors, if you are out there, feel free to delete the duplicates.

  23. Another thing haters overlook is the vast wealth of knowledge on past history,that the Twilight series has. By looking into the backstory of the characters,we’re transported to whatever time line the character takes us to. We could be in the 1930s with Rosalie or during the Civil War with Jasper. So coupled with the mythology aspects that we like about the series,there’s so much more to it than it being “a silly teen” book. As many have already mentioned,haters make fun of something they don’t understand. If it’s not your cup of tea that’s fine too. However it’s impolite to make rude comments and judge others,because they like the series. I love it because it’s a good family drama and protecting your family is the most important thing in the world. That simple message is lost in translation to some,but I’m always glad to see when someone does get it and their views are always insightful.

  24. Personally, I loves the books. But the movies, you have got to be kidding me if you think they are good. People hate them cause the the movies are terrible, especially when you look at the acting. Kristen Stewart is god awful. People want to have this feeling that what they’re seeing is real, but these movies don’t do that; calling them realistic is like calling the 1980’s version of Clash of the Titans realistic.
    So like I said, it’s not the books, but the movies.

    • Well, Kat. I hope you live long enough for the remake. LOL Maybe they’ll redo it to suit you.

      But, I would like to point out that the books have a major flaw all throughout them as well: the vague back stories of the characters.

      If you read any of the solidly written series (of any genre) by some of the major authors in the publishing world, you won’t see any of these gaps. J.R. Ward has so completely developed her fantasy world of vampires that there is barely any room for quality fan fictions to emerge from her stories. Same with J.K. Rowling (until Deathly Hallows) On the other hand, Stephenie Meyer left so many gaping holes in her own fantasy world and it’s characters’ back stories that the fan fiction world has been saturated with thousands of stories attempting to fill in those holes.

      That’s great for amateur writers, but it says something about Stephenie’s writing.

      (Before I get attacked..I’m a huge fan, and I’ve written nearly 500,000 words of Twilight fanfiction, so I’m not a hater. I’m a librarian and have read thousands of books in my lifetime. Is it the best writing I’ve ever read?? NO. But I cannot deny that there was something magical in these stories that touched me deeply enough to start writing fiction.)

  25. Well , well stop there guys ,
    first you think that BREAKING DAWN is IMPOSSIBLE Novel to be filmed ?
    you are totally wrong . How could you just cut off Stephenie Meyer’s imagination and start to complaining about what she wrote ? O please , grown up . It’s here privilege to be ! don’t be so dull.
    You think what happened to J.K. Rowling is not true ? see , the first time she wants to publish her Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone the publisher rejected her awesome NOVEL.

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