Why Hating on Twilight Is Getting Old

The Twilight News Site has a great editorial up on why hating on Twilight is just getting to be old, especially in light of it’s box office success. It has to have some appeal beyond the critics’ standard “well it’s great for 12-year-old girls” or it wouldn’t be dong this well. Let’s face it the Princess Diaries is aimed at 12-year-old girls and it didn’t do this well!

Thus, it’s quite difficult to see that all the hating has little, if any, objectively source based in reality. It seems more a matter of personal one-upmanship with all these critics trying to get on board the hate-wagon. Or, as Time magazine said, “Critics understand that no amount of bad press will be able to suck the blood out of a blockbuster franchise like Twilight. But that didn’t stop them from trying.”

I don’t know, but criticism based on pleasing your cynical friends, rather than a careful argument based on factual and experienced analysis, seems to be, um, self-indulgent, inappropriately unprofessional, and a disservice to the readers they claim to serve.

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