Ashley Greene: battling CGI wolves is harder than it looks

Did you wonder if it was Ashley Greene or a stuntwoman during the wolf battle? Now we find out!

THR: Alice has to do some fighting and she’s very acrobatic. How much of your stunts and fighting scenes do you actually get to do?

Greene: I did almost all of my own stunts, which I loved. We worked with fantastic stunt trainers and I took to it quickly, in part because I did martial arts and dance growing up. The most challenging thing about Alice’s stunts is that she’s supposed to fight with an immense amount of agility and grace, like a dancer. Try moving like that while doing cartwheels in the air, on wires, over a mock wolf!

THR: Do you feel that the films could have included more of Alice’s backstory?

Greene: I would have loved to explore Alice’s backstory. But luckily, our fans know everything there is to know about our characters and their backstories — more than us in some cases! So, I have faith that they understand what shaped the character of Alice, and why she is the way she is, without having seen her backstory come to life on screen.

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  1. Alice’s back story is cheesy, full of cliches and idiotic, as well as containing factual, historical inaccuracies. There was very little thought OR effort put into it. So disappointing.

  2. Wow! Angry much? For people who claim to dislike the fandom, the movies, and the books ya’ll seem to spend an awful lot of wasted time expressing said dislikes. Here’s a suggestion…FIND A NEW HOBBY!

    As for Ashley Green she is an awesome up and coming actress that has the potential to set Hollywood on fire! WE adore her as Alice (bad wig and all) and think it is amazing that she was confident enough to DO her own stunts and make the movie as realistic as was HUMANLY possible! It is a MOVIE for heaven’s sake! And free will still reigns so you haters have the CHOICE to watch or not to watch.

    But again for people who claim to hate Twilight you seem to spend way too much time hating on it….Me thinks the doth protest TOO much!

    LOVE the LEX!


    • @Kea

      Nope, not angry, but I have the ability to make judgments about stories with an open mind. I don’t blindly accept SM as the “best writer of our generation.” Her Alice back story was obviously given very little thought, and if you don’t think there are historical inaccuracies in it, then do some research yourself into the history of Electric Shock Therapy (the “supposed” reason her head was shaved and her hair grew back spiky.) It wasn’t even used in the time period Alice was in the asylum. Flawed research ruins the credibility of ANY author, SM included. As does an implausible plot line.

      And for your additional information, I’m NOT a hater. I’m a HUGE fan of the saga, and have written nearly a million words of fan fiction about these characters. I won’t be “getting a new hobby” anytime soon.

      Furthermore, I wasn’t criticizing Ashley Greene OR her acting abilities. I was criticizing Stephenie Meyer’s writing, which IS allowed last time I checked. Although I’ve seen the tendency for any critics of the saga to get blasted here in the threads on the Lex.

      If we can’t discuss criticisms calmly and without attacking people, then that makes the fandom look just as bad as the haters out there.

      • Actually according to the Official Illustrated Guide, Alice’s hair was shaved off during the threat of a typhoid outbreak.

  3. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    I’m just amazed at how they could all of that gorgeous blonde hair stuffed under that tiny wig… 😛

    • I know what you mean but I read an article while they were filming that she had terrible migraines from the wig plus RPatz did an interview saying everyone on set complained about the wigs even the babies. And Ashley is a brunette 🙂

  4. i would have loved for the movie to have shown any portion of Alice’s backstory. I think it’s so interesting, and fans who don’t know about her, would be able to understand her more.

    • I agree they did Jaspers past,and Rosalies but they really never got into anyone elses but I guess its hard to compact everything in that we all want to see can you imagine 🙂

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