VOTE: Scene that Exceeded Your Expectations in Breaking Dawn Part 1

Now that the majority of us have had a chance to see the film once, twice, three times… we though we would have some fun with polls! The polls do contain some spoilers, so look away now if you haven’t seen the movie yet!

In this poll, we’d like to know which scene exceeded your expectations. When a book is translated to film, fans are always nervous or excited about certain moments and how they will play out. We want to know which scene was better on screen than you imagined it would be. Leave us a comment telling us why you picked the scene you did or to tell us that we missed a scene!


  1. This is a tough pick!! Everything is so amazing and wonderful, I feel i need to vote each and everyone. But I guess i wasn’t expect much about Bella’s transformation, so that scene really shocked me and brought me a lot of tears.

    • I feel so bad saying this, as I am a HUGE fan of the books, movies, music, fan-fiction, etc..but I cannot answer this poll. I was hugely under-whelmed by BD 1.

      The story was choppy and too fast, and the visual effects were hokey. Above that, I felt no emotion for anyone, almost disconnected from what I had read. (the exceptions being the walk down the aisle when she saw Edward, and somewhat when Jacob thought Bella had died after giving birth).

      The books make me feel so much a part of the story, but the movie was way off. I think it was Summit’s adherence to fans wanting every scene in the movie, and the screenplay suffered as a result. This is a great example of where Twilight fans may just be their own worst enemy. It just does not translate well to the big screen, within the 2 hour limit.

      Still, a huge fan of both the Twilight and New Moon movie.

  2. Every scene was exceptionally amazing! Everything was beyond my expectations. But the one scene that I kinda was scared to see in the movie because it could have been done really wrong in so many ways was the imprinting scene. I cried during it. It was beautiful! I couldn’t believe how amazing it was. Because of that fact, that I was so scared of how it could have been done and when I saw it it was amazing is why i voted for it!

    But really any scene could win this poll!

    • Sarah, i agree, the imprinting scene was a very important one and i was worried how it would come across, because it could have ended up being very tacky, but they NAILED it, it was so tastefully intimate very moving!

  3. Twilight Nymph says:

    The birth scene, that was just, wow. If they had made it anymore graphic and I would have needed a bucket.

  4. Shandra Ochoa says:

    I think the scene where Jacob turned in to an Alpha was a little cheesy. The way they were growling and talking at the same time, it just seemed a little off to me.

    • I agree with you, it was super cheese ball. I don’t know if it could have been done differently, so I’m not complaining, but the voice effects they used just seemed off. The “alpha voice” was much more interesting when reading the books.

    • That is a horrible scene and I think they could of done it better by just not having them talk lol ….

    • I totally agree with you guys It was stupid Should have been done in human form or something My least favorite scene

    • I thought that scene was good! Think about it..if they had just had the regular old voices in the heads of the wolves, it would have came across like a scene from Air Bud or something..they had to do something different with it! and it had to be in the movie! Its an important part of the story. I think it was different and a creative way to deal with that scene. Everytime the wolves have been in the scenes its been human form..I am glad they followed the book descriptions..booming echo of the alpha voice! hello..I dont see how else that could have been done!

    • It seems every Twilight film needs its one unfortunate, embarrassingly bad scene. The best previous example is that frolicking future-vision in New Moon. This time it’s the robot-voiced wolf pack. But of all the scenes in this book that I read and thought, “this will be hard for them to translate to film,” I’m glad it was only this one that they didn’t do a fantastic job on.

  5. I went into the theater expecting utter cheesiness during the birth scene. I was blown away by the utter horror of it. The camera angles, the cuts, the filters, all these things added up to one of the best scenes in the movie. By the way, did any one else notice how Edwards pec muscles jiggle when Bella jumps on his back over the waterfall?
    I giggled!

  6. Definitely the birth scene. It was horrifically awesome. I was terrified when they took the baby away from Bella and she’s staring at it all lovingly-like, and then all of a sudden she is not there, she just phases out and is completely… well, dead. I mean I’ve read the books a million times, but I really thought in that moment.. Oh no Bella’s not gonna make it!! It was superb acting. It is the single one scene I can not get out of my head.

  7. again so hard to pick! the birth and the transformation exceeded my expectations but the wedding was EXACTLY what i wanted to see….the dress, alice’s set up HUGE thumbs up to cast and crew!

  8. By far the movie as a whole blew me away but I would have to say Bella’s transformation! The way they had her looking so emaciated and grey…wow! I also liked how the scene was shot, the way they went over her and switched to inside her body scenes then back.

    • Agree with Heather. It is exceed my expectation and it’s amazing and happy and relief to see Bella as beautiful as she is after watching her messy in Isle Esme and the whole pregnancy period.

  9. I was actually torn for a moment about which scene to chose. I thought they did an OUTSTANDING job with Jacob’s imprint and Bella’s Transformation. It was a slightly difficult choice but Bella’s transformation won out for several reasons…
    I expected them to do something along the lines of what they did with Jacob’s imprint…obviously not exactly that but something along those lines. I DID NOT…COULD NOT have imagined the transformation scene to be that AWESOME! I NEVER could have pictured it done that well and I can not imagine anyone doing a better job with it!
    I was actually expecting the movie to end with Bella going into labor so I was THRILLED that we got to see not only Renesmee’s birth and Jacob’s imprint but also Bella’s Transformation!
    I truly hope they do a sort of replay of that scene as the opening of part 2 but with a different perspective focusing more on the Cullens standing around Bella, watching her as she transforms.
    And I don’t care what anyone says about the CG effects. I applaud the team who put that final scene together! It could not have been done any better! BRAVO!!!

    • I was totally blown away at the transformation… her hair changing colors was freaking cool. I looked over at my friend and went wow this is so cool. It was done very well and was something I did not expect to see in the film! Her body slowly fixing itself like that… I never would have thought they’d put that in there. But darn it it ended EXACTLY as I thought it would! Omg those red eyes..

      • I was telling people before I saw the movie that if I was directing it, I would end it with a close-up of Bella’s blood-red eyes opening as a vampire. I was happy to see that it was done that way. Maybe I missed my calling as a director and should reconsider my career path! The transformation was amazing and I especially liked the flashbacks on her human memories going all the way back to her as a baby with Charlie and Renee. Very well done!

        • I was saying the exact same thing to all my friends! haha.. When I heard it would be two movies, that part popped into my head, and I was like..they will end it there and it will be a close up of her eyes and they will be red! lol.. Couldnt have ended in a better way in my opinion! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I’ve been wondering about the beginning of Part 2, as well. I mean, if they start right up with Bella jumping off the table right after her eyes open, it’ll be way too sudden, you know? They keep saying that we’ll get to see what it’s like to be a vampire through Bella’s eyes, so maybe they’ll replay the end of the transformation from her point of view?

      • I was thinking since they showed that Volturi scene where Carslie announces he has a new member in his family- they might move the beginning along a bit. I hope they don’t but i have a feeling they will

  10. Tina Holewinski says:

    the wolf scene with Jacob was sooo lousy, and cheesy. The execution was just poor…IDK

  11. Ya…that alpha scene was a little much…..should have done it as humans…..a little to Milo and Otis for me!

    • you know a lot of people dont like this and I really do- I think its the first time we get inside the wolfs’ way of communicating and I am happy they at least tried to get a bit of the book in there.

      • I agree!

        • I was ecstatic to finally have a scene where we could hear what it was like to be in the wolf pack and how confusing and noisy it is. The voices were a bit overdone but it makes sense with communicating that “double timbre of the Alpha.”

          I think the main fault for the “cheese” factor lies with Carter Burwell’s score. It’s so melodramatic and over-wrought at that point that it does turn the scene into a cartoon. There’s already so much noise with the wolf voices that the score is just deafening. I’m a total music nerd, but I think even if you don’t consciously notice the score it dramatically affects the way your brain perceives a film.

          Alexandre Desplat’s New Moon score is my favorite to listen to as a stand alone out of the three (now four) but in watching the four movies at the marathon, Howard Shore does the best job of supporting what is onscreen. I was a little surprised I came to that conclusion but it seems crystal clear to me now. I wonder what Shore’s approach would have been to the wolf pack scene.

    • Agree. This was the only scene I didn’t like. It reminded me of the talking dogs in the movie Up. They should have done it as humans.

  12. Didn’t read previous posts, but I had no idea how they were going to pull off the pain of the transformation process, what with her just lying immobile, and it was so well done. Those dr-house-inside-look-at-your-body scenes were good enough for me….the scorching of the tissues and then the rebuilding, and showing her screaming and then silent and still on the gurney was more than i could have asked for and far better than i imagined.

    Also though I’ve seen many were disappointed in the wolf telepathy scenes, they pretty much got what I had pictured in the book. It may have been cheesy but they couldn’t leave it out and I don’t think there was any better way to do it. It would have been worse if they had ethereal “ghosts” floating above the wolves with the actual dialogue….LOL

    • Jessica Johanna says:

      or having the wolves moving their mouths like humans..then than would have been even worst.. I agree with you, it is exactly how I pictured while reading the books, people need to understand that the wolves are not talking, they are sharing thoughts, and so it has to be some kind of mixture and confusion cuz you never think the way you talk… idk, for me was pretty spot on.

      • yeah, like cats and dogs? LOL that would have been AWFUL LOL to put it in Jacob’s words (in one of the books) what we got: ” ‘s not so bad”–i’d say good enough…

      • Spot on for me too! ๐Ÿ™‚ The scene needed to be in there..and they needed to be in wolf form to convey the whole Alpha fight! I think it was just fine ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Agreed!

  13. Actually – mine was Bella’s transition. It was very emotional to me. To see those quick, wispy clips of all the memories we have of Bella and then to see Charlie & Renee young with baby Bella. That was very powerful to me. I loved it. I love how that extended to her heart stopping and the way everyone looked at each other and then her face becoming so beautiful right before she opened her eyes.

  14. MariposaAlice says:

    The love making exceeded my expectations, because I thought it was gonna be some weird steamy sex scene. It was the first LOVE scene I’ve ever seen in a movie (most I’ve seen are sex scenes). This was all about love, and I thought it was beautifully, and tastefully done =)

  15. There was so much I absolutely love about this movie… that I can’t even begin to find somewhere to start. The only thing I slightly miss….The “before” car hahaha. I can’t wait for part 2… torture making us wait another year!

  16. I might be the only person that actually liked the wolf scene… I’m giddy for any extra wolf pack scenes being a wolf lover. Given I think the tunnel sounding stuff was kinda distracting.. I still liked it.

  17. Charlene Coates says:

    I loved them all but I have to say three of them shocked me the most – Jacob turning Alpha (how they showed all the confusion going on in his head and the wolf pack listening in and commenting on what they saw then Jacob coming to realize what they plan to do to Bella and him coming his own – Amazingly done). – Jacob Imprinting: watching as he looked into Reneeseme’s Eyes and then all the sudden saw his future with her and all that he explained to Bella happening in that second to him, then hitting the floor realizing he was all hers. – Third was Bella’s transformation – all I can say is brillant – I was wondering how they were going to translate that from word to picture and they didn’t let me down. The burning, the images of her life, life leaving her and then slowly the venom bringing her new life – WOW.

  18. This is the best one by far. I found it had so much of the book in it. I was not huge fan of BD book, but feel this movies is the best of the four. Waiting for the last one is going to feel like forever.
    Great every thing. The actors did their best acting in this one. Bill did awesome job

  19. The whole film, was beautiful. The Wedding, seeing Kristin in that gown, OMG was breathtaking! The lovemaking scene, was tender and vunerable and lovely, but it is NOT the scene that stands out the most to me, from the whole film. I know for a lot of fans it is. And it was talked up, so much, you would think that is all people were waiting for, and the rest of the movie would fall away…

    Not so, and I think many would agree, the movie as a whole, exceeded my expectations. Everyone gave such GREAT performances! But, the sets!! The cinematography! The locations, Rio was amazing! The make-up! Vampire speed!!! FINALLY someone got Vampire speed right!!! Thank you BILL!! Just, completely…brilliant.

    But, I voted for when Jacob imprints on Nessie. I was so curious as to how it would look…and Bill & Co. made it look, and feel exactly as you read it…everything else fell away from Jacob, and all he could see was her. Reneesme, and how she just became his whole world, and Jacob became hers. Her protector, her knight in shining armor, best friend, glorfied babysitter, and one day, more. And how it just brought him to his knees…*tears up*. They made it very tasteful, beautiful ( LOVED seeing Nessie at different ages, so beautiful), and not creepy at all!

    I pray Stephanie does not wait long to write THAT story!

    • I totally agree. I was really quite worried about how the whole imprinting thing would come across..especially to those who havent read the books and understand it all a little more fully. And, in Eclipse (the movie) they have like one little line explaining it which made me mad because it was so important it needed more explaination! But, they were able to fix that in this one! thank goodness! and it came across perfectly!

      • oh and p.s. the fact that the Stephanie has NOT written the Jacob and Nessie story yet means that she has waited to long! We should have been treated to that story right after Breaking Dawn! And shes not even commentign on if there will be one! kinda wrong if you ask me! There is still sooooo much story there!

  20. Lynne Stringer says:

    The most unexpected, for me, was Bella and Edward jumping off the waterfall together. It’s so happy, and Ioved seeing them together like that.

  21. Bella’s transformation was so scary. The anorexia look and the gaunt face. I was actually scared. And then to see Bella come back to true form. Was just amazing.

    What Kristen did to make the part real was completely to true form.

    I do wish they could have shown a few more moments between Jacob and Bella. And I LOVE the reuniting bond between Bella and Edward absolutely melted my heart.

  22. Bella’s transformation. They nailed it. I loved how her life flashed before her as she died. Very powerful and emotional scene. Perfect.

  23. So many breathtaking scenes..the wedding, the honeymoon, the transformation and the imprinting..all fabulous and touching..and Edward going all crazy over that black nighty.

  24. This was a tough choice to choose just one scene and so I agree with many of the great comments that have been made so far. I do think Bella giving birth and Bella transforming stand out. What a tense ending! Beautiful how Bill Condon showed Bella’s flashbacks throughout the transformation. I hoped people could tell what was happening if they hadn’t read the book.
    Bottom line though-this was to me the best Twilight movie and it brought so many of the key scenes to life in front of our eyes.
    I have seen it 3 times and will go back this week. Bill Condon and the actors got what matters to the fans right.

  25. Everything that happens from the moment Bella goes for the falling cup till the credits roll.

    The wedding was beautiful, the moonlit ocean scene was just how I pictured it, her recollections on the morning after were so innocently tender, but that sequence of events after she literally breaks in half is non-stop, edge-of-seat thrilling. It was all my friends and I could talk about after both times I saw it, it really took over my whole memory of the film in the best way possible. The best part is that it was the same emotional response I had when I read these scenes, I was completely riveted.

  26. Also, I loved the scene where they argued in the hospital room. It was a good deviation from the book where they seemed to spend a great deal of effort hiding their emotions to keep from further upsetting each other. It was a more human response, but it really showed the strength and conviction of both characters. They really felt like a married couple facing a seemingly hopeless situation.

  27. Hard choice but my vote was for the imprinting. Contrary to my comment about the Jacob claims Alpha scene above, I absolutely loved the score here. I imagine we’ll be hearing that lovely theme again for Jacob and Nessie.

    The imprinting scene was so good that my BFF, who has not read the books and somehow as stayed clear of the imprinting fact, shouted out in the theater. It was a very classic theater-going moment.

  28. Like many others, the whole movie really was above and beyond what I expected. It seemed like they got everything perfectly right and I wonder if that is because stephenie had a bigger say in the movie. It is now my favorite, so far, and I absolutely loved it. The music, I think, was what really exceeded my expectations. It was a perfect mix of old and new at just right times. I absolutely loved the music, score and songs.
    Also, the scene where Jacob became Alpha, I thought, could have been cheesy but it was done great.

  29. The transformation. Wicked Cool.

  30. I was so moved by the lovemaking scenes, and I especially loved how they handled the headboard breaking part… it was a fan favorite from the book and it could have been really cheesy but the expression on Edward’s face ( he looked overwhelmed and a little scared that he might loose his control or that he might have scared her. He looks into her eyes for reassurance and she is there with it immediately telling him that it is alright. I died at the tenderness of that moment. It captured the feeling of a couple’s first time together so authentically. Amazing!!

  31. I was so moved by the lovemaking scenes, and I especially loved how they handled the headboard breaking part… it could have been really cheesy but the expression on Edward’s face ( he looked overwhelmed and a little scared that he might loose his control or that he might have scared her. He looks into her eyes for reassurance and she is there with it immediately telling him that it is alright. I died at the tenderness of that moment. It captured the feeling of a couple’s first time together so authentically. Amazing!!

  32. I came into this film thinking they couldnt top Eclipse because that had a great deal of action and story but they really outdid themselves this time! Best film of the bunch. And consider this – about 70% of the film was dialogue so it was KEY, especially for the lead 3 to step up their performances (not to say, they werent great in the previous 3 films, but they knew they had to step their game even further). If I had to evaluate performances, Taylor came in 2nd but its a VIRTUAL TIE between Robert and Kristen for best performance in this film. They explored every emotion their characters could have had possible. Happiness, tenderness, being in love, angry, fear, vulnerable, you name it. I loved Kristen’s performance during the wedding when Bella is scared out her mind walking down the aisle but then something in her face changes once she sees Edward and its goes out the window. I felt her pain during the birth scene and esepcially her memories during the “morning after” scene — priceless. And I dont know if this is a testament to their relationship off screen, but it so classy and romantic that it didnt need “sex”. But Robert KILLED it this time around it – happy, resisting Bella the next, then angry, desperate, determined….I was in awe of him.

  33. Loved BD, but why did they not edit out the part where Edward stumbles over the threshold while carrying Bella? Vampires don’t stumble.

  34. I voted for her transformation but I also thought how the inmprinting was done was so accurate and stunningly protrayed.

  35. Wow everything was superb! But the imprinting is really got me there! i was truly surprised by how beautiufl it was done!

  36. and also Bella’s transformation.

  37. Another hard pick. I loved how they did the imprinting scene (I was REALLY nervous about it) and Bella’s transformation. Watching her body heal and the heartbeat was so amazing. For me the wedding and love making was close to what I expected (especially since we had had snippets of it in the trailers & stills that were released.

  38. I loved the entire movie. I thought that bill condon did a fantastic job with it & that he got the best performances out of kristen & rob out of all the movies. My favourite scene would have to be the end, bella’s transformation together with the flash back scenes with bella’s lullaby playing in the background. I found that scene to be so beautiful, memorable & very well put together. Kudos to bill condon on a gr8 job as well as the entire cast.

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