Chaske Spencer Talks Last Day on Breaking Dawn Set

Chaske talked to Ology about wrapping the series.

What was the last day on set like for all of you? Part 1 is now showing but you also are in post-production for the final installment.

We were all up all night and it wasn’t a big sad goodbye for me. It was just that I was tired. [Laughs] I was tired and we had been shooting—and no pun intended but we saw breaking dawn—and the sun was coming up and we had to get the shots. There wasn’t a big send off or anything.

So who are you closest to on set?

Probably Julia Jones [Leah] or Alex Meraz. Mainly the wolf guys; we worked out together. Tinsel Korey [Emily] and all of them too because we just filmed a lot of scenes together. Oh my God, I’m looking at birthday cards right now. It says, ‘Wish you a Happy Birthday, with more fun than humanly possible,’ and it has Rob [Pattinson], Kristen [Stewart] and Taylor on here.

That’s hilarious! They are all over the place.

Yeah! [Laughs] I’m in Walmart right now.

[Laughs] Taylor’s definitely broken out because of the films. Was there any talk about that while filming?

Taylor’s got a pretty focused head on his shoulders. He’s a really god guy. We chat from time to time but it’s never about that. It’s just mainly when we’re working on a scene or something. We don’t take each other too seriously. He’s just a normal kid, a normal young man in a very interesting situation.

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