Will Breaking Dawn Have the Fans Flocking Back For Big Screen Rewatch?

In her Movies.com article this week, Laura explores what is going to be necessary for Breaking Dawn to score fan re-watch. The stakes are really high in the fourth movie. Will it deliver in the fan and economic expectation factors? Check out Laura’s critical success areas and box office predictions.

Unquestionably, the single most blogged-about item with regards to Breaking Dawn Part 1 is the honeymoon. For months there has been nonstop discussion among fans about Isle Esme, feathers, and headboards. As soon and the press junket happened, the question of would the honeymoon be sexy enough for fans again came into play. Fans heard Robert Pattinson, Bill Condon, and Kristen Stewart all talk about “toning down the thrusting” to keep the PG-13 rating, while the trailer and teaser clips have all given a glimpse into that night. We’ve seen Pattinson’s muscular back and headboard crash, Stewart’s towel drop on the beach, and the enraptured look on the pillows. Now the big questions are: “Is there more?” and “Do the fans get the payoff they want?” The rewatch factor is going to heavily rely on what the Isle Esme scenes deliver. Fans won’t flock back to theaters again and again if this payoff isn’t huge.

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  1. I have already seen it twice: Once at 12:01 and the second time at 1:30PM. I planned to watch the second showing at 10PM, but the power went out at the movie theatre, so they gave everyone TWO free movie passes. That means I can see it 3 times for the price of 2!

    This was the first time I have seen ANY Twilight Movies on the big screen. I started watching/reading in March, so its been a LONG 8 months!

    The definitely need to show Breaking Dawn I AND 2 back to back next year. Who’s with me?

    Team Bella!!!

  2. I absolutely want to see again. I did the twilightlon all the 4 films in one evening, that was amazing.
    Breaking dawn is superb. I was very worried after all the review from so call “critic” what a shame they don’t get the fan.
    The acting was spot on, Kristen was superb.

  3. The BEST movie yet!! I cried through the wedding and LAUGHED through the wedding toasts (genius) Extra tear at seeing Stephenie Meyer as guest at wedding.. of coarse she would be there 🙂 The honeymoon was captured beautifully. The robot wold talk was a bit off. I figured they would switch that scene up but all in all I was so pleased. I hitting the theater AGAIN today and who knows how many times after. Bill Condon gets huge kuddos from me! HOPE no one missed the extra scene courtesy of the Volturri after the credits!

  4. I thought it was a very good adaptation…that being said…I wish looking at it with the budget
    that was available for this one…that Catherine Hardwicke could have been the director..

    She will always be my favorite as I think she understands best as well as the most visually
    creative director of the franchise….will be seeing it again tomorrow with my daughter
    who started me on it years ago..

  5. I just got back from seeing BD and I am blown away! I LOVED this movie. The theater was packed and there were big laughs at the funny moments and gasps during the birth scene. Many people were clapping at the end including me. Bill Condon did such an amazing job with this movie. I will definitely be going to see it many more times.

  6. Roxanna Allen says:

    Went to a Twiathon and saw it on a Big D Screen, loved it. Went 8 hrs later to see it again. Have plans to go see it two more times with friends and family over the Thanksgiving day holidays. Can’t wait.

  7. I loved BD1, went to the 12:01 premiere and am seeing it again tomorrow. I agree with many of the comments I have read, but my top 3 favorite moments were:
    1. Bella’s transformation from the INSIDE out — it was much more than I could have hoped for!
    2. The return of the Iron & Wine song at the wedding altar, making us feel that Edward and Bella are completely one spirit, full circle from the Twilight prom scene.
    3. Bella’s wedding gown!!! Unbelievably gorgeous on her! (her acting in this film is SO much better than in previous films!!!!

    My only pet peeves are — Edward stumbles carrying her over the threshold!! Edward shouldn’t stumble!! EVER!! To me that should have been noticed during editing and re-shot! Sorry for being too picky!

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