Will Breaking Dawn Have the Fans Flocking Back For Big Screen Rewatch?

In her Movies.com article this week, Laura explores what is going to be necessary for Breaking Dawn to score fan re-watch. The stakes are really high in the fourth movie. Will it deliver in the fan and economic expectation factors? Check out Laura’s critical success areas and box office predictions.

Unquestionably, the single most blogged-about item with regards to Breaking Dawn Part 1 is the honeymoon. For months there has been nonstop discussion among fans about Isle Esme, feathers, and headboards. As soon and the press junket happened, the question of would the honeymoon be sexy enough for fans again came into play. Fans heard Robert Pattinson, Bill Condon, and Kristen Stewart all talk about “toning down the thrusting” to keep the PG-13 rating, while the trailer and teaser clips have all given a glimpse into that night. We’ve seen Pattinson’s muscular back and headboard crash, Stewart’s towel drop on the beach, and the enraptured look on the pillows. Now the big questions are: “Is there more?” and “Do the fans get the payoff they want?” The rewatch factor is going to heavily rely on what the Isle Esme scenes deliver. Fans won’t flock back to theaters again and again if this payoff isn’t huge.

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  1. I’m DEFINITELY going back to watch it more than once! 🙂 I’m so excited to see it again!

  2. Uh Yeah the honeymoon was more than enough to keep me coming back, it was so much more than I could have asked for, amazing!

  3. Funny how when my friends and I went into the movie we were excited for the bedroom scene, the wedding scene, etc, but when we left all anyone could talk about was the epic last 20 minutes!! Definitely the most intense and memorable sequence.
    That being said, the wedding and honeymoon were lovely scenes. They did not disappoint. I’m definitely seeing it again (plural).

    …though I’ll have to cover my ears to avoid that unfortunate robot-wolf chat…

    • Me Too

    • i was like are you serious i did get a good laugh out of it though should have kept them human on that part

    • Agree completely with Sylvia. The honeymoon was very romantic and visually lovely, and tender. But…

      Watching Bella’s gaunt, hauntingly fragile body, break, crumble, contort in pain…and die. Bill Condon is a genius showing it from Bella’s pov!! It made it so genuine and frightening real…and then the images of her corpse. I still can’t get that out of my head, and that the character did it all, for her child, well…

      Every Mother can relate to that! The heartbreaking pain that Pattinson and Stewart projected in the supporting scenes was straight from the heart! I doubt they had to dig deep to imagine what it would be like to face loosing the one you love. Their on-screen chemistry has NEVER been better!!

      The wedding was absolutely breathtakingly romantic!! Kristin Stewart is…ridiculously beautiful in the Carolina Herreara gown…just no words. The set is a Wedding Planners wet dream!!! Prince William and Lady Kathryn, have nothing on Edward and Bella’s nuptuals.

      I could go on and on…but to put it plainly, Yes I’m going to see it again, couple more times. I also know many people who have already seen it 3-4 times sense it opened. Yeah, Summit won’t be a hurtin’ for money, rofl!

      BTW, did I mention Bill Condon is a genius?

  4. Totally going again. By tonight I will have seen it three times and have more times planned out:) its my favorite one by far, not because of the honeymoon scenes or wedding or anything I was looking for, but because the tiny parts of the book that I loved that got put on the screen turned into amazing moments! Although the wedding and honeymoon scenes were amazing
    I do agree the wolf chat was a little ridiculous though…

  5. Tara Pryde says:

    Went to premiere and dragging hubby to it tonight. LOVED the dress, honeymoon, wedding. Could have done without the wedding nightmare (made no sense w/o the immortal child aspect included); sad that the Rosalie-Jacob relationship wasn’t explored more (no Fido bowl reference, waaah); thought the soundtrack was overdone at the beginning; wolf robot-chat was weird. Did not care for the wolf/Cullen fighting much, and one chess scene was plenty. Liked the take on the transformation, but would have liked Bella’s viewpoint/thoughts/experience to be more included in the birth and transformation. I was VERY impressed by the CGI effects on poor Bella toward the end of her pregnancy, theydid a great job making her look haggard. All in all, the movie was pretty good–the filmmakers had a challenge translating all the complexity to the big screen and pleasing all us die-hard Twi-hards!

    • i thought the chess scene repeated was so funny

      • Chela Madison says:

        Yes, I had fun watching the parallel between Edward beating Bella at chess and successfully avoiding more sexy times ;)!

    • I went for the second time last night and, since I got to really enjoy it this time instead of thinking about what wasn’t there so much, I loved it. And I saw the humor in the chess scene being repeated. Truly relished the experience, and now I love the movie even more.

      • alwaysedward says:

        i too just got back from seeing it a second time…… the first time, i loved it just thought some parts pulled me out of it but today……. amazing!

  6. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    I don’t have time to read Laura’s full article this week. I’m off to see the theater for the second time!!! It’s AMAZING!!! Thank you, Bill Condon!

  7. I absolutely loved it, and the whole Isle Esme sequence more than delivered (actually some people in the theater started clapping when the headboard went crashing).
    That being said, you can’t just bank on that part alone to keep the momentum for repeat watchers. I know for me, economically it’s just not in my reality to see it too many times. Especially with many screens switching to ETX digital, which is $15, even more than IMAX or 3-D. I don’t know if that will have any impact on number of seats sold, but I’m sure the inflated theater prices will help $ totals. Anyways, I do plan on seeing it 1 or 2 more times, tops – absolutely loved it after all. But I saw NM and Eclipse 7 times each in theaters.

  8. Kaya Harber says:

    I went to see it at midnight and about 2 hours I get to see it again, might have to go again on Sunday… I don’t want to miss anything do I 😉

  9. of course as much as I want.sorry for the haters and critics a like.the twilight breaking dawn part 1 is critic proof,dont waste your saliva bashing the movie

    • Thank you, Maria! I agree 100%! people constantly tell us how much critics hate the series, blah blah blah. We have computers and TVs, we know. We don’t need to come here and be reminded.

  10. Movie was GREAT!! Edward and Bella both gorgeous!! Wolf dialog a little different??

  11. I loved it! I can’t wait to see it again, but unfortunately twice is all I will get to see it again.

    I don’t know why everyone is calling the wolf speaking “robot-wolf speech” I think it was good. It made it sound like it was a grape vein. And they wanted to change the tone of it from human to wolf. So in a way it works. I think.

    The wedding, honeymoon, the birth scene was fantastic. I don’t have any negative things to say about this one. I was disappointed that Edward was in sunlight and I didn’t see any sparkle. Did anyone else?

    I loved the imprint scene! Taylor did such a great job. I like how he got to see a glimpse into what she would look like and the colors and the feeling you got from watching it. It was done very well. I was so nervous that it would look ridiculous. Did you see how Edward looked when he found out that Jake imprinted on Renesmee? I was wanting him to attack him so bad! But alas, he did not. -sigh- Bella better go for his throat in part 2 bwhahaha!

    • I’m with you. I don’t understand the criticism of the wolf scene. Maybe the sound effects were not what people were expecting, but I imagine that that is what it would sound like to have a ton of voices inside your head (and what Edward hears all the time!) Unless you’d focus on one particular voice, this would be what you’d hear…like the babbling of a crowd of people with their words all jumbled together.

      Also, the scene where Jake leaves the pack would NOT have been as powerful if they’d been in human form!! We needed to see Sam’s Alpha voice forcing each one of his wolves to the ground in supplication. That’s how a wolf hierarchy works! Then to see Jacob rise up from the ground in defiance. I simply could not imagine that scene having the same impact if they’d been human.

      The tone of this whole movie shifted just enough to make Breaking Dawn book-haters (like me) love it! Gone was the extreme rabid-ness (is that a word?? LOL) of Rose, the Cullens weren’t suspicious of each other and eyeing each other like enemies. Movie Jacob was a bitter harpy like Book Jacob. He was actually a little more mature in the movie. I liked that better.

  12. I am so jelous. I’m definitely not going to be able to see it for another 2 weeks. I HATE being a poor college student living paycheck to paycheck. I just cant believe its finally here and I’m going to have to wait!!

  13. You bet I’ll be going back…. and back…. and back!

  14. MariposaAlice says:

    I was so so happy that the “sex scene” turned out to be a love scene. I was not looking forward to that, I was more looking forward to everything after the honeymoon. But the love scene turned out to be very beautiful, and so did the rest of the movie =) I want to go back, but I didn’t go back to resee any of the other movies, because well, poor, man. But we’ll see~

  15. I went to the midnight premiere, but I will not be seeing it again, even though I went numerous times to the other movies. I saw more of Kristen Stewart half-naked than I cared to. I would have rather seen that kind of focus on the guys since this is a movie for girls. I though the ending was great and the wedding scene, but I did not care for some of the honeymoon scenes. I would rather have that stuff left to the imagination, like in the books.

  16. Nicole Caulfield says:

    EPIC!! Just seen it and I’m going again tomorrow and might have to go during the week as well. So good! I loved evereything about it and have to admit that I cried when Bella walked down the aisle. :’) so good. Robot wolf chat was a little weird to be honest, still good though. 🙂 xxxx

  17. When the wedding speaches started I already knew I was going to see this movie again. I didn’t care that much about Isle Esme (still loved it though), but the last part of the movie just totally rocked it for me. I loved Bella’s transformation in the end! Werewolf talk was a little bit weird, because I couldn’t really make out who was who. I think the werewolve furr didn’t contrasted enough with each other; it made discerning them harder. But aside from little points like that I loved it and it;s totally worth seeing it again.

  18. Seeing it in 5 hours!!!!! Yea!!! And have tickets to see it again on Tuesday in a luxury theater. Listening to the soundtrack right now too!!! Can’t wait.

  19. Haven’t seen it yet since it just came out here today, but I’ll only be seeing it once. That’s just all that’s in the budget. I only was able to see the others once too, though I wanted so badly to go back! I’ll probably feel the same way about this one.

  20. My take on the wolf pack talk all jibberish like is that they were all thinking at same time but not the same thing exactly…so it gets kind of confusing. In the book, the best might be Jacob’s description of when he comes back with news that Bella is pregnant. It took a bit for the minds to sync up. It was one of two things I was really curious how they were going to do it on film. I think it worked. The transformation worked as well.

  21. I’ve seen it twice and would love to see it again and again!! Best by far!!! Honeymoon scenes were great and left me very satisfied!! Loved the whole thing-it was so much better than the other movies on every level.

  22. I saw it three times in 14 hours and I have plans to see it two more times in the next three days.

  23. Already seen it twice. I’m off for round three in 6 hours. I saw the Twilight 4 times, New Moon 2 times and Eclipse 3 times. I catch something new every time.

  24. Honeymoon Great! but definitely NOT all the movie has to offer…birth scene was incredible as was the wedding and bella’s pregnancy, all enough to pull me back for more…actually ESPECIALLY bella’s pregnancy and birth that whole sequence was phenomenal!
    Im already booked for three more sessions, cant wait. Kristen you did an awesome job with the pregnancy and the birth…Twilight has definately not lost its screen mojo…

    p.s. the only thing i would change, and granted, its a hard scene to pull off was Jacob becoming an alpha….this scene was a little cringe for me…and yet Taylor did an exceptional job stepping up as the human alpha jacob…it was just the wolf scene…maybe could have been different…oh what i’d give to sit around the brainstorming table when these scenes were written!

  25. i will definitely be going to see it again. The movie was absolutely amazing. The birth scene was so intense almost everyone in the theater looked AWAY from the screen. I am so, so, so impressed. Could K-Stew be any hotter (in the beginning of the film?) My only question is, did she actually lose all that weight? She looked like a walking skeleton by the end of the film…

    • My understanding is that the way the filming was scheduled Kristen was human, pg, vampire all in same day at times. I think Bill Condon may have mentioned she lost some weight, but it was mostly makeup and CGI work. They did a fantastic job. Bill said Kristen stayed on the gurney the whole day and can hold her breath for 2 minutes. The intensity they all brought to the scene was really felt. Marvelous job on all their parts.

  26. Absolutely going to see this again!
    I thought Twilight was amazing while New Moon and Eclipse felt a little lack luster, and honestly I was really, really worried about Breaking Dawn delivering, but holy crap I was wrong.

    I loved the entire movie, and am really happy Bella’s Lullaby and a few of the other songs from Twilight made it back in for this one.
    I’m also really, really happy with the sequence they did when Jacob imprinted and with what they showed while Bella changed.

    This movie was amazing.

  27. Saw it at midnight and then rushed off to see it midmorning just as soon as the kiddos were in school 😉 I can’t put into words how much I love this movie. Every single element was there. Wedding, honeymoon were perfect. Isle Esme was perfect, birth was perfection. Speaking of that scene, Rob was fabulous there. The emotion he conveyed was heart wrenching. Bella was so sickly looking, and seeing her go from emaciated to vampiric perfection gets me so excited for part 2.
    I WILL be rewatching this one numerous times. I can handle $9/ week matinee for entertainment if I get to see that for a few weeks!! Congrats Mr. Condon.

  28. Saw it t midnight and I’m seeing it again with friends once maybe twice more. Absolutely loved it! I got my long awaited Seth fix! When Bella drank the blood, people where grossed out and I just smirked. At the wedding nightmare, people gasped in horror…I laughed. The wedding toasts absolutely killed me though, I laughed so much. I hope in part two there are more Emmett jokes, Rose/Jake interaction, and Jasper in general.

  29. seen it today, going to go again this weekend!!!

  30. Gabrielle Laugier Denoon says:

    I just saw it and i wanted to walk into the adjacent theatre that had just started it to watch again!!!!!!!!!! it was PERFECTION

  31. I’ve seen the movie twice today. So good! It certainly lived up to my expectations. I liked the way that Bill Condon used flashback scenes to help tell certain parts of the story. I would not base how many times I see it on just the honeymoon scene. I liked the total story and how it all went together, that is what will have me in the seats a few more times. I am so impressed by the actors and how they did with the material. The wolf pack mind talk all made sense to me as they tried to all communicate at once. The birth scene was touching.
    Tomorrow I’ll see it again.

    ps. They should not make us wait a whole year for part 2!

  32. Love love loved it!!! I can;t wait to go back again! the dress was drop dead beautiful! and everything else from begining to end was perfect! As a fan I am really impressed! and satisfied! 🙂 :)!!

  33. woah woah woah woah…. where to start?? Ummm… DEFINITELY seeing it again. it was crazy, when I saw the people before walking out of the theater they didn’t look happy and dreamy like I did coming out of Eclipse… and I was worried, but now I know why! HOLY INTENSITY! those last 20 minutes were CRAZY and I LOVED it. I thought Edward did such a good job at the end, and the transformation was SO cool (props to Bill Condon), and the emotional intensity was just crazy! Even the imprinting on the baby thing was well done (VERY hard to pull off, and Condon did it)! LOVED the wedding, LOVED the honeymoon (K-Stew did look smokin’… and the wedding dress was absolutely gorgeous). I got to say tho… MY ONE complaint… they made Edward look pretty bad when Bella was first pregnant. Did NOT appreciate that. Damn you Melissa Rosenburg making my Edward look less than perfect… but other than that… it was, PERFECT.

  34. WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH! where to begin? ummm… will DEFINITELY see it again! holy crap… can you say INTENSE? the last 20 min were emotionally CRAZY! edward did such a good job at the end, and bella’s transformation was SO cool. Not to mention, the imprinting was actually very tasteful and well done. Props to Bill Condon. The honeymoon and wedding were awesome…Kstew is smoookin’ and that wedding dress looks stunning on her. My ONE complaint… I think they went a little overboard with AngryWard. M.R. did NOT make him look good at the beginning of Bella’s pregnancy. Not happy about that, but other that that… WELL DONE!

  35. Um did anyone else notice that edward or anyone else didn’t glitter during his honeymoon or the wedding?

    • I noticed. Also hated the location–filming in Louisiana was a big flop in my opinion. Too bright for these sparkly vamps to be walking around outdoors.

  36. Gay Bunnell says:

    I have to agree, It was fabulous. We were at the premier and stayed at tent city and had such a great time. Will definitely be going to see it again. I saw New moon 45 times and Eclipse 41 times in the theatre. I get more out of them every time I see them. Job well done by all. This was a difficult book to bring to life and Bill Condon and all pulled if off. I can’t wait for the next one!!!

  37. The book was so awful I was hoping they would stray from it a bit more in the movie to make it a bit more palatable. No such luck. Some scenes were just painful to watch–the necking at the alter–ewww, I mean really come on. The CGI wolf conversation–w t f? The love scene–yeah the bed broke but from the scene’s lack of heat it seemed out of place.
    Best scene–Edward asking Bella if it hurt much and his palpable shame and horror after their first night as man and wife.

    Also, they really should have dumped the pg rating and actually went for the gore as described in the book concerning the pregnancy and birth. After all, the book was by no means fodder for the tween audience, why should the movie be?

  38. Did not disappoint, and will be seeing it again with hubby tomorrow night.
    Spoiler coming…..

    Honeymoon night was just a little too much for me to allow my 14 yr old to go. For that reason (and friends agree) their daughters who saw the other movies will not be seeing this one untill they are older. Too soon for them to be watching that. I think that’s where they will lose some money (as it should be) the younger audience who will not be going.

    However, I’ve seen “worse,” and think it was tastfully done. My only hesitation is… umm.. how to put this mildly?… right before Bella said, “I’m Fine,” Edward shifted on the bed, and she gave a slight “look.” Umm…. did they actually show him “deflowering” her? Bit TMI guys. For that particular scene, my daughter won’t see this until… hmm.. how about right before she gets married.

    Loved the more ferrel look to the wolves, but hated the talking scene while they were in wolf form. I DID like how they portrayed Jake running and everyone seeing/hearing everything going on in his head. Really nicely done.

    Sick Bella. Wow.. makeup or CGI? If makeup, I’m going to say, someone needs an oscar nod. She really did look like she was dieing; emaciated, wasting away… fantastic job.

    Changing scene. I loved it, and how they neatly edited Edward ripping open Bella with his teeth. Not over the top gore. You got the idea of what he had to do. Thumbs up!

    Overall, YES, I’M SEEING IT AGAIN!!! just not with my daughter… sorry sweetie.

  39. Just got home from seeing it the second time today. This morning at 10:30 with DH. This evening at 9:50 with sister, DD’s and two nieces. I will go again if the opportunity presents itself. The wedding – the dress was amazing, the toasts were great – it felt like the audience was right there – laughing with most, wanting to shut Jessica up! I thought the honeymoon was romantic. Was a little concerned this morning. But, was happy with the romance and with the humor that was intertwined with the whole thing. The entire honeymoon sequence was good. The last section with the wolves, the birth and the imprinting were great. I cry at hallmark commercials. So it was no surprise that I cried at the wedding and as Edward was heartbroken and begging Bella to live. Renesmee was well done and leaves a lot to look forward to next year. And the scene slipped in the credits! WOW! The whole movie was spot on. I know. There were things I missed like the doggie bowl and blonde jokes. But, it was the best of the 4 so far. When we came out of the theatre tonight, the girls all asked me when part 2 is coming out. The groans at having to wait an entire year were so loud several people around us were probably wondering what was wrong!
    LOVE IT!!! Will see it again.

  40. 😀
    Going today

  41. Am I the only one that thought the Wolf-speak was AWESOME? I mean, I understand how the echo effect could have been annoying to some, but I thought it was pretty epic. And all the sweet/funny/intimate with Edward and Bella 🙂 Definitely seeing it more than once

  42. I’ve already seen it twice and will definitely see it again,as many times as possible. The film is great overall and has the repeat value of seeing it several times. Each time I see it,I see something different that wasn’t there in a previous viewing. I’m definitely going to see it during the Thanksgiving holiday and I know there will still be a huge crowd in attendance. Breaking Dawn part 1 rocks!!!!

  43. I must say i am shame. I bash the movie before i saw it base on what some fans who had already seen the movie where saying. I will never listen to anyone again regarding this movie. Me and my two twentysomething nieces went last night and all i can say is WOW. It was so much better than i expected. Kristen Stewart is a AMAZING actress and Rob was so AMAZING in the birth scene. He was heartbreaking. The wedding, the honeymoon, the wolves, everthing just rocked. Me and my nieces talk about it all the way home and it is a miracle i did not have a accident while i was driving on the freeway. Thats how excited i was. We are going back today and tomorrow.Thank you Mr. Condon. Cant wait until the DVD comes out.

  44. This movie was perfection!!! Thank You Bill Condon!!! The actors were beyond fabulous!! There’s so much detail and nuance and subtlety that is captured in their performance. There’s so much they bring to the scene with just their expressions alone. I didn’t feel anything was lacking, and though the love scenes really delivered on the steamy, romantic side of things, I still wished they’d been a little longer! But even so, they were beautiful!!! I love that there were details left out of other movies that were addressed. I can’t say enough good things about the movie. I’m grateful that the actors and director cared so much about doing such an incredible job, because it just shows. Wow, just wow!
    I’ll be re watching as many times as my wallet can handle! LOL!

  45. Saw it twice…at first I couldn’t say my opinion on it because I had to think about every scene again in my mind. It wasn’t until I saw it again that I truly thought it was amazing! Yes, there were some cheesiness in it, and I hated the background music in the beginning…but I loved how they included the music of each film in the scenes. Especially her lullaby! I was so disappointed that the music in NM and Eclipse was completely different. So extremely grateful they did that. Birthing scene def the best in the movie…loved everytime Edward smiled…especially when Bella tries to get him to make love to her again. Wish there was more emotion when he thinks he hurt her after honeymoon night and more banter between Rosalie and Jacob. Needed some sparkling vampires, which there were none 🙁 and the babys face when Jacob imprinted was too computerized to me. I do love that they showed a grown up Renesmee! She was beautiful. It makes the imprinting more understandable. Overall, it was a great time…the laughing, crying, love, and anger that I expressed watching this movie made it all worth while. 🙂

  46. Now that I’ve seen Breaking Dawn once I can say that yes, I will definitely be going back at least a few more times. Best Twilight movie so far!

  47. Well there isn’t much i can say because everyone has already said it! The movie was AMAZING and yes i will see the movie 5 more times 😉
    BUT now I’m very disappointed in the fact that we have to wait a whole year for part 2! it’s not fair and completely not nessesary. Summit needs to change the release date to only a few months not a whole freakin year 🙁

  48. was there at midnight and again yesterday, taking hubby on Monday. my bff flew in from Texas to go at midnight and we will see it as much as we can while she is here, Was anyone else disappointed not all the music from the soundtrack was in the movie. Was waiting for 1000 years so bad. Loved it all, good job Bill

  49. Twilibrarian says:

    Of course I’ll see it again!! The Twihards are always at the 12:01 premiere. I anticipated this film so much, that it will take multiple viewings to take it all in. I missed “Charlie’s Blessing” as I thought it to be such an integral part of the book. It would, for me, have been the perfect sequeway from Eclipse and Bella’s “Good thing you’re bullet proof” line. But, I can’t have everything!

    Bill Condon understands the fans. He knew how much we all wanted to experience this wedding. His camera lingers on the buttons on Bella’s gown (a stunningly elegant Caroline Herrera creation,) the lace insets, and Alice’s handiwork. Everyone needs an Isle Esme. The cinematography is gorgeaous. The honeymoon is so understated, yet it’s sexy, innocent, comical, and deadly.

    I hope the wolfpack telepathy is reworked for Part 2. It works when the pack is running and everyone it talking all at once. But Sam and Jacob in a close up stand-off came off a little too cartoonish for me. I was also worried about Jacob imprinting on a new-born. Bravo, Mr. Condon and Taylor Lautner. It is so sweet. Kudos to Melissa Rosenberg for using the explanation straight from a previous script!

    There were times I laughed out loud because the script was funny. I was touched to tears. I was horrified at Bella’s gaunt frame and grey corpse. Both Pattinson and Lautner revealed the fear of losing Bella in their desperation to save her life. While the birth could have been visually graphic, Condon chose to make it auditorily graphic. The sights and sounds of an ER were evident here.

    And the set-up for Part 2? Oooooooh. Priceless.

  50. edwardsmylion says:

    I’m so lucky to live by a theater that has $4.00 matinees and $1.00 popcorn! I’m heading out for my 2nd viewing and plan to see it at least 4 – 6 times. I was so pleased with how the movie turned out. It was nice to see Edward smiling, kissing, smiling, kissing some more – would have loved an R rating but…… it was still all good. Until the nudger came into the picture! I agree with everyone else – lovely movie, like it much better than the previous two, liked the touches with returning to some of the 1st movie’s music and that the wolf stuff could have been done better.

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