NBC New York Interviews Elizabeth Reaser: On Kristen Stewart, Peter Facinelli, and Esme

Elizabeth Reaser isn’t in a ton of interviews interviews. It’s even more rare for her to give a Twilight interview without other cast members by her side. DO NOT MISS this one!

POPCORNBIZ: In some ways this role could be a thankless task, considering it’s such a big ensemble cast. What are the thanks that you get from playing this part?

ELIZABETH REASER: Well, I sort of grew up in the school of a supporting role is what that means: to support the other characters, to support the story. That to me is not a thankless role, especially in working on these last two. I had more to do. I had fun. I think that [director] Bill [Condon] was very interested in as much Esme’s take on things. He was more interested in having Esme be the matriarch that she is. I found that interesting psychologically. So I can always kind of keep myself going even when there’s probably not a whole lot that ends up onscreen. But for me, it’s interesting because I think the character is interesting, even independent of what story is actually being told. The story is not about Esme. It’s not about us. It’s about my son and the girl that he wants to marry, and that’s interesting to me.

The family feel comes across in this one. As a cast, you guys are a family of sorts at this point, doing all these movies and press tours together. How bonded are you with everyone?

It’s interesting. I think we’re bonded in a way that’s unusual and will be lifelong, in a way, but we’re also a family in the sense that we’re not all meant to be friends. We’re a family, which is different than being friends. There are things that we’ve experienced as a group that no one else has, and that are so singular. I think that’s really cool, and that’s one thing that I’ll really miss about doing these movies, that sense of family because you can’t really create that other than on a film set in this way and to do it over and over again. Usually you never work with someone more than once. Rarely do you, so that’s a nice thing.

Is there someone in the cast that you’ve bonded with in a surprising way, someone that you wouldn’t have seen that with in the beginning?

I think there are a few, actually. There are just people that I never would’ve met, from an age difference even. I think that Kristen [Stewart] is such a doll. She and I would’ve never met or have known each other. I think she’s just so funny and sweet. Then Peter [Facinelli], actually. We’ve been playing husband and wife for years now. I think in these last two movies I got closer with him than ever. I found him to be the most hilarious, most vulnerable, sweet, brilliant person. I feel like it took me years. I always adored him. I always really liked him and have loved working with him, but just in these last two movies I’ve really sort of fallen in love with him. It was such a great thing to be playing opposite someone that you feel that way about.

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