Breaking Dawn Producer Wyck Godfrey: The DVD may have a longer honeymoon scene

Collider talked to Breaking Dawn producer Wyck Godfrey ( who is known for not being afraid to dish details) and here’s just some of what he had to say.

Were there many scenes that got cut out, that will end up on the DVD?

GODFREY: The DVD may have a longer honeymoon scene. It might have a longer first time scene. There are some other scenes that we’ll probably add, as you always do. When you cut a film, certain scenes fall away and don’t fit into the shape of the movie. There’s a really cool scene with the Volturi that we are going to have for the DVD. The good news about DVDs is that you shoot all this stuff and sometimes you go, “Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe that can’t be in the movie,” just ‘cause it doesn’t fit with the overall story, but you’ve always got that place to put it.

What was it that ultimately made the final decision not to do either of these films in 3D?

GODFREY: Honestly, certainly Movie 1 did not feel like a movie that should be shot in 3D. It didn’t feel like it was a visual journey. It was an emotional journey. It was a character story. We felt like it would be cynical to shoot it in 3D ‘cause, at the time, everyone was thinking, “Oh, everything should be done in 3D because we’ll get higher ticket prices.” We all said, “Time out. This movie should not be shot in 3D.” If anything, we would have said, “Well, maybe the second movie could be shot in 3D,” but you literally can’t shoot a 3D movie and a non-3D movie, at the same time, when you’re going back and forth between Movie 1 and Movie 2. So, we just said, “You know what? The movies have always worked without being in 3D. They’ll continue to work without being in 3D.”

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  1. thank you for not shooting in 3D. it’s cool for like 5 minutes. i prefer non-3D.

  2. I’m glad it’s not in 3D. There are some films that are good in 3D but the majority of them are not. I can actually enjoy the movie without those stupid 3D glasses getting on my nerves. I’m impatiently waiting for midnight to hit so I can go see it.

  3. smitten_by_twilight says:

    I really LOL’d when I saw this heading … because I think the director and producers might worry about fans’ violent emotional reaction if there’s no extras or director’s cut.

  4. So glad that it’s not in 3D, I wouldn’t have been able to watch it. I too get ill watching 3D pics. Thank you Summitt.

  5. What a great interview! I love how candid he is. I’ve been looking forward to a box set since movie one 😉 Saw BD1 two days ago and I’m still in awe. Have to digest it, then I’m seeing it again Wednesday!

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