Video: “I won’t let them hurt my family”

Yahoo! just released a new, and what I assume will be the last clip from Breaking Dawn before the midnight viewings starting tomorrow night. Get ready for some action!



  1. This clip annoys me but hopefully it is better when I get to see the whole thing. Since when are the wolves stronger and better at fighting than Alice, Jasper, and Edward? I know MR added action but it seems pretty one sided from this clip. At no point did SM ever make it seem like the Cullens would be owned like that if they had to fight the wolves. I hope it is better in the film or I am going to be very upset!

    • I know, right? I’m slightly annoyed that they are getting beat up by the wolves too. Maybe they get the upperhand later on…but still.

      • It’s fine its 7 against 3. Plus Bill Collin is just adding drama because they are loosing this fight it will be a bigger impact on the audience when Jacob comes in and says “I imprinted you can’t kill them!” ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that it is very good director work! I cant wait!!!

    • You guys gotta remember that they have not fed for some days that’s the reason they are weak & getting their butts kicked.

      • I think it’s not just that they haven’t fed for some days, you also have to keep in mind that the Cullens don’t really want to hurt or kill the wolves. So what are they supposed to do other than to grab and hold them? But that’s just my thought.

    • i agree baby girl your so sexy i seen before

  2. Jeez, I am going to be a hot mess during this entire movie.

  3. Foreverinyourheart says:

    Am I the only one that sees something off this Rob’s face at the beginning of this clip? Did they CGI it? Weeeeeird.
    Anyways, I’m so excited to see it tomorrow night!

  4. Damn it. I can’t view it on Yahoo.

  5. Dream Sequence??? Bella was always so afraid of what the wolves could do…

  6. Wow, my heart just went crazy. Anyway, I do agree with some of the comments about how the Cullens seem to be getting beaten by the wolves, but I think it might be because the Cullens at this point are starving. Their eyes are completely black. So maybe that’s why the wolves appear to have the upper hand here. =/

  7. At first I was worried for Sam and rest of the pack, then Alice got knocked down. Waiting is going to be horrible.

  8. They haven’t fed in a while at this point, hence the black eyes. They’re weaker.

  9. Krystle Robinson says:

    I’m so glad that I live in NZ and got to watch it hours ago. Make sure you take tissues

  10. Dawn Bowers says:

    The feeding plays a major part in their weakness, but you have to remember that in Eclipse Jasper taught the wolves how to kill newborns, so they know how to take them down or atleast weaken them. Plus the other family members isnt there to help and Edward just watched his wife give birth and she may not survive ( which we all now she does) so he’s a little pre occupied. I cant wait to see the movie.

  11. CullenCoven says:

    It says not avalible… what do they have against Pennsylvanians?

    • CullenCoven says:

      Okay I managed to see the clip and now I’m hyperventilating and kinda crying. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. So where in the story does this fit in? After they find out Bella’s prego, or after the birth, or somewhere else?

    • I think after the birth…don’t know for sure but I think Jacob comes out and breaks it up by telling them he imprinted on the baby.

  13. I hear that the movie is very true to the book, but if that is the case, then where did this scene come from? I know BD backwards and forwards and inside out, and don’t remember any confrontation between the Cullens and the wolves ever.

    • Heidi Bratumil says:

      That was my thought process as well, someone else mentioned a dream sequence, so maybe that is it? I remember reading Jacob wanting to attack by him self, then Edward stopped him. Then when Jacob distanced himself from the pack they wouldn’t attack because of the forewarning the Cullen’s now had and because their pack was smaller. Then when the baby was born and Jacob had imprinted the child became protected by the pack…… no actual confrontation…. I was stumped as well.

    • Missy Eaglin Settles says:

      I’ve actually been wondering about some of these clips myself and started thinking, there are quite a few conversations in the book with the pack in wolf form and they had to find a way to translate that somehow. I’m thinking that perhaps we are seeing scenes that are trying to convey the feelings and thoughts of the pack(s).

    • It’s not in the book. It was added to add some action/drama for those who haven’t read BD.

    • CullenCoven says:

      How do you know? This part of the book was from Bella’s point of view, and she was so deep in the transformation that she wouldn’t have noticed anything going on. And honestly, who was going to tell her? If anyone did, she would freak out. So you never know.

  14. Pixie, I believe this is just after Bella “gave birth” IE exploded with Renesmee. Jacob is inside imprinting on said baby Vamp, and I am guessing right after this scene comes the part (from the trailer clip) where Jacob storms out saying “If you kill her, you kill me” cause he imprinted, and is all like bound to her.

  15. Fiona Cullen says:

    I watched Breaking Dawn Part 17 hours ago because it came out at midnight today in Australia. IT IS INCREDIBLE. It is the best movie of the four and it is so true to the book. Every single moment is breathtaking. If you are hesitant about this scene don’t worry because it will all come together when you watch it.
    Bring tissues, I weeped for a full 2 hours.
    I need to see it again.

  16. I’ve been worried about the added wolf action, acting the Cullens since we first saw clips of it. I’m just hoping that once I see the full movie this won’t bug me as much as it does now.

  17. Saw it last night in Sydney, Australia… Not a fault. I think it was amazing. And lots of romance and funny scenes too. They do have the Cullens fighting with the Wolf pack but it worked. I really enjoyed the changes.

  18. The movie is so awesome, really worth the wait. ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Lisa Smith Dethrow says:

    There’s a reason why books are always better than the movies. Why do Directors and Screenwriters always feel the need to “make the story more action packed”? If you cannot immerse yourself into the fandom and find out exactly why the fans love the books, what scenes are important to the fans, and what we love about the characters than you should NOT have anything to do with the movie. All you do is screw it up for us. It’s not like you did not have the time to get this movie perfect, it’s split into 2 after all.

  20. I think the wolves look weird… i hope it’s just the clip but the special effect was way better in Eclipse and Jasper letting the wolves take down Alice is odd too. o.รด well I’m really curious about how it all will turn out ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Olympic Coven says:

    If you take snippets from Epic and another trailer .. I believe Emmett, Esme and Carlisle come back before Sam can do anything to Edward. Also in a scene from we see Edward knocking Jacob into a wall after he has possibly imprinted onto Nessie. Possibly human Jacob got knocked out and will come outside in just the nick of time and say his famous line, “if you kill her, you kill me too” I know this is for drama sake. Like in NM when Edward was about to be killed, I just hate it when they put the Cullens in the wrong situations. Also in the BD book, Edward never left Bella’s side during the transformation. Jacob told Sam and the pack about Nessie.

  22. Well you should know people if you read the books and the lexicons that the Wolves Kill Vampires they are stonger and faster and also did they not lean from Jasper how to kill and defeat Vampires and the New Born are a lot stonger. then the Cullens just no fighting skills. the WOLVES CAN,T BE THAT WEAK. if they suppose to Vampires.

  23. Vee you make no sense in your comment??

    Anway, just came from seeing BD1 and WOW, it was truly amazing. Yes, I’d say about 90% of the movie stuck true to the book, the other 10% were added in scenes. Overall, the whole movie flowed. Of course dh complained in the beginning (needed wine to go with the cheese!), but after the honeymoon, the sap disappeared except for a few key moments (that again stayed true to the book) The ending INCREDIBLE and I’m anxiously awaiting the conclusion!!

  24. It does make sense when you know that the family is starved, tired, and stressed to the limit and the wolves out number them like 2 to 1

  25. yup

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