The Fab Life Talks to the Lexicon about Fandom and the Future

Lori had the chance to do an interview with The Fab Life about Breaking Dawn, the fandom, and what will come in the future.

TFL: Do you think Stephenie Meyer should do a spin-off series? On which character?

LJ: From the time Breaking Dawn was published I have been hoping for more books from Stephenie. I would love to see how the relationship plays out between Renesmee and Jacob! And I’d love to see how Edward and Bella deal with it! But I will forever want to know what happens to Leah. Stephenie told us long ago that if she wrote any more books, they would be about Nessie and Leah. I refuse to believe that a writer who likes happy endings as much as Stephenie does would leave Leah alone and angry for the rest of her life! And lets not forget The Host! I would line up for more Host novels!

TFL: Do you think anything will ever take Twilight‘s place for you?

LJ: It’s possible. I never thought I’d find a book series that had me waiting at midnight for the next release like Harry Potter did. Then Twilight came along. Then I read Hunger Games and got wrapped up in that series. What’s unique about Twilight for me is that I haven’t just been a fan, but I’ve been able to be a real part of the fandom and the community. I don’t know if I will ever be this active in a fandom again, but I don’t think this will be the last fandom that captures my imagination so much that I rush out to see the films or buy the books as soon as they are available.

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  1. good interview. nice to see something from the other TL co-owner 😉

  2. Yeah I thought The Host was a trilogy. And what happened to her ghost story and mermaid story? Is she ever writing again?

  3. The Host I did not like at all. In fact could not finish it. Can not believe being made into movie.
    But I would love to see her continue Renesmee and Jacob story. Even though I always thought Jacob should be with Leah. Or even do back stories of each Cullen. I would love to read more of Edwards POV. We never really got to see where he was coming from. That is one thing I think books are missing when they only have one persons POV.

  4. Jackalyn Colpitts says:

    I just want to thank all of you ladies that run this site. It has been my go-to website since I first became obsessed, in 2008! While I was reading the books, I found out they were making a movie, and found the Lexicon. I know all important news and information will be here, while not posting paparazzi junk and rumors. I have been to the last 2 movie events in Franklin, and its awesome, all you do for those events!

    You all are a class act! Thank you for all your hard work!

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