A Review of Breaking Dawn By a Non-Fan That Keeps Fans in Mind

I appreciated reading this review from Take40 that admits the film won’t win an Oscar for Best Movie, but that the fans will love it.  Be warned though, it does have a few spoilers.  Here are a few highlights:

Well the movie take40.com (and the rest of the world) have been anticipating for close to twelve months has finally been released — and we thought it was fantastic!

First of all, despite the bad reviews we’ve been reading of this flick, Breaking Dawn impressed us (and the audience by the sounds of it) and if it’s keeping the fans happy, then that’s probably what matters the most!

As someone who has never read any Twilight books (I can hear Twihards gasping in horror) I can’t say how Breaking Dawn ranked against them, but I was pleasantly surprised that I came out liking this film above all the others, and am keen to see the next one!

After Edward knocks up Bella, it’s pretty much all down hill in the looks department for Kristen Stewart. As the vamp baby harms her from the inside, the film stylists have succeeded in showing us a side of Kristen never seen before — sickly, emaciated and just plain unattractive!

The birth scene is fairly graphic in terms of teen movies — with Kristen having to drink her own blood, and then undergo a bloody C-section in a room full of blood thirsty vampires. I’m sure you can do the maths there. Robert Pattinson really shines through this scene, as Edward deals with possibly losing the love of his life.

The Lexicon would like to note a couple of things – The fansites had the chance to see the film at the premiere in the Nokia, which was FILLED with fans.  I believe they let most of the tent city campers into the film.  There were several moments of applause, and not at the points where you would expect them.  There was lots of laughter, and even a few moments where it was stunningly silent.  So I feel the audience LOVED the films, and like this review said, the fans loving it is what is important.  Secondly, before we get comments about it, Bella does NOT drink her own blood.  She drinks the blood that Carlisle has kept for her in case she needs it as a clumsy human who manages to get hurt a lot.  Just like in the book.  Since this reviewer admits that he’s never read the books, he didn’t catch on right away to that.  You can read the whole review at Take40.


  1. Saw Breaking Dawn last night at the midnight session in Aus and was so pleased with it! Kristen, Rob and Taylor you guys have embodied your characters with such precision and I felt Edwards tension during the birth scene was spot on as was Taylor and Kristen is phenomenal too! So many things to like and love about the film so many stand out moments! Thank you cast and crew for being breaking dawn to the visual spectacular it was!

  2. A little off the topic, but the reviewer did mention LA premiere was world premiere. Did it not already premiere in some oversea markets? Isn’t that what some of the actors went to in Spain, Italy and England?

    Thank you for your clarification on Bella’s blood drinking. I cringed when I read that. I’ll wait to read the full interview until after seeing the movie; seen enough spoilers with all the clips given out already.

    Will you be giving us a report of your experiences with Yahoo movies, the premiere, tent city visits??

  3. Maybe its time twilight lexcion tell twilight fans the bitter truth ………….this movie is a

    11% rotten on ROTTEN-TOMATOES (The most signficant and realiable movie review site in the world) and a

    3,8/10 on IMDB (The largest movie detabase site in the world)


    • So you are therefore saying if a film has a poor rating on Rotten Tomatoes no-one should dare like it? We have a right to our own opinions this is a website for fans of twilight. If you are not a fan I would suggest you find something that interests you rather than telling us how bad something we enjoy is. And by the waay Twilight fans are more than capable of looking at Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB ourselves we do not need the lexicon to lead us to it.

    • perhaps it is time you got a life of your own!!

      • Troy, not sure if you realize this yet but since you are on the Lexicon you must be aware at this stage of the series Twi-Hards do not give a rat’s ass about critics and critics at Rotten Tomatoes. IT’S A FRANCHISE FOR FANS BY FANS. Take a deep breath–it’s going to be OK.

        • Its so bizarre to sound like this, get a grip people take these movies/books too serious people are entitled to their comments even on the website dedicated to SM, why would you say rats ass, would you say that to the writer, likely not. You need some sun.

  4. I debated whether to comment, I came into the TWILIGHT craze late it was only until I saw the first I fell in love and bought the entire series, as a aspiring writer myself who loves all things vampires (I know they are not real lol) I think TWILIGHT franchise has blown up so much its hard for me to connect with it anymore, I don’t know the author Stephenie Meyer (I spelled it right twi-hards) but what made me adore her was how down to earth she appeared in teh early days, when blogged, etc to me it seems fame has made her forget that, and I wish that never happened, sucess changes people so I hope she will return back to that after the glitz and glamour has faded and she can get back to writing. Again this is my opinion I am entitled so whoever reads this first remember that, and BTW I will still watch BREAKING DAWN I got a free movie ticket but my hubby has to sit through it…yes I am only watching it to see the hush hush dress.

    Peace, Love and Respect.=0)

    • Joshua L. Roberts says:

      In truth, to answer your later statement in regards to Stephenie… I think the only thing thing that has changed about Stephenie is that she is more confident when speaking in public. From all the interviews she’s done, I’ve found that she is speaking with quite a bit more authority than she used to. She’s getting used to the fuss that comes with being a celebrity author. She’s still a “stay-at-home” mom, and still has the same wit that she had in the early years of the saga, so I can’t complain about her one bit.

  5. Aurélie Guidez says:

    I’ve seen the movie yesterday (I’m french)! Awesome!

  6. Ros Gardner says:

    Seen it twice already in Sydney. Loved it both times – romantic/witty/sad but the Wolves v’s Cullens battle was totally rediculous IMO. Does Melissa Rosenberg have an aversion to Jacob’s POV in the book ???? Sooo much of this was missing !!!!!

    • given how pro jacob MR has been in the first three, i DOUBT she has an aversion to jacob POV!

    • um, not at all. MR <3s Jacob. She is anti-Edward. she made him look like a total jerk from the moment Bella told him she was pregnant, to when he heard Renesme. Then he turned back into the Edward we love. It wasn't like that in the book… he was upset, but he never screamed at Bella.


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