Official Breaking Dawn Yahoo Movies Livestream

The Lexicon’s Laura (Laura__BC on Twitter) will be one of the hosts along with Lauren (Littlelauren on twitter) of the official Twilight facebook page

The Official Live Stream of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 1 world premiere will be hosted exclusively on Yahoo! on Monday, November 14 at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT.

Date: November 14, 2011
Time: 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT

The HD live stream will be the biggest production yet for a Twilight Saga premiere, featuring the most comprehensive coverage of the red carpet with 5 hosts on two interview platforms including the talent’s first stop at the main stage and a multi-camera setup with 8 cameras, including the following vantage points:

  • Main Stage Interview Platform
    Arrivals Cam
    Fashion Cam
    Bird’s Eye View
    Fan Cam
  • Fans at home can watch online & via their mobile handheld & tablet devices. The hashtag for the event is #BreakingDawnLive send questions to @yahoomovies using that hashtag

    During the online live stream fans will have the opportunity to submit questions for the stars via Yahoo! Movies’ Facebook page (



      • It’s great to love Twilight, I do too, but don’t let it be your life. Edward is not real, and you aren’t going to find a man just like him. There is sooo much more to love than what you find in Edward anyway, even as eloquently and beautifully as Stephanie has brought him to life. I am as big a Twilight fan as anyone, but I hate to read these kinds of posts from young ladies. There is so much more out there, girls! And when you find him, he’ll lay even Edward in the dust. 🙂

        • Completely agree Brooke…..crushes are all part of growing up but we all find out they are just a phase when we find true love in real life. 🙂

        • Brooke, I find it interesting that your comment encourages this young lady to not let Twilight or Edward be here life, because “there is so much more out there”, however, in your next sentence, you insinuate that the “so much more” is some other man who will supposedly “lay even Edward in the dust.”

          Personally, if we’re going to go there, I wouldn’t encourage any young woman to allow any man, as wonderful as he may be, to be her whole life. Just a thought.

          Best regards.

          • Nicole Caulfield says:

            You should never let a man be your whole life but if the right man comes along and you know that, then you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. You can still be your own person and be totally in love with someone else.
            And making someone your whole life isn’t a bad thing if you know truly who you, yourself are and as long as you know that there are other things out there that are important there shouldn’t be a problem. It’s all to do with perspective. As long as you have a clear view on the rest of the world making a man your world doesnt have to be a bad thing. We don’t discourage men to do that, woman like the idea of men making them their whole world, so why is it so different if a woman does it?

            Regards, x

    2. Mary Wiseley says:

      If you get around to Rob and Kris, I would really like to know when Rob & Kristen are going to inform us with their dating status. Are they or are they not a couple? I want to hear it from them 1st hand. Or are they going to wait until part to has been released?

      • do you ever read or see them with someone else?

      • Rob and Kristen’s relationship is their business and no one else’s. Whether they make their dating status public or not is up to them, but they are both very guarded about their private lives so it’s not likely that there will ever be an official announcement. I’m happy that the press has pretty much stopped asking them about it since it’s obvious neither feels comfortable discussing it. It’s usually the couples who put their relationships in the public spotlight that don’t last, so I think it’s a good thing that they’re keeping the details to themselves. They’re entitled to their privacy just like anyone else.

    3. Foreverinyourheart says:

      Pam I totally agree!

    4. Wow…lol.

      So, should be a good movie premiere. I’m looking forward to seeing what Kristin Stewart will be wearing. She has great style, and looks great in practically everything. The guys are sure to be dressed to the nines, and looking smart as well.

    5. Nicole Caulfield says:

      Nearly Time!!! Can’t wait so excited!!!

    6. When does the stream start in the UK do any of you know please 🙂

    7. CullenCoven says:

      I’m not sure cuz i can’t see, but i’m pretty sure rob just walked out. just from the volume of the screams.

    8. CullenCoven says:

      It’s amazing how many Twi-Guys are there. And most are other actors!

    9. CullenCoven says:

      the French Coven??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the…..!?!

    10. Foreverinyourheart says:

      It would absolutely lovely if the livestream would stop CUTTING OUT!

    11. Foreverinyourheart says:

      I think I’ll give my views to MTV seeing as they can keep their feed clear!

    12. CullenCoven says:

      I love the Volturi crests on the security team’s tags. Funny.

    13. Lorrainebow says:

      Great job!!!!! I thought nothing could make me more excited for the midnight showing in a few days, but this did it!!!!!!!

    14. Yahoo stream was great….what happened to MTV’s coverage? I am wondering if their location was what made their coverage not as good as yahoo! All in all, it was a great night, and everyone was dressed to the nine’s!!!

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