Reuters Predicts Despite High Numbers: Twilight Saga Will End With a Whimper

Rueters has a piece up that frankly we are finding a little baffling. Amidst a piece that tends (in our opinion) to ramble quite a bit, they are claiming that the Twilight craze is over despite Breaking Dawn selling really well according to Fandango. They then go into this strange True Blood and Vampire Diaries analogy.

And tracking for the next “Twilight” film is good, with “Breaking Dawn” the bestselling movie ticket at Fandango as of late last week, according to the site’s Harry Medved.

But nothing R. Patz and K. Stew do in theaters will surpass what the randy vampires on “True Blood” do weekly on the small screen. And as HBO’s “Blood” has stolen some of “Twilight’s” sex thunder with the older crowd, the CW’s “Vampire Diaries” has given the teen set (oh OK, and some more mature viewers, too) a chance to get their fill of soapy vamp drama on a weekly basis.

Plus, the demo that created that frenzy has grown up. Except for the Twihards, the initial pre-teen-girl fan base — we all know this is a largely female phenomenon — has moved on to other things. It’s hard to see them still wearing those Team Edward or Team Jacob tees.

In fact, it’s hard to see anyone still wearing those tees.

Read the whole article here. Do you agree?


  1. True Blood? Vampire Diaries? Please…

  2. No! I’m 31 and still looking forward to this one just as much as I did the others, if not more. And, to be honest, I have no interest in either True Blood or The Vampire Diaries. They are completely different, in my opinion. d

    • EJ's Girl says:

      I totally agree with you Dawn! I’m 32 and feel exactly the same as you.

    • Loling and reading this article with my I 3> Edward in my closet.
      I already have my BD tix,, and I’m 31 btw.

    • Preach it! I’m 52 and its Twilight all the way! Guess they will be sitting in a room somewhere eating those famous last words… Twilight is all I have heard talked about for months…not one mention of True Blood or Vampire Diaries….lol

    • I agree. I was a fan of Twilight before all the fandom craziness started, which I bought my books at Costco! My friends thought I was crazy for falling in love with the books but after Twilight came out in theaters, they were hooked as well. I’m 32 years old btw!! I don’t care for True Blood but I do like Vampire Diaries for I read those books while back in HS and I still have the original cover books! Truly though, other shows just occupy my time until the next Twilight movie comes out, which will finally be in 9 days!!!!!

  3. Twilight was already in my heart BEFORE it was a fad, and it will forever hold it’s place there, just like any book, movie, poem or anything else that’s captured me.

    – Vikki 23

  4. i still plan on seeing it at least 6 times. i´ll wear my twilight shirt, bag, bracelet, necklace AND hoodie. i like true blood and vampire diaries but i LOVE twilight. 🙂

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Written by a male… who doesnt understand the intrigue of idialistic love….. sad…..

    • Couldn’t agree more! I am 37 and already have my Twilight posse of 12 women (ages 17-56) all set to go on Thursday night, Friday day and Saturday.

  6. I am a TwiGrandMom and I very much looking forward to BD#1, and I can’t wait for BD#2 next year. Three generations of my family will be at the midnight showing on the 18th. I like TVD also, but nothing replaces or out shines the Twilight Saga books or movies.

  7. Twilight was in my heart before it was a fad, and that’s where it will be forever. Just like any other book, movie, poem, etc. There’s no comparing it to tv dramas because that’s not what the saga is. Those who only see Twilight in a dollars & cents perspective will never understand.
    – Vikki 23

  8. Libby Blackmon says:

    I am a TwiGrandMom and I very much looking forward to BD#1, and I can’t wait for BD#2 next year. Three generations of my family will be at the midnight showing on the 18th.

  9. i LOVE Twilight but i do also enjoy vampire Diaries and true blood. this article is def from someone who is not a twifan. i cant wait to see BD part 1 at midnight.

  10. Libby Blackmon says:

    I am a TwiGrandMom and I very much looking forward to the midnight showing!!!

  11. another hater who is gonna look like a moron after BD pulls in HUGE numbers!

  12. The article flunks basic math. First off, the common assertion that Twilight’s fanbase is all preteen girls. That meme is as persistent as it is illogical. The last Twilight film did $300 million domestic. At an average ticket price of 8 bucks, that’s 37 million tickets. According to the US census in 2000, the female 10-14 cohort is less than 10 million people. So if Twilight fans are all preteen females, then every single one bought 4 tickets to Eclipse, which is ludicrous. And of course we all know that Twilight’s audience includes both adults and *gasp* guys.

    Then, the statement that all the audience is gone to True Blood or Vampire Diaries. More numbers: Twilight, 37 million tickets as aforesaid. (That’s domestic only, not counting Twilight’a huge international audience.) Vampire Diaries ratings, about 4 million. True Blood ratings, about 5 million. The numbers don’t compare. If you compare facebook likes instead, Vampire Diaries and True Blood each have about 9 million, Twilight has 25 million.

    Chalk this up as yet another in the long history of people predicting box office failure for Twilight and getting it fantastically wrong. It’s kind of crazy that after so much proven success, people still predict failure for Twilight.

  13. Whaat? This is a really weird article. I’m not sure how big the numbers will be and if they’ll stay at the level of the previous films, but comparing Twilight to True Blood and VD is so old and IMO those two series will have very little to do with the numbers that BD will pull to theatres. I’m sure BD will do very well at the box office, both in US and the rest of the world. The fans’ enthusiasm is nowhere near waning, but I don’t know about the audience outside the devoted fanbase.

  14. I’m glad that the frenzy was as big as it was because that’s why all four books were adapated into movies in rapid succession! I’m a longtime vampire/supernatural fan and I’ll still enjoy Twilight films, books, and graphic novels after the media hype machine moves on. And thanks to Twilight I look forward to more projects by Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene et al. If someone wants to make it a contest with Harry Potter – the most massive pop culture phenomenon since Star Wars – well, whatever. I have a feeling that young readers and movie watchers will rediscover Twilight in every generation, so beyond the current numbers and the hype its legacy is assured.

  15. Ok then…well I haven’t watched any one of the Vampire Diaries, and have only just started watching True Blood episodes on Netflix. And they are BOTH twilight rip-offs.

    True Blood is pretty cool, and some got some original material so not bad. But neither, is as good as the “original” and best. “twilight”.

    What do these people think all these multi-million dollar sellout theaters are selling? Heroin? Our own personal brand?

    Why yes, maybe they are. 😉

    • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

      NICE!! 😀

      • MorganLeFay says:

        I am a big Twilight Fan and so are my girlfriends. We are all in our mid 30’s. I have been looking forward this since the release of Eclipse and we all bought our tickets to watch the opening night (our husbands are also coming). I am also a lover of True Blood and Vampire Diaries and have read all the books. Vampire Diaries and True Blood are not rip offs of Twilight however. Both book series actually started way before the Twilight books every came out. They are all very special in their own way. Comparing them just because there are Vampire and Werewolves is really silly!!!

        • Thanks for pointing out the fact that both Vamp Diaries and True Blood came out years and years before Twilight. I remember reading Vamp Diaries when I was in 3rd grade (I’m 33 now) and was thrilled that it was finally being made into a tv series (tv series is way better than the book, imo).

          Anywhoo, this article is…odd. Maybe Breaking Dawn part 2 won’t top BD part 1 because we’ve all seen the marriage/honeymoon…but somehow I doubt it. I didn’t invest tons of money into Twilight to not watch the final movies. I may not be as twi-crazed as I was a couple of years ago, but I still reread the series regularly and am counting down the days until the premiere.

        • Ah well Morgan, I’m 40, and had never heard of True Blood, or Vampire Diaries before they came on tv, after “twilight” came out in theaters, and the similarities were just a little too…similar. So, there there it is. *shrugs*

          Oh, and yep my husband and a gaggle of girls usually accompany us to the midnight shows. This one won’t be any different. Always a good time!

    • Why don’t you do a little research before you white knight the Twilight series.

      L.J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries hit the bookshelves in 1991.

      The first Sookie Stackhouse novel, penned by Charlane Harris, upon which the television series True Blood is based, was published in 2001.

      Twilight was released in 2005.

      It’s fine to be a fan of Twilight–have fun with it. But it’s comments such as yours which give these books and movies the bad taste that’s left in the mouths of people not involved in this fandom…for precisely this very reason.

  16. I can’t wait for the next two movies! But sad to say that my younger cousin has moved her interests from Twilight to Harry Potter. She doesn’t even seem to care for the footage I show her. 🙁

  17. Missy Mamasgirl Swiss says:


  18. I am 34. I love True Blood, I love Vampire Diaries and I am still obsessed with Twilight as my no.1 favorite and I will be sporting a shirt at the midnight opening with twelve other die hard fans!!

  19. While I’m not the fan I was when I first read the books and saw the movie, I still feel a sort of loyalty and fondness for the series, and I bought my midnight tickets the first chance I got. I can’t be the only one.

  20. BD#1 numbers are going to be much larger then Eclipse in my opinion. Eclipse came out in the summer when the kids are home from school so it was harder for the adult female fan base (which is huge) to sneak off to the movies without their young kidlets. With shcool in session I will be able to see Breaking Dawn multiple times while the kids are at school! Much smarter time by Summit to release the movie.

  21. Excuse me, but plan on wearing my brand new Edward Breaking Dawn T-shirt come next Thursday at midnight!!!!

  22. It amazes me that after all these years there is still a perception that the fanbase is all pre-teen or teen. It has been pretty well established at this point that it appeals to a wide range of ages (I’m 32, my friend I’m going to see it with is 21. A 50 yr. old lady at Rooms to Go jabbered about how she loved Twilight at me while I was couch shopping!) Yes, some teen fans have moved on, they tend to do that. But it’s general fanbase is far from shrinking away. And why the constant need to compare? True Blood, Twilight, and Vampire Diaries are all in the same genre, but so are the hundreds of other vampire movies and shows that were made in the last 80 years. Should we sit down and compare them all and pick them apart for all the ways they aren’t as good as the others? Maybe, on our own personal “best list”…

  23. Yea Trueblood and Vampire Diaries have taken fans but people still love Twilight and will watch regardless of not being a fan anymore or their love for it has died. Without Twilight none of those especially Vampire Diaries would even exist sorry but it’s true !

  24. charlotte says:

    Silly, poorly written article just looking to draw a reaction from twilight fans. We all know why we love it.

  25. Is this person an idiot ? Of course the fad is going to fade a little bit and people aren’t going to wear shirts with their faces because of others making fun of us and the teen girls have grown up. I will continue to wear Twilight shirts but ones that aren’t so out there. Were not as crazy or loud because we know better now and it’s way too into the series to be acting like that anyways.
    Let’s make billions and shut this person up already !

  26. Tell us something we don’t know ! It’s still loved but yes it’s going die down DUH !

  27. I sometimes wonder what the numbers will be and have moments of being nervous. Simply because amoung young girls and many adult males it seems to be “cool” to hate Twilight.

    But I know where I will be at Midnight!! and yes I will be wearing my BD shirt, jewelry and my Edward blanket will keep me warm and snuggled!

    I love the books, movies and the fandom!! This will never change!

    Be safe

  28. a comment of one person.hoping you choke with your predictions when the movie earned 800 million.

  29. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    I think it’s kind of funny that everyone’s already discussing Twilight’s legacy when there’s still another movie coming out next year. This may be the beginning of the movie franchise’s completion, but it is far from the end of true fans pleasure with Twilight itself. This writer, like many before her, doesn’t “get it”. It is inevitable that there will be slowing and cooling simply because there will be nothing new for us (after BD Part 2) to get super-excited for and spend lots of money on—and most importantly, relive our fascination with the BOOKS. With the movies, we get to relive how we felt and what we saw in our heads when we read this amazing story. Once the movies are done, there won’t be the furor at the theaters, so the fans will be less noticeable to the public. But, that does not mean they will be gone. As another mom at my daughter’s ballet class said, “IT’S THE BOOKS!”

    I, like many of the other people commenting, am not a teenager who’s “grown” out of anything. I’m a 33 year old mom with two kids. When I went to the Twilight convention last Friday, there were only a handful of teenagers there. The greatest part of the fan base consists of “older” women—or more appropriately stated, women who are Stephenie Meyer’s age—she was writing for herself and her sister after all.

    Again, another “author” is showing her ignorance of the demographics of the fans. And I am sure that many others like myself, look forward to when our kids are older and we can share the books with them. I’m looking forward to giving the books to both my daughters…in 9 years. I doubt I’ll be the only one.
    As for True Blood and Vampire Diaries, I am not remotely interested in either. I will be re-reading and re-enjoying the entire Twilight Saga and the movies for many years to come—a much more fun use of my limited time.

  30. Twilight Nymph says:

    I disagree with the article. I think this is going to be big. I’m going with my cousins and friend at midnight. Oh, and about the shirts, I’m not wearing a Team Edward or Team Jacob t-shirt, but I am wearing a Team Switzerland one. Oh, and I’m 24 by the way, not a tween.

  31. Janine Lieber says:

    Just based on this little blurb from the full article, I’d say “someone bumped their head.” The writer of said article, that is. The “Twilight” Saga is alive and well and as passionate as ever. Although it is ‘sad’ to think of the series coming to a close, it will go out with a shout, not a whimper. Thank you very much! And it shall be beloved and remembered in both written and celluloid forms forever.

  32. Janine Lieber says:

    *… the fans are as passionate as ever. (typos suck)

  33. Rachel Morrill says:

    Still a Twihard been sporting a different Twilight Tee everday for the past 3mths strait brought 98 tickets for the 12:01 AM Showing @Century 24 first midnight showing as soon as they were available Oct. 1st 12:01 AM, Will be there in costumes as various characters and as items like invitations and such with my Barnes & Nobel Stephine Meyers book club and friends, so we can’t wait & we will all be watching it multiple times in XD guaranteed!!!

  34. Rachel Morrill says:

    Still a Twihard been sporting a different Twilight Tee everday for the past 3mths strait brought 98 tickets for the 12:01 AM Showing @Century 24 first midnight showing as soon as they were available Oct. 1st 12:01 AM, Will be there in costumes as various characters and as items like invitations and such with my Barnes & Nobel Stephine Meyers book club and friends will be enjoying & living in the moment, so we can’t wait & we will all be watching it multiple times in XD guaranteed!!!

  35. Jackalyn Colpitts says:

    I think the Twilight fans are going to stay true, we are devoted fans. Not just pre teen girls. I am 32! I love True Blood, but honestly, its such a different feel then Twilight. I don’t watch TB just to get my “vampire fix”, and have no intentions of ditching Twilight. /

    Besides, i know people who haven’t really been into Twilight and are seeing previews for Breaking Dawn and are now trying to catch up with the other movies so they can see “BD” in theaters. I think every movie draws in new fans.

    Just another case of the “intelligent media” trying to make Twilight fans look like mush minded idiots. We are not stupid or insane. We just enjoy a great story!

    Look forward to seeing you all in Nashville~11-19-2011!

  36. Also still a Twihard and a Stephanie fan from the start! before it was called a Saga…..cant wait for both parts of Breaking Dawn and THE HOST to come to the big screen! I hope we make this person eat their words!! 🙂

  37. I’m so grateful for everyone’s comments. I’m 60 and love the saga totally. I’ve been attending Twilight Tues. and find that the audience is made up mostly of 30 and older women. When I first saw this article, I couldn’t believe anyone could so misunderstand the fanbase. It’s delightful to find others as committed to this story and its characters. Attending midnight showings with such enthusiastic people is also incredibly fun. See you there!!

  38. Uhm…I’m 51 and I still wear my Twilight t-shirts, thank you very much. I still carry my New Moon tote bag to work.

    But…I DO think that these last two films won’t be as successful (money-wise) as the others. There are a vast number of us who didn’t like Breaking Dawn (whether anyone wants to admit it or not.) I’m not as anxious to see these last two movies as I was all the others, just because I didn’t care for the change in tone from the previous 3 books.

    My hope is that Rosenberg and Condon will actually IMPROVE upon the last book in these films.

  39. I can see just about everyone here is in my age group. I just turned 34 last month and I’m one of the biggest Twilight fans in my family besides my almost 20-year-old cousin. This aricle is written from a cynic who obviously doesn’t look at the entire audience reading and watching Twilight to know,that the fan base ranges in age. Even after BD part 2 is released next year,the fan base is going to continue and flourish. Some would have thought it would have fazed out some,after the last novel came out because the reaction was mixed. I’ve noticed the fan base has grown twice the size since then and it hasn’t slowed down yet. Not to mention the enormous international fan base and they’re just as passionate about the series as we are here in the states. I don’t see the craze for Twilight slowing down anytime soon and we as the fans will keep this train going for as long as possible.

  40. CullenCoven says:


  41. spidermonkey says:

    They don’t know what they are talking about. They don’t understand the Twilight Fans…

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