Charlie Bewley, Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Tinsel Korey: Live Blog-Breaking Dawn Twilight Convention

They will be up in about 15 minutes.

Chaske and Charlie not here.

Tinsel Korey would love to work with Gwennth Paltrow and Ben Kingsley
Alex Meraz Would Like to work with Christian Bale

Alex’s first fan experience was two girls stalking him while eating. He couldn’t figure out why they were staring at them. They finally came up and asked him if he was in Twilight? He says yes and the girls said “OMG so happy to meet you Taylor”

Tinsel gets asked what inspired her music she says “life” and Alex goes “me in my underwear” and Tinsel says see this is what it was like on set surrounded by wolfpack

Alex then gets asked “what inspires your artwork” and Tinsel gets even and says “You in your underwear”. Alex says traveling around everywhere to new places inspires him

On ending the saga: Tinsel it hasn’t hit her it’s over yet because of all the conventions and PR. Alex jokes “yeah I cried all the way to the bank” Tinsel then slaps him and goes douche bag

If they had to fight a Cullen who would it be:
Alex: Carlise and his insulting wig that he wears
Tinsel: Give me the weakest one Esme

Favorite Movie:
Tinsel: Anne of Green Gables
Alex: Fight Club

Funniest thing that has ever happened with a fan:
Alex: A fan in Denver said you’re ugly in real life at a one-on-one signing. He was like really…he then points to Kiowa and says he’s uglier

Upcoming projects:

Alex: Mindgames is upcoming. Shot in crazy caves for 6 weeks at night. Scary supernatural movie. They fisnished shooting a month ago.

Tinsel: Did a movie Fishing Naked with Bronson and she confirms that he is in fact naked in teh movie. Alex says “Did a trout bite him. Does he have a trout injury”

If they could be a vamp in real life would they:
Tinsel: No doesn;t want to live forever
Alex: Would be Bram Stoker’s Dracula if he could be

Best part of movie:
Tinsel the fan experience
Alex agrees and hope sfans appreciate his sense of humor. He feels like he’s grown up a lot during the process.

Favorite and not favorite part of movie process:
not fav is waiting for Tinsel
Fav Alex….jokes the Craft Service table

Alex thinks it’s weird how the paprazzi can take teh same photo every day. He told the paps where the Cullen hotel was one day to get them off the wolfpack trail and later he heard Ashley Greene on cell phone going “I don’t know how they found us!”

Charities that they support:
Tinsel works with art education support program
Alex works with Chaske on Be the Shift on helping Native Americans

How they prep for scene:
Tinsel jokes Alex doesn’t help anyone

Tinsel enjoys teaching arts workshops in Native reservations. She’s done it with LaPush and Macaw tribes They also helped her to get into character

Go to dance moves:
They are asking for demonstrations.
Tinsel says Alex and Taylor used to have dance offs. She’s beggin alex to show off. He does a capoeira move.

Their favorite scene in part 1 is a beach scene. And Alex says Tinsel and Chaske were kissing all the time. Tinsel slaps him and says “You’re going to get us in trouble. You were not supposed to say anything.”

How does Alex feel about being role model to younger native people.
He finds it humbling. And He knows how important it is to lead by example and he want to live a positive life and just show by what he does.

Tinsel wanted to work with women not to be too concerned with body image. She like to lead with healthy seating but not to get super skinny.

When asked if he cheers his CGI wolf on Alex says actually I just look at the screen and say “hairball! Stop licking yourself”

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