Video: Twilight Actors Introduce Their Favorite Movie Scenes At Twilight Tuesdays

Last night was the first Twilight Tuesday event, where fans can see the original films on the big screen along with some extra footage. Here’s the favorite scenes of several actors.

Video was removed by request from Summit Entertainment.


  1. I love how Nikki Reed jokes about her roots in Twilight. Funny thing is… for me, of all the movies all of the characters hair is best in Twilight. ESPECIALLY Jasper’s hair!

  2. Did anyone elses movie start much later than it was supposed to? Sadly we only had maybe 10 people in our theatre. It was great seeing the movie in the theatre though.
    The Intros were very awkward,Jackson was hilarious! Booboo’s commentary was just bad! Jackson’s and Nikki’s hair did look the best in Twilight. The makeup was better than too! I don’t think I am liking the “vampire” makeup in Breaking Dawn.

  3. There were only about 20 people in the theatre where I went. The only thing really new was the four actors introducing their favorite scenes. The ComiCon and premiere footage may have been ‘new’ but the DVD extras have some footage just question if exact same. The DVD has the extended scene of Edward playing Bella’s Lullaby so that was not new. It was worth it to see Twilight on the big screen for the second time. Noticed the chime music that Lori or Laura complained about whenever Edward sparkled. Noticed that Rob’s ears were not vampirized that someone else had mentioned. Talked to some people before and after that didn’t know about Twilight Lexicon or Twilight Moms – I wore my TM t-shirt. For one lady that was the first time she’d seen Twilight on the big screen, really liked it and noticed missed things watching DVD. Worth the time and money. Looking forward to next week and all the other happenings leading up to Breaking Dawn.

  4. Hahaha Roberto! Nice one Nikki 😀

  5. Hahaha 😀 who watches Twilight with their dog? Oh yeah BooBoo Stewart!


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