Jennifer Lawrence Trying to Downplay Hunger Games and Twilight Comparisons

When Twilight first rose to media heights in 2006 it was constantly being compared to Harry Potter. Most fans found that kind of silly because the only real comparison was on number of books sold if you took them novel-by-novel, and later movie sales. Now as Twilight is entering its final movies it’s inevitable that that people are now asked “Is The Hunger Games the next Twilight?”  instead of  “Is Twilight the next Harry Potter?”  Again it seems kind of silly because The Hunger Games doesn’t really have anything in common with Twilight (or Harry Potter for that matter) except sales totals.

Here’s what The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence had to say to Vanity Fair when asked what is probably going to be the long-running annoying question that she will have to deal with.

Do you worry at all about the film becoming a massive phenomenon in the way of Twilight—and what that will mean for your personal and professional life?

I try not to think too much about it. Hunger Games is not Twilight, and while I hear the comparisons, it’s really premature to say that it will be the same phenomenon. I’m so proud of the work we did on the film—Gary and the entire cast and crew were amazing, and I can’t wait for it to be brought to life because I think it’s an important story. If it does become a crazy phenomenon, I’ll soak up my freedom now!

Don’t feel too badly Jennifer. At some point someone will be asking “Is the Mortal Instruments the next The Hunger Games?”

The good part, as far as we can tell, is that lots of Twilight fans are also The Hunger Games fans, and more importantly people are obsessed because THEY READ THE BOOKS!


  1. vicariousfun says:

    I wish the comparisons between series would stop. The story lines are so different I don’t think a comparison applies. The only similarity is that they are YA series and the heroine has two guys vying for her. It stops there. Both are very good books so I hope people will just enjoy them for what they are and not get into a war like happened with the Potter books. It’s tiresome.

  2. I wish comparisons wouls stop too! On everything! It gets so old and stupid! Hunger Games were great books and the movies will be great too!

  3. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    Folks comparisons happens because it is Hollywood. For those of you who aren’t in the business, many large handsome deals stems from one series being compared to another. For example, when I’m marking my fantasy series to publishers, I stated… “insert title” is a fantasy adventure in the vein of Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and Chronicles of Narnia.

    Why? Because this helps a studio/agency guage who is going to read it, who they are going to market it to, and most importantly how much can they possibly make from it. This is a tried and true process that has been a part of the system for almost a hundred years, so I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.

    The Hunger Games, like Twilight and Harry Potter are also going to get compared because they all are highly successful franchises, YA novels (or at least marketed to YA readers), and were written by women.

  4. I wish the comparisons would stop. It’s getting really annoying. They are both great series that I love.

  5. I read hunger games and i really didnt like.Twilight,Harry potter,hunger games are totally dfferent things they should not be compared.I think that as long as hollywood gets stories that have to do with young love stories/young adult novels theyre always going to be compared.

  6. Hannah D says:

    Harry Potter is, in my opinion, unmatched. I love Hunger Games, and I do not like Twilight. I also like Mortal Instruments. These books are constantly compared despite having few similarities in plot. I think each one (even Twilight) has its merits, and are all quite unique, the only real similarities being in sales. The comparisons need to stop, they are all good series (I don’t like Twilight, but it deserves respect) but are nothing alike.

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