Bella’s Wedding Make-Up Break Down

The folks at MakeUp411 have given us a step by step of how to achieve Bella’s wedding look.  They have everything from the skin care routine to the final touches.

Make-up artist Stacey Panepinto executed the look, which was a departure from Bella’s previous style. “In all of the movies, Bella has a very natural, almost no make-up look. This was a chance for us to transform her look to something a bit more glamorous while maintaining what was true to the character,” said Panepinto. “I love this look because it’s simple yet elegant.”

Read all the details here!


  1. Wow. Talk about expensive products! I’m in my 30s and I steer clear of uber expensive make-up. Channel? YSL? What teenager can afford anything from these two brands? Lexicon Ladies, I think we need a Cover Girl level list! Something everyone can afford! 🙂

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