Win $100 Amazon Gift Card from Volvo Canada

Along with their amazing sweepstakes where one Canadian fan can win Edward’s Volvo and a trip to Rio, Volvo Canada has provided us with three $100 gift card to give away to three fans.  We will give one gift card away each week for the next three weeks.  All you have to do is answer a question on our blog and we will choose one winner at random each week!  This contest is only open to fans in the US and Canada.

Question Week 1:  What is your favorite scene in any of the Twilight saga books or movie involving a car.

And Canada residents, remember to enter the “Journey to the Wedding” contest as well.

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  1. I LOVE the scene from New Moon when Edward arrives at school. That grin ! Close second favorite would be the badass driving scene after “saving” Bella from the drunks in Twilight.

  2. Kim Kelly says:

    Since I love Alice Cullen most of all I have to go with “Are you opposed to grand theft auto?” in New Moon.. It showed Alice’s wild and morally flexible side 😉

  3. Hairproductjunkie says:

    My favorite scene with a car is actually with a truck–Bella’s truck. I love it when Bella is snuggled up to Jacob in her truck when he is driving her home in New Moon.

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