Video: TV Spot with Volturi

Fans of the Volturi will be pleased to see that our favorite Italian vampires show up more than just in a wedding invitation delivery.  Here’s a new TV spot with a few news moments including some Volturi dialogue.


  1. Who the hell is the girl that Dimitri and Felix drag away? She looks like she’s holding the silver tray the invitation is delivered on, so I thought they reshot that scene and that she was supposed to be Gianna. But the girl playing Gianna from the first original teaser trailer is in this trailer as well. So, who is the other girl?

    • It might be Irina.

      • Nope, not Irina.

        • It’s the human girl that worked at the Volturi’s “headquarters” in Volterra hoping to join them one day. I think her name was Gianna. In an interview with Stephenie Meyer that’s printed in the back of a Special edition BD book Stephenie says that Gianna “Is no longer with us” so that’s my guess as to who that girl is. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if my theory’s correct, and if it is, we’ll know why, she became “dessert” as Jane says in New Moon. 😀

          • No, Gianna is the girl in the red dress that you see someone is about to bite her in the trailer; also, in the first teaser trailer that was all about the wedding invites, the girl in the red dress was the one carrying the invitation to Aro.

      • Olga Podolean says:

        definitely not Irina,wich is played by Maggie Grace,and that girl is no way maggie grace.maybe she’s just some invented character for the movie

  2. Don’t think it’s Irina.

  3. CullenCoven says:

    i think thats their other human assistant. Stephenie Meyer did say Gianna ended up as a snack. Plus, I think the Volturi would want anyone or thing that knows or is associated with the Cullens destroyed. Knowing him, he probably got angry that the whole thing was happening and had Dimitri and Felix eat her. Thats what I think is happening. And why is Paul-Wolf jumping at Emmett hanging from a tree at the end?

  4. Isabella Marie Swan Cullen says:

    Can the blond girl they drag away be Heidi? Heidi from New Moon, if you remember. The blond girl in this spot is neither Gianna nor Irina, but I wonder who she is. 🙂

  5. Great promo !

  6. Olga Podolean says:

    no,not Heidi either.Heidi isn’t blonde, in New Moon at least she wasn’t

  7. Amazing, the girl in the trailer isnt Gianna or Irina or Heidi or Sasha. She’s probably a replacement for Gianna as she was a snack as Stepheine Meyer said and also Jane quoted that she was for dessert in the movie-New Moon.

    • Olga Podolean says:

      but i think gianna actually appears in this video,and is getting killed

    • Yeah, Gianna is in the video; she’s wearing a red dress and has brown hair piled on top of her head and looks about to be turned since someone is about to bite her neck.

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  9. According to IMDB, the blonde lady getting dragged off is Bianca, played by Ali Faulker. I’m 100% positive that Bianca is not a character in any of the books. In the video she definitely appears human, and in New Moon Edward reminds Aro that the Volturi have a few humans in on their charade. Bianca’s character is probably one of those humans, created to help the movie plot along.

  10. TwilightRocks!!!!! says:

    Who cares who the chic is in the video- did y’all see how CREEPY Bella looks when she is super pregnant? Wow those scenes are going to be hard to watch!

  11. Foreverinyourheart says:

    If you pause it right at the end when the Cullens and Wolves are having a stand off. Right when the Cullens ran at them, you can see blood on Edward’s shirt. Oooooh!


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