Video: MTV Counts Down Fav Twilight Moments

As the time for the  MTV First Interview with Rob, Kristen, and Taylor this Thursday evening, they are counting down the top five Twilight Saga moments as voted upon by fans.  Coming in at #5 is Lori’s favorite chapter in the whole saga: The Tent Scene!  And #4 is the moment when Jacob takes off his shirt in New Moon.  What do you think #3-1 could possibly be?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. Edward and Bella’s first kiss

  2. First kiss. Nothing else comes close! Thank you Catherine Hardwicke!

  3. the proposal in Eclipse. ugh, I cry every time I see it, lol.

  4. Jazz Girl says:

    The fact that the “abs reveal” is even an option just shows exactly why some of the more glaring alterations have been made at the expense of The Saga. Yes, Jacob’s physical transformation is a topic of discussion in NM. And the physical transformation of Taylor Lautner to keep the role of Jacob made it a topic of interest. But, the fact that it continues to be a point of fascination and of obsession does nothing but take away from the core story and themes of the films. We all come off looking like nothing more than mindless oglers of children when this is the image we promote.

  5. The#1- B&E first kiss, #2 the proposal and #3 the honeymoon. I don’t agree with the #2 moment either, there are other moments that have to do with story that are more memorable. Taking ones shirt off has nothing
    to do with Jacob’s journey. It’s just a giggly moment for those that don’t seem to have an understanding
    of the story. #4 Jacob leaving his pack and #5 at the end when Bella is able to let Edward into her thoughts
    and he sees how much she had loved him all along.

  6. when edward first walk in to the cafe in Twilight, no brainer!

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