Twilight Tuesday’s Start Tomorrow!

 Twilight Saga Tuesdays start tomorrow (11/1) with TWILIGHT, and continue with NEW MOON on November 8 and ECLIPSE on November 15! All showings play exclusive, never-before-seen content before the screening event, so they are not to be missed by any fan! Find a participating theatre in your area by following this link.  



  1. This will be only the second time to see Twilight and New Moon on the big screen. Really looking forward to this. I did have problems buying tickets on line, Fandango kept saying the show times not yet available. I figured the pre-movie stuff would be items from the DVD’s, so how ‘never before seen’ it will be remains to be seen. For me this is better than doing the marathon before BD show. I do have my midnight show tickets for BD. Can hardly wait.

    • IM1LuckyWoman says:

      Pam….I think you’re going to be HAPPY! Apparently, the pre-movie stuff is NOT just what’s on the DVD’s. The articles I’ve read about Twilight Saga Tuesdays said that there will be never before seen cast interviews and behind the scenes footage AND….before the Twilight movie we are supposed to see the actual video they filmed of Rob playing Bella’s Lullaby….the WHOLE thing! Can’t wait!!

  2. They are not doing this near me, however, in Winston Salem, NC, The Grand theater is showing all 4 in a row! I will be in Twilight heaven from 3:45 pm until around 2:00 am or whenever the midnight show lets out!!!! I am so excited!!!! This will be the 5th time on the big screen I’ve seen Twilight, 4th time for New Moon, 3rd for Eclipse and 1st for Breaking Dawn. I’ll probably go see it at least twice though while it’s in the theater. My husband says I’m crazy, since I have the dvds at home, but it’s just not the same!!!

  3. just sayin, but when you guys are watching eclipse in theatre , I’m watching BREAKING DAWN 😀 In Belgium, Breaking Dawn premieres the 16th already, so in every theatre in Belgium you can go watch Twilight, NW & Eclipse from 5 pm till midnight, and then at midnight they show Breaking Dawn 🙂
    i love living in belgium :p

    • I’m doing the marathon on November 15 in Sweden as well 🙂 Breaking Dawn premieres at one minute past midnight! I’m soooo excited!!!

      • nice! for once, living in europa beats living in america :p
        I just realized we’ll be sitting in the theatre for 9 hours !! 9 HOURS :p

        • Haha, I know! If that doesn’t make us true Twihards I don’t know what will 🙂 I did it last year as well and it was so much fun, they had food and stuff in the breaks and give aways before each film. I hope you have fun!

  4. Fiona Cullen says:

    I wish they would do Twilight Tuesday’s in Australia. 🙁

  5. They. Didn’t. Play. Anything before the movie other than the Breaking Dawn preview. What? We went to Bow Tie in Richmond, VA which was not on the list from the list, but is playing the movies. What did they play?

  6. Went to Twilight Tuesday. It was great! Besides the movie, they showed interviews with some of the cast members, clips from different fan events like Comic Con, etc. AND a long clip of Robert playing Bella’s Lullaby.Yippee!

  7. Oooh neat! We’ll have to go to one of the listed theatres next week.


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