More New Breaking Dawn Footage

Here are a few more new bits from Breaking Dawn.  Thanks to RobertPattinsonNews.


  1. i <3 the first one it truly shows edward and bellas pasion for each other

  2. I love the movie clips, that have been out so far and these two are brillant. I can’t wait to go and see it in the cinema’s when it is released. I love it when Aro says ”They have something I want”. Thank you for uploading these!

  3. olympic coven says:

    This is so wonderful. Some say the spoilers give away the movie but I like to get a little taste of what to expect. As we have learned in the past, sometimes we aren’t seeing the entire scene.

  4. OMGosh, it’s like I want to squeal and cry at the same time I’m so happy to see the wedding, then see Bella with that gosh awful face with the baby killing her, and then to see Edward yell ” you gave me no choice” wow….powerful and riveting..I’m so excited to see this on the 18th I can’t stand it.

  5. Chelsea Leach says:

    These previews only irritate me…I just want to see the whole thing! It’s like, well you can taste the cake but you can’t have a piece… I can’t wait for the soundtrack preview tomorrow. Christina Perri’s song in the first trailer fits Edward and Bella to a tee. I can’t wait to see the movie 🙂

  6. I loved the Charlie bits in the first one. And the Aro line about having something he wants in the 2nd one intrigues me. Does he mean Bella?

  7. Dawn Bowers says:

    Theres also a chance what we see in these clips isnt always what you see in the final cut of the movie. Hopefully with everything they have released, and everything the actors, director, and anyone else who has dealt with it, this is by far the one that is most truly like the books. I cant wait, just 19 more days.

  8. i think i’m hyperventilating ! woaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. OMG ilove it

  10. This was great !

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