Video Debut: The Belle Brigade: I Didn’t Mean It, Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

Check out the brother and sister duo’s song from the soundtrack! “We wrote ‘I Didn’t Mean It’ while housesitting for our friend with a piano,” says frontwoman Barbara Gruska. “We pretty much wrote the whole song in a few hours, which is a lot faster than usual. We were really excited about the song when we wrote it, and it kind of sat around for a little while until we were asked for material for Twilight. The song is about jealousy, so it works well with the whole Twilight love triangle.” Rolling Stone

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  1. This would be a great song for Rock Band!!!

  2. CullenCoven says:

    Dude this is Jacob’s jam!

  3. This is SO Jacob’s song for sure…and it’s a great song! I’m REALLY excited about this soundtrack, because these songs are great so far. Between Christina Perri and now this band…..awesome….very funky, and great beat!

  4. Elizabeth B. says:

    Finall! This song has made me believe there may yet be hope for this soundtrack. 🙂

  5. Hmm… I liked it okay. A bit different sound than the previous soundtracks.

  6. Finally! A decent song is on the soundtrack. For a second there I thought we would hear nothing but crap! And they are not the only brother/sister duo on the sountrack – angus and julia are also siblings 🙂

  7. Jean Brown says:

    I dont like this song. None of the lyrics relate to Jacob, Bella, or Edward situation at all. None of the other soundtracks compare to the Twilight soundtrack. That soundtrack really captured the magicial world that is Twilight and i know a lot of people make fun of the first movie and yeah it was cheesy and Edward putting Bella on his back and running with her was a hoot. But that movie is still the best one so far.

  8. Foreverinyourheart says:

    I don’t really like it too much. I like the instrumental part but I’m not crazy about how they’re screaming throughout it.

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