Extended Bella: “I’m Late Clip”

yesterday we brought you clip number one. Today there is an extended version.


  1. I’m not sure why so many people are commenting that the make-up looks bad. I thought it looked fine! Maybe the hair is less bronzey than the first, but otherwise it wasn’t a detractor or distraction at all. Great clip!

  2. Holy crap!!! I am so excited. Stop teasing and be the 18th already!

  3. Excited doesnt even BEGIN to cover it!!!!

  4. Excited doesnt even begin to cover it!!!

  5. These clips are great, but if they keep posting them, we’ll have seen the whole movie before it even comes out!

    • Tory Davidson says:

      lol i know i totally agree with you thats what happened when i saw the first movie i had seen like 5 clips and basically the entire movie i was dissappointed in myself 🙁

    • It’s not that bad. We’ve seen probably less than ten minutes of clips total out of a two plus hour movie. It keeps the excitement and tension high!

  6. For the movie, I just want to have a video camera pointed straight at my face the whole time. It would be so amusing to watch. I’m just glad everybody else’s eyes are pointed at the screen because my face shows every bit of emotion I’m going through when I watch these movies.

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