Insider Video: Bella “I’m Late”

Bella telling Edward she might be pregnant.


  1. OMG! 🙂 22 dayyss!!!!

  2. AHHHH that was AMAZING

  3. Oooh I am sooo excited!!! And it looks like Bella is getting a good use out of her quilt that her mother gave her in the last movie

  4. Jean Brown says:

    I am watching Twilight right now on FX. Rob makeup is perfect, his hair really bronzey, his eyes lovely honey gold. What has happen. The makeup is so thick now that Edward face cracks when he smiles and his eyes look Alien. Poor P. Fach makeup is always bad even in Twilight.

  5. I have read over half the book and it really good some. People would nevr think it wpuld turned out like is does well at least I didn’t think it would

  6. Just in case you want to wach Twilight again it’s on FX. 🙂

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