Christina Perri 1,000 Year Video With Breaking Dawn Movie Footage

Check out Christina’s newest version of her video 1,000 years.

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  1. Nicely done…..but can you imagine being one of production assts, having to light all those candles?!

  2. I love it!! soo beautiful and lovely..Glad shes on the soundtrack 🙂 Now time for the movie 🙂

  3. karategirl says:

    Well, she’s just a cute as a button. And I love the song. Well done, Christina.

    • karategirl says:

      Oh, and all I could think of when she was around all those candles in that gauzy dress was “STOP! DROP! ROLL!” LOL! It must be the mom in me….

  4. i cant see it because im in Canada….doesnt make much sense…..

  5. charlotte says:

    Hate that MTV always blocks it’s videos for Europe baa humbug:(

  6. I love this song but the video was a FAIL, especially in comparison to the lyric version of the video released a few weeks ago. The film footage was choppy because they don’t want to show “the dress.” The room Christina is in doesn’t seem to have any connection to the films. She could have been at an Isle Esma “stand-in” or in a place dressed to look like an outdoor wedding. The candles were nice, I suppose, as they symbolize a thousand years.

  7. I can’t wait for the movie!! 23 Days!!

  8. Jazz Girl says:

    I absolutely love the song and the video. It brought me right back to what I needed to remember. No matter how much some might try to obscure it, or make it look differently, at the heart of this story is an epic love. Thank you Christina, for reminding those who try to ignore it.

  9. Awesome, epic song! Very impressed with the lyrics, video and artist. I heard she was a fan, but didn’t know she was so hardcore that she had a tattoo! Awesome! I hope the video is a bonus on the cd when you buy it on itunes.

  10. As a fellow twilight fan I’m really happy that her dream came true. I can’t imagine how thrilling it must have been to find out she’d be involved. And as for the song and video, BRAVO! I love ’em. Spot on.

  11. awesome!

  12. Debora Hernandez says:

    Beautiful song, perfect for our bride and groom! See you all at the wedding!

  13. Beautiful! Very emotional to watch!

  14. Like this one better than the Bruno Mars song.

  15. olympic coven says:

    So nice to have our feelings put into words. Three weeks can’t come fast enough!!!!!

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